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  • You have reached the Spellmaker Quick Help Page.
    Not all products and services are listed here but the most common case scenarios are.
    Please see below for how to get more detailed and/or personal help.
    Thank you for your interest!
    We appreciate it!
    If you prefer to speak with someone by phone, please call us at 505-962-2525.
    We just have one phone line, so please leave a message if we don't answer at first!

    There are two sections to this Quick Help page:

  • This contains the most common problems we address with our spell products and tells you which products to use for them. This is by no means ALL of the products that might be helpful to you, however, these will be the usual recommendations we make to get you started working on your case.
  • Additionally, you can receive AUTOMATED HELPIf you need quick help, we do have an automated system for getting more detailed recommendations for your case. Just click the link and fill out the form. You will receive instant recommendations tailored to the information you give us on the form.
  • To get recommendations by a real human being please write to mycase@spellmaker.com with details of your case and a confidential caseworker will answer you back within 48 hours. :-)

    2. The second section of the page is GENERAL INFORMATION
    This tells about the differences between some of our most used products.

    3. For Love Spells:There is one rule that applies to all situations where someone else or something else is interfering in your relationship: The interfering party or thing must be dealt with first. No exceptions! It might not be a person interfering with your relationship, but something is (negativity, fear of committment, past mistakes, etc.)! You must first deal with that situation. The kits below are located on: The Love Spell Page .
    Common interferences include:
    a. Someone else has stolen your lover OR is with the person you want for yourself.
    b. Your lover is persuaded not to be with you due to family members or friends pressuring him/her.
    c. Your lover's job/work/school/outside interests are keeping him/her away from you.
    d. Your lover's ex-lover is causing problems between you.
    e. Your lover has emotional traumas from past relationships or past events in his/her life that are causing problems between you now.
    In all these cases you must first get past that interference before attempting love spell work. In all those cases above you must first do either the "Leave My Man Alone™" or "Leave My Woman Alone™" spell kit and/or casting before doing other love spell work. ("my man" and "my woman" refers to the fact that you want them to be your man or woman) Please note that these kits are NOT meant to be harmful to anyone (including yourself). They are meant to alleviate emotional, spiritual, physical, or psychic interferences from another, but not in a way that it is hurtful to the other person.
    4. Once either the "Leave My Man Alone™" kit or "Leave My Woman Alone™" kit and/or casting is completed, you will then need to follow up with the appropriate love spell kit (such as "Make You Love Me™*", "Love Me Again™", etc.) within 3-7 days after completion. The "Leave My Man Alone™" and "Leave My Woman Alone™" spells work as a team with the love spells and generally it will take completing the first two kits before seeing results. (Though having said that, I have many case histories on file that got results before the kits were completed, but most commonly you will need to complete 2 or more kits to achieve the desired result.)
    *You cannot and should not want to "make" someone love you - the name of the kit is based on Old New Orleans Tradition and I like to try to keep the tradition in naming the kits. Please see the questions and answers on our frequently asked questions page for how, why, and when the spell kits work.

    5. To wrap it up - we suggest using the No One But Me™ kit to solidify the relationship and prevent future problems. You don't want the same problems happening over and over again! 6. The three spells are also offered at a discounted price (either the kits, castings with Mambo Sam, or castings by Mambo Sam) as Love Spell Trios on The Love Spell Page .

    1. My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover (gay or straight)left me for someone else:

      The first thing you must do is something to get rid of the interfering party. Most commonly, people use the Leave My Man™ or Leave My Woman Alone™ Complete Spell Kit. (In some situations, it may even be appropriate to use a spell kit such as
      Go Away Man™ or Go Away Woman™, a Voodoo Revenge Doll™, or perhaps even The Ultimate Revenge Kit™ (see warnings about using The Ultimate Revenge Kit™), depending on your situation and the seriousness of the affair, who started it, how wronged you were, etc. After doing your Leave My Man or Woman Alone™, you would then do a love spell such as Love Me Again™ or Make You Love Me™ to enhance and encourage the love. Mambo Sam has developed a three part series of spells (with the third spell being No One But Me™ to prevent future problems from occurring) that has proved to be the most successful in love cases. It is described in full on Love Spell Page.

      Other spells and products such as Marry Me Now™, The Cosmic Voodoo Love Egg,Love Potions, can also be considered. To strengthen and enhance your work, you could also considerder such products as a the Voodoo Love Doll and/or a Voodoo love charm.

      Once these regular spell kits and products have been used, if you still need help you may want to consider using our deluxe kits. The deluxe kits are ONLY to be used AFTER you have used the regular spell kits. The deluxe kits are meant to BUILD on your work and are never to be used as a first choice. The deluxe spell kits are designed to build on and add to the power of the regular spell kits. The effects of our products are cumulative; they build on each other, each adding more and more power to the situation. The deluxe spell kits are only available on the Return Customer Discount Page, the link to which is provided in your Order Confirmation after purchase.

