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PLEASE NOTE: Even though here at Spellmaker we do the Sobo ritual every St. Patrick's Day, you can do the Sobo ritual at any time, any day! Please read on!

This page has detailed instructions on how to be included in the ritual, how to do the ritual (with or without the Sobo Wealth and Security Ritual Pack), information on Sobo and Bade, and how to send in your petition to be included in the ritual (in March only) we will be doing on behalf of all who ask!

At Spellmaker's Ritual Time in March (St. Patrick's Day): It is absolutely FREE to be included in our family's ritual. You do not have to purchase anything. The purpose of our ritual will be to petition for the financial security of all of those who ask. While we do have a nice little ritual pack that you can purchase, that is up to you. You will be included in the ritual if you simply send us your petition by email. (Please see below for instructions.) While we obviously cannot guarantee any particular benefit from being included in the ritual, it is our hope to effect a positive change for everyone who is in need. So feel free to join us whether you are a regular Spellmaker client, an occasional passerby, or somehow found yourself here even if you don't know how! Please enjoy reading the page and please do send in your petition to be included in the ritual!

Sobo My Lwa

Who is Sobo and why do we call upon him for wealth and security?

Sobo is one of many Vodou Spirits (called "lwa"). As with other lwa, certain attributes are traditionally associated with each particular lwa. Sobo, along with his brother and companion Bade, is one of the lwa who is traditionally called upon for bringing about money and financial security. He is considered one of the lwa of the sky and is said to control lightning, thunder, and rain. Bade is considered to control the wind. Together, they have control of the elements of nature. Due to their elemental powers, they are often called upon to help us feel secure! Think of terms such as "raining money," "pennies from heaven," etc. By the very nature of feeling secure, we want at least the basics - shelter from the elements, food, etc. Therefore, we call upon Sobo to help us. In New Orleans Voodoo, Sobo is most commonly portrayed with a picture of Thor. He and Bade are also represented with pictures of St. Cosmas and St. Damian. However, because we use those same saints to represent The Marassa (The Divine Twins), it can get confusing and generally most New Orleans Voodooists will use a picture of Thor or a flaming ram (also a sign of Sobo) to represent him.

Couldn't we just call upon God to help us?

Of course! As Vodouisants, we believe in One Supreme Creator (God, or Bon Dye - Good God), just as many religions of the world do. Much like Catholicism, however, we also believe in intermediary spirits, like saints, to help us with day-to-day needs as our belief system lends itself more to the thought process that God is too busy running the Universe to be concerned with everyone's individual needs. Therefore, we call upon our Vodou Saints to help us with our everyday needs. So no matter what your religion, you, too, are welcome to call upon our Saints to help you. There is no need to change or defy your religion. We believe that God is God, no matter what you call it. If you believe in One Supreme Creator or Universal Energy, then we are of like mind.

How do I get involved in the ritual?

  • First, you should send in your ritual request to us. We accept them starting in February of every year. All you need to do is send us an email to This will insure that you are included in our family ritual on March 17. In your email to us you should explain what your financial needs are and what you hope for us to accomplish by including you in the ritual. We suggest that you make your requests something that actually stands a good chance of happening: A promotion at work, finding a job, having old debts paid, finding new ways to make money, keeping your job(!), etc.,etc. We do NOT recommend that you ask for something such as winning the lottery. Everyone wants to win the lottery!! But this is not something easily controlled by spiritual methods! It is too impersonal and involves things that spirits would not know how to control. Plus if one million people are petitioning to win the lottery, what happens if they all win? Why would only YOU win?? Therefore, it is important to try to make your petitions make sense for your life - what could happen in your personal life to insure your wealth and security? If you are unsure, then simply ask that the spirits find the best way to help you! That is a good petition!!
  • Second, if you desire, we have put together a kit for $29.95 so that you can participate in the ritual doing it the same way we will. You can purchase the kit by clicking here. We have also printed below the directions that come with the kit along with some modifications that will still allow you to do the ritual even if you don't purchase the kit. The kit is a nice convenience if you can get it, but don't let NOT being able to get it stop you from doing as much of the ritual as you can!
  • If you can do the ritual on the same date as us (March 17, 2014 all day and in the evening), that is great, but even if you can't, we highly recommend that you do the ritual when you can. You will still tap into the "Cosmic Group Energy" (explained below) and strengthen the ritual for yourself and others.

