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The Voodoo Boutique® is proud to announce
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love potions

Miss Fleurette is the creator of Bayou Voudou™ wearable potions for love, luck, money and more! Working deep in the heart of Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, 82-year-old Miss Fannie Bell* (Mambo Sam's auntie) has been crafting these powerful voudou potions for over 60 years using secrets passed down to her from her mother and grandmother. These potions were formerly only available by word-of-mouth in Bayou Lafourche so we are pleased to be able to offer these potent and powerful potions to you here. (*Aunt Fannie passed away in 2007 after a life greatly lived!)

WHAT YOU GET: Each of Miss Fannie Bell's potions listed below will be delivered to you with a generous 4 ounces of potion (a 6 month-1 year supply depending upon your usage of the potion), storage bottle, complete instructions, and a FREE beautiful carrying vial.*

*Carrying vials may vary from picture shown, but will be similar.

New Orleans Voodoo love potion
All potions comes with convenient spray pump,small carrying vial,and pipette for filling. Instructions included.

PLEASE NOTE: Miss Fannie Bell's potions are extremely strong and powerful - only a drop or two is needed for effective use!! This is NOT just some bottle of perfumed oil! These potions are hand-blended and consecrated, in our office, by Mambo Sam herself. All of Miss Fannie Bell's potions may be used by men or women, gay or straight.

Please click here to read detailed information on how to use Ms. Fannie Bell's potions!

love potions

VELVET MAN TRAP™ - Powerful love and attraction potion. Use to capture that special man OR attract many different men. Enhance all your natural charms! Wear a drop or two when you are around him or them!

true love spells

Qty: Price: $24.99

SILKEN LADY TRAP™ - Especially potent potion to help attract a special lady to you or a variety of ladies for you to choose from. Very intoxicating scent. Wear a drop or two to be irresistible.

Qty: Price: $33.99

BEDROOM BOURDEAUX™ - The most potent sex-enhancing potion available! Simply wear a couple of drops during lovemaking. Put some on your lover to double the pleasure!

Qty: Price: $33.99

VOODOO LOVE #999™ - Triple strength dose of the famous Love Potion #9! Attract new lovers. Get new attention from old lovers. Great all-purpose love potion.

real love potions

Qty: Price: $24.99

voodoo luck potions

voodoo potions for money

BIG BANK ROLL $$$™ - Super money-drawing potion! Helps you find and bring the money to you. Enhances what money you already have. Promotes good money management.

Qty: Price: $33.99

LUCKY LEE™ - All purpose lucky potion - use for games of chance or in any other situation where you need your best luck - job interviews, court cases, gambling, and more!

true love spells

Qty: Price: $24.99

voodoo hex potions

I REPEL THEE!™ - Send your enemies or unwanted people away from you or away from someone else. This is NOT a death or hexing potion.

Qty: Price: $33.99

HEX-O-GRAM™ - Extremely powerful and potent hexing potion. Use only on your true enemies. Do not take this potion lightly. Be very careful!

Qty: Price: $33.99

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Although there are potions that are taken as a drink, Miss Fannie Bell's potions should NEVER be taken internally! These are wearable potions, NOT drinkable NOR edible ones. All of the potions are sent to you with instructions for their usage. However, some ideas are also presented below.

Additionally, for serious problems a potion may not be enough! A potion is a powerful form of voudou magick and certainly may help with those problems, but if you have a seriously troubling situation you may need a Samantha's Original™ Creole Voodoo™ spell kit. Please also note that these potions may be used in conjunction with those spell kits to enhance the efficacy of your spell work. Let's face it, not everyone's problems are the same and so not everyone's solution is going to be the same - some situations take more work and equipment, some take less! If you are unsure, you can always email us for a free confidential case analysis and recommendations for what would help your situation.

Miss Fannie Bell's potions may be used in many different ways:

  • The first and most common use of the potions is to wear them! Remember these are very potent potions and only a drop or two is necessary to wear. Placing the potion on your skin at pulse points (those points where you can feel your pulse - such as inner wrist, behind the ear, inner elbow, behind the knees, etc.) are the best places to wear the potion. Miss Fannie Bell uses only the purest, natural ingredients when making her potions, but if you are sensitive to them being on your skin another option is to put a few drop on a ball of cotton and put that in your pocket or bra, or putting the potion on something you are wearing. Using the potion when you are going into a situation that is appropriate for the potion you are using is most efficient. In other words, wearing a love potion when you aren't going to be around anyone that is a potential lover isn't going to do much good and is probably a waste of the potion.

  • Another potential use of potion is to put it on something a person you want to affect with the potion is going to touch or wear. Again, just a drop or two is necessary.

  • Put the potion on a letter or card you are sending someone you want to affect.

  • Drop a couple of drops of potion where someone you want to affect with the potion will walk through it.

  • Rub the potion on candles you are going to burn that are appropriate to your situation.

  • Drop a couple of drops of potion in your bath or someone else's.

  • Use a few drops of potion in some pure, unscented baby oil or mineral oil to give a massage to someone (or yourself!) DON'T mix the potion with a scented oil.

  • And, of course, make up your own ways to use the potion! Just always remember to keep your goal in mind when using the potion and you can't go wrong!

Orleanna's Potioning!

by Mambo Samantha Corfield

Hi there, everyone!

Potioning!  Is that a word?  It really isn't, but I was recently working on crafting of our potions and it made me think of our dearly departed Khouzhan Orleanna!  Older customers will remember her for sure - she was the original caseworker, my dear friend, and just an all around crackerjack!

She loved ALL Miss Fannie Belle's Potions!  She kept all of them around and like a current hot sauce commercial proclaims, she "put that sh*t on everything!" ;-)

Seriously, besides all the regular uses of the potions, she used it as her cologne, as her bath oil, as her skin softener (she mixed some potion in with baby oil and used it for her skin). If she was having a frizzy hair day, a drop of potion in her palm - rub her hands together and smooth down her hair. She put a dot on every letter she mailed, even bills (using a bit of money or luck potion), and everything else she could think of. 

She loved to play bingo and money and luck potion went right to bingo with her in the little carrying bottle that is provided with all the potions. Every day, depending on what she was feeling like she needed that day, love, luck, money, etc., she used some potion every single day!  Some days two or three different ones depending on what was going on.  She called it "potioning."

Orleanna used to get so happy when someone asked her what fragrance she was wearing! She was very quick to tell anyone who asked about her potioning habit!

I can't ever craft these potions without thinking of my dearly departed friend and how she remains with us here at Spellmaker through her wit, friendship, love, and customers.  I loved how she used our products and was so creative in her usages. 

So next time you are using one of our potions (or other products) remember to get creative. You, too, can be potioning!

Love, light, and peace,

Mambo Samantha Corfield


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