      Here, also, you may want to consider having a spell done for you by Mambo Sam in conjunction with you doing the spell yourself (this is called a dual casting). However, Mambo will also do the spells for you if you have a circumstance where you cannot do a spell for yourself (this is called a solo casting). For detailed information on this, please CLICK HERE. But just briefly, if you and Mambo Sam are to do the spell together (or if she is to work alone for you), she will need some things from you:

      • Optional, but helpful: Pictures of all parties involved OR complete descriptions.
      • Wherever possible, biological samples from each party involved (including yourself). Biological samples may include, hair, fingernails, bodily fluids on a tissue, etc. You may even use a tissue to wipe off the doorknob or car door handle of someone you want me to work on and that is an acceptable biological sample. Another acceptable sample is a handwriting sample - even a photocopy is fine. Cutting a small piece of clothing that they wore is also acceptable. Just about anything they have come in contact with can be used. Be sure to put all samples in a plastic bag and label whose sample it is. If you can't get samples from others, please send samples from yourself.
      • A handwritten letter from you stating exactly what your Heart's Desire is in this matter. State exactly what you want the outcome to be, how that would feel, and why you want it.

      We also carry individual products such as magickal oils, incense, and gris-gris bags that can be used in between doing stronger spell work. These things would be considered an adjunct to spell work.

    2. My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover (gay or straight) keeps coming and going:

      You should assess your situation and see if there is anyone else involved. This could include family members, friends, etc., NOT just other lovers. Many other people can be influencing the situation: Friends who may not like you, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc., etc. You would follow the advice above concerning the Leave My Man or Woman Alone™ spell kits and those of the same type to weaken the hold of interfering people or any kind of negative influence working against your relationship. Then you would want to follow up with Make You Love Me™ No One But Me™. See Question #1 for information on having spells done for or with you. See The Love Page for complete details on these spells.

    3. My husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover (gay or straight) and I are fighting all the time:

      If you are fighting all the time, you should try doing the Marie-Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing™ Kit. (Especially if you plan on doing any other spell work.) Fighting attracts negative spirits, vibrations, energy (whatever you want to call it) that thrive on this kind of activity and make it worse and worse. The Marie-Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing™ Kit rids your home of this negative energy and allows you to continue on then with any of the love spell recommendations as above.

      You may also want to consider doing white male/female candle magick kits to get rid of the negativity between the two of you.
    4. My husband's/wife's/boyfriend's/girlfriend's/lover's (gay or straight) family and/or friends keep coming between us:

      See advice above on Leave My Man or Woman Alone™ spell kits, Go Away Woman™, Go Away Man™, Voodoo Revenge Dolls, etc. Depending on your situation, one of these is probably the most helpful to get them out of your relationship and stop them from causing trouble for you. See detailed information under Question #1. You may also wanted to consider brown male/female candle magick kits on those people to get the to leave the two of you alone.

    5. I did something stupid and my husband/wife/boyfriend/lover (gay or straight) left me:

      If you can, try to rectify the situation with apologies and honest-to-God truths about how sorry you are and it won't happen again, etc. THEN, even if they tell you to take a flying leap, try The Love Spell Trio as mentioned above. These can be difficult situations, especially if you have a history of doing stupid things in the relationship. However, if you truly love the person, it is worth trying to repair!

    6. I think my boyfriend/girlfriend/lover (gay or straight) wants to settle down and get married, but is afraid to commit:

      If you are sure there is no one else involved and there is no other problem in the relationship, you would use the Marry Me Now™ spell kit and/or casting. Also, Voodoo Love Dolls, Cosmic Voodoo Love Eggs™, oils, incense, our charms, and gris-gris bags can be useful in these situations. If you think someone else is interfering, see advice above concerning getting rid of interfering people. See information under Question #1.

    7. Someone really screwed me over and I want REVENGE!:

      Try a Voodoo Revenge Doll, Deluxe Voodoo Doll, or if they really screwed you over and you want BIG revenge, try our Ultimate Revenge Kit. (Please, be sure you are justified before using this kit!) How can you be sure you are justified?? First, did this person wilfully and purposefully hurt you,i.e.,it was their intent to specifically hurt you - not that you just got caught in the cross fire? Second, did you do nothing to provoke this person into what they did to you? If you can answer "yes" to both of these questions, you are in the clear and quite justified. Vodou does not believe in The Law of Return or the Law of Three (that things bounce back to you to you threefold; doesn't make any sense, really!). We believe that you are fulfilling karmic duty when you dish out punishment to those that truly deserve it.