Can I use the Sobo Wealth and Security Ritual in Conjunction with other Spellmaker products?

Absolutely! Almost any of our money or luck products could be used in conjunction with this kit. You could certainly get creative with your money or luck products! For instance, if you have any of our luck, money, or power Cosmic Voodoo™ gris-gris bags, you could put them on the altar to Sobo. If you will be starting or even in the middle of doing a Big Money™ spell kit you could set up for this ritual and set up for your Big Money™ ritual at the same time! Start one, then the other, and coordinate doing them together! If you have a High John the Conqueror root bag, you want to definitely put that on your altar. Green male, female, or 7 knob candles could be done in conjunction with this ritual - really the possibilities for combining any of our money products with this ritual are almost endless. If you have questions, definitely ask your caseworker or call the office for help! (505-962-2525)

"Sobo my lwa, I am assured, oh,
Sobo my lwa, I am assured.
I have money in my hand,
money in my pocket,
money in the bank.
Sobo my lwa,I am assured."

The directions below are the directions that come with the Sobo Wealth and Security Ritual Pack. The passages in red are either details regarding the kit or ways to do the ritual without the kit.

Purpose of Kit: To petition to the Vodou Spirit, Sobo, to help insure the Wealth and Security of yourself and/or others. Kit may be used in conjunction with the group ritual with other members of or the kit can also be used on your own at your own convenience.

Items you need to provide: Matches, candle holders, a glass of water, something to burn the frankincense on, paper and pen or pencil, and a small food offering for Sobo. For this ritual, the appropriate food offering for Sobo is something that has a traditional representation of money - spinach, blackeyed peas, cabbage, green foods of all kinds, red beans and rice, chocolate covered gold coins, etc. You don't need all of those, just one will be sufficient. A simple space can be used to do this ritual or you may desire to do something more elaborate with decorations, etc., as described below. Either way is fine and is a personal choice.

Setting up: (You can do the set up for this ritual at any time you desire, even days before the actual ritual if you like.) Even where it is not mentioned below, remember to keep your intention in mind during the whole set up process. Setting up for the ritual is an important part of the ritual itself. Keep your goal in mind!)

First cleanse the area you will be using. If you have Florida Water, it is the perfect thing to use to cleanse the surface you will be using. If not, just use plain water or any other cleaner that you prefer. Once you feel satisfied your space is clean, you can begin setting up for your ritual. If you desire to use an altar cloth, it should be white, yellow, green or any combination of those colors. Use of an altar cloth is optional. The picture above is the veve (Vodou symbol) representing Sobo. You should copy this onto a sheet of paper while concentrating on drawing in the help and support of Sobo. You can make it bigger than the copy above. It is fine to do it with markers in green and yellow or with just pen and/or pencil. When you are done, place the veve in the middle of your altar space. Take the representative money and spread it around on top of the veve. If possible, set your Most Powerful Hand holy card so that it is propped up and facing you, centered behind the veve.
The Most Powerful Hand holy card is used in this ritual for symbolization of both getting a strong helping hand as well as tapping into the group mind/family energy of this ritual. This particular holy card represents the family of Jesus Christ: On the fingers of the hand of Christ are St. Joseph, Mother Mary, St. Joachim and St. Anne (Mother Mary's parents). On the thumb is the Christ child. Underneath are angels who hold the tools of crucifixtion. This card is often used to represent the power of a strong and close family! If you did not get the ritual kit, pictures of this card are widely available on the internet and could be printed out and used.

