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PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep this service affordable,
NO discounts, gift certificates, or codes may be used.

These services must be purchased separately from other Spellmaker products.
Thank you for your understanding!

No waiting for scheduling!
We have set up a system for you to schedule yourself after your purchase!

Attention Mobile Phone Users: The drop down menus below may look "blank" on certain browsers. Please click the little arrows and scroll down and the choices appear. Page works best in "landscape mode" (turn your phone sideways). Thank you!

  • Welcome to the Spellmaker Candle Burning Service Page!
  • When you close this page out, you will be returned back to the page you were on.
  • This page is for ordering our candle burning services ONLY.
  • You are NOT ordering candles to be sent to you. You do not need to purchase candles
    for Parran and Mambo to use - that is included in this service.
  • Mambo Sam and Parran Matt perform your candle burning service.
  • Somewhere during the process, you will be sent a picture of one of your candles burning.
  • After purchase, you will be taken to a form to fill out to give us information.
  • After purchase, you will be provided the link to schedule your candle burning service.
  • No discounts, coupons, or gift certificates may be used on this page.
  • Please note: This service is purchased separately from all other items on the website.
  • With the exception of sex candles, candle burning service is for the Body,Mind,Spirit option only.

Choose the burning service for Figure Candles
Please see to the right for Black Figure Candles.

Choose the burning service for BLACK Figure Candles

Choose the burning service for Mummy Candles

Choose the burning service for 7 Knob Candles

Choose the burning service for Sex Candles
Choose the burning service for Red Witch Candles

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penis candle vagina candle new orleans voodoo candle magic
This is where the candle service is done, but not exactly how.
How we do it is confidential!
Thank you Parran Matt for setting up these beautiful photos for us - very inspiring!

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