    8. I am constantly having bad luck:

      First, use the Marie Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing™ kit to get rid of the negative energy. Then use the Lots-a-Luck™ spell kit. If you have reason to believe that there has been a curse/hex put on you or you are suffering from extreme negativity in your life, then you would want to use the Lady Samantha's Hex Removal™ kit and/or Milk of Damballah White Bath. Also, a Voodoo Charm is helpful. Also, oils, incense, and gris-gris bags can be helpful in these situations.

    9. I have money problems:

      Try Big Money™ and Lots-a-Luck spell kits/castings; a Voodoo charm. Also, here again, oils, incense, and gris-gris bags can be helpful.

    10. I am trying to conceive a child:

      Try Baby Maker™ spell kit.

      Choosing your products can also be a matter of personal preference and beliefs. Some practitioners believe a combination of different types of magick works best while others use one type of product over and over.

      Also, some practitioners believe one type of magick is more "serious" or "heavier" than another; for instance, some believe Voodoo to be the strongest of magicks, while folk magick may be considered to be a "lighter" type of magick. Using this point of view, you might consider the "seriousness" of your need. For instance, are you trying to attract people into your life to have fun with OR are you trying to get rid of the conniving slut who stole your husband and get him back? Here again, some practitioners believe that a more serious need may need a combination of magick to work.

      I always suggest to start with our spell kits and/or castings; they give you the confidence you need to complete the spell properly as it contains all you need in the right amounts. You don't need any special "powers" - the energy and blessings are already in the kit. You don't need any training, the steps are all laid out for you in clear, easy-to-understand instructions. There is nothing to memorize: The spell kit instructions are kept by your side during spell time. There is nothing you can do "wrong" as long as you follow the instructions!

      The important thing is to start somewhere and keep at it! Magick, like all arts, becomes easier and more proficient the more you practice it. All you really need is good instruction and the proper spells and materials.

      Need details on who we are, where, why? Please visit our FAQ page at Spellmaker FAQ's.

      Do you want to know more about Mambo Sam, the creator and spellcaster for this website? (You should want to know who you are working with :-) !) Visit Mambo Sam's bio page.

      Below please find a brief synopsis of our products and how each may be useful for your particular situation.

      CREOLE VOODOO™ REGULAR SPELL KITS: These are predesigned spell kits for specific purposes such as various aspects of love, money, and success. They are based on principals of New Orleans and Louisiana Voodoo. They contain well over a dozen products - everything you need to cast the spell with a few exceptions such as candle holders, matches, and a pen to write with. These kits are very powerful, mostly nine day spells (with the exception ofthe Marie Laveau House Blessing Kit - that is a one day kit). They are made so that the average person with no experience can read the directions and successfully cast a spell. Most people prefer to start with this type of kit. Most often a combination of kits work best for certain situations. For instance, LEAVE MY LOVE ALONE™ is great to follow up with MAKE YOU LOVE ME™. For maximum effectiveness, the The Love Spell Trios are best.

      CREOLE VOODOO DELUXE SPELL KITS: These are an elaboration on the Creole Voodoo Regular Spell Kits. These BUILD on the CREOLE VOODOO REGULAR SPELL KITS. These kits may contain 18-30 ingredients, depending on the situation you are trying to improve. They, as well, contain a complete nine day spell, instructions, and again, some one with no experience can follow these spells and cast them effectively. (Deluxe Kits are only on the Return Customer Page - a link to that page is sent in your order confirmation after your first purchase.)

      NEW ORLEANS VOODOO DOLL KIT: These are an enhancement on buying just a voodoo doll in a shop or by mail. These dolls come with complete instructions as well as equipment for a ritual to make the doll work. This is what is missing from most voodoo dolls! Just getting a doll and sticking pins in it isn't enough. There are proper voodoo rituals to make the doll powered up for your situation. Some people like to use just a voodoo doll kit while others like to use the voodoo doll with their other kits. The voodoo dolls are not nine day spell kits. You can use them over and over, however!

      COSMIC VOODOO™ EGG KITS: These are special kits that can be used over and over. The main focus of the kit is the Cosmic Voodoo Egg which becomes a powerful talisman/charm the more you use it.

      CHARMS, OILS, INCENSE, AND GRIS-GRIS BAGS, ETC.: We do sell individual oil packs, incense, Voodoo Charms, etc. to use as adjuncts to the above-recommended spell works. These are great for using in between regular spell work to "keep the vibes" going!

      And, for your convenience, we offer complete follow up and E-mail support for any questions you may have about our products.

      Please feel free to E-mail us with any questions!

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