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All orders are shipped in plain, confidential packaging.
There is nothing on our return address or packages to indicate the nature of the product inside!

Please view this entire page for ordering information, explanation of our methods of accepted payment,
frequently-asked shipping questions, and contact information.

Sheer Goddess
PO Box 2370
Los Lunas, NM, USA, 87031

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Detailed explanations about our accepted forms of payment.

Our website is made secure for you with the usage of the latest security certificate technology.

The forms of payment we accept are:

  • Credit and Debit Cards: We accept your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express credit cards. We also accept debit cards as long as they have a Visa or Mastercard logo on them. We use the industry standard for positively secure online purchases. Just click on the "Add to Cart" button next to the product your desire and it will be added to your online shopping cart. After you have finished shopping and are ready to check out, you will enter your credit card (or debit card) information on the online order form using our secure shopping cart. All security measures, including SSL, encryption, etc. are in place to insure that your credit card will not be stolen or used by anyone else through this method. In our many years of accepting credit cards on the Internet, no one's information has EVER been compromised or misused. Charges discreetly show up on your statement as "Sheer Goddess."
  • PayPal: We are happy to accept your PayPal payments. Simply click on the PayPal button once you have put your items into the shopping cart.
  • Call You For Credit Card Information: Choose your items and put them in the shopping cart. Complete the order process and choose "Call You For Credit Card." Either print out the final page or save it to your computer. We will call you Monday-Friday to get your credit card information. (Please note that while we are as discreet as possible in calling/leaving messages, choosing this option is probably not optimal if anyone answers your phone other than you.
  • Gift Certificate Redemption: If you have purchased or received a gift certificate for, finish your shopping and choose this option for payment. If your purchase exceeds the gift certificate amount, you will be given a choice of alternatives for payment of the balance.
  • Money Order or Check by Mail: Use the shopping cart to finalize your order. Choose either of these payment methods, print out your order, and mail it in to us with your check or money order. PLEASE MAKE CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO: "SHEER GODDESS" (Sheer Goddess® is our company. The Voodoo Boutique is a subsidiary of Sheer Goddess. Please do NOT make checks out to Rev. Corfield or The Voodoo Boutique. Thank you.
  • Western Union: We are happy to accept your payment by Western Union. Send Western Union Payments to: Matthew Corfield, Los Lunas, New Mexico, USA. Please DO NOT Western Union money to "Sheer Goddess" or "Spellmaker." Once you have paid by Western Union, please send an email to with the following information: The amount you sent, the name you used to send it, your location you are sending from, and the tracking or control number Western Union gave you when you sent the money. Thank you.

If you are mailing your order in with a check or money order, please also return to the website and use the online shopping cart. When you are finished ordering, simply print out your order confirmation and mail it into us at the address above.


If you desire to order by phone, please call. We are happy to take your order over the phone. (505-962-2525 - Please leave a message, someone will return your call Monday-Thursday.)

Answers to frequently-asked shipping questions:

  • When will I receive my order?
    Once we receive and process your order we try to ship within 7 days Monday through Thursday. We do not ship on weekends. Regular shipping of orders within the USA is by U.S. Mail. Please do not request particular shipping arrangements; we ship the most advantageous way for your mailing address. (*A "working" day is Monday through Friday.) See below for orders shipped outside of the United States.
  • Do you ship outside of the USA?
    Yes, we ship almost anywhere in the world. International orders (outside the USA) are shipped via International US Post Office Mail. Please note the extra shipping charge for orders shipped outside the USA. We are discreet in how we word customs forms. PLEASE NOTE: Your country may charge duties, taxes, and fees. We have NO CONTROL over this and we have no idea what each country may charge in fees (if any). Please contact your local Customs Department for these questions.
  • What if my order is a specialty item?
    Specialty orders are shipped once prepared.
  • Can I call about the status of my order?
    Yes, if you feel enough time has passed and you should have received your order but haven't, please call us at 505-962-2525.

OUR RETURN POLICY: Because of the specialized nature of our products, WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. You may return products unused WITHIN 30 DAYS for a full website credit minus shipping and handling. IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU FIRST CONTACT US FOR A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (R.A.N.). before returning items for exchange. We reserve the right to refuse any return that is not first authorized AND IS NOT accompanied by a valid R.A.N. If the merchandise is damaged in any way upon return, this will affect your website credit OR I will return it to you so that you may make a claim with the carrier that you used. Please pack carefully for return. We do NOT take products back cause you "changed your mind" about doing spell work. PLEASE be sure of your goals before ordering If the product has been opened, a $10.00 repacking and reconsecration fee plus your orginal shipping and handling fee will be deducted from your website credit.

OUR CANCELLATION POLICY: If your order has already been processed and you wish to cancel it, there is a $25.00 cancellation fee. No exceptions.

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