If your green candles are wrapped, unwrap them. Pour a couple of drops of the Big Daddy Millionaire™ oil in the palm of your left hand. Using your right hand, pull one candle through your palm, rotating the candle clockwise to cover it in oil, pulling the candle towards you while concentrating on drawing wealth and security to yourself and/or others. Place the candle into a candle holder. Then pour a couple of drops of the Big Daddy Millionaire™ into your right palm. Using your left hand, pull the other candle through your palm, rotating the candle counterclockwise to cover it in oil, again pulling the candle towards you while concentrating on drawing wealth and security to yourself and/or others. Place the candle into a candle holder.
If you did not purchase the ritual kit, you can use any green or white candles that you have. If you happen to have ANY of our money oils or potions,you can use them to anoint your candles as per above. If you have no kind of spiritual oil, anoint your candles with pure olive oil.

Place the candles, in holders, to the right and left of the veve. Place your glass of water to the right of the veve (as you face the altar). Place your food offering to the left of the veve.

Your kit contains a round, black piece of King's Charcoal™. This needs to be placed on something fireproof like a pie tin, metal plate, or heavy plate. If it is something that would withstand oven heat, then it is appropriate for the charcoal. The little bits in the bag with the charcoal are the frankincense. (Just keep them handy for later in the ritual. ) Place your set up for burning the frankincense on your altar to your right.
If you did not purchase the ritual kit, you can use another type of incense. Scents such as frankincense, sage, or cedar are perfect.

Optional: (You don't have to do this part, only if you desire.) Feel free to decorate your altar with things representing money to you. You can put things such as gold beads, treasure chests, anything that represents wealth to you. You can even cut out pictures of things from magazines and decorate your altar with them. It is up to you what you chose. It could be pictures of anything you wish you could buy, from a fluffy dog to a Ferrari!


Keep your intention in mind! If you desire to do this ritual with the "Cosmic Mind" then you should keep your intention for the Greater Good. This doesn't mean that you have to ignore your own needs! In fact, quite the opposite! Working with the Cosmic Mind or Cosmic Consciousness (at least as far as this ritual is concerned) means that you want to tap into the connection of all of those who are working on this ritual or who have petitioned for help with this ritual. You will want to frame your petitions in such a way that you want economic help and security for yourself and all of those who are working with you or who have asked for help.

There is much written on Cosmic Consciousness, so we will not go into great detail here. However, it is important to find a way to feel connected to those who need your help and are helping you! Remember, this is more than a two-way street! This might be a thousand-way street! Sitting quitely and focusing on the great communal energy of a ritual like this can be very beneficial. You may want to choose some way to picture this kind of energy. For instance, you may picture yourself as a white light with many splinters of blue light coming to and from you. As you radiate the blue splinters of light, you take in the blue splinters of light. Don't worry too much about how you do it, just try to keep in mind that all of those you are helping are also helping you!

To start your ritual:

  • Light your candles.
  • Call on Papa Alegba: Say these words, "Papa Alegba, please open the gate and allow Sobo safe passage to assist me. Thank you." Pause for a few seconds.
  • Invoke Sobo: Say the words in quotes below. Don't worry about accents or pronounciation. (These words are mainly in langaj, a mostly untranslatable mixture of languages used to call the Vodou spirits (the lwa) for their help. Just do the best you can. Say the invocation three times or until you feel comfortable that you have said it enough.
  • "Pa pouvwa Sobo Kesou, neg ananman Vodou, Neg Laye tengwi, Neg Bade-si kwa la rousi, Nega Rada Freda Daromen."
  • Hold your water glass up to the East, then the West, then the North, then the South. Say, "Sobo, my lwa, I am (or we are) assured of the basics of life." Drink the water. Place the glass back on the altar.
  • Hold your food offering up to the East, then the West, then the North, then the South. Say, "Sobo my lwa, you are assured of the basics of life." Place the food offering back on the altar.
  • Start the burning of your frankincense: Please read carefully about how to do this! You have been provided with a round of King's Charcoal. Keeping it on the fireproof surface you have provided, light it with a match. You may need to blow on it just a little bit. It will start to spark and pop a little bit! This is fine. It isn't going to flame up or anything! It will get hot like a barbeque type briquette. It just takes about 10 seconds or so for it to get going under most circumstances. Once it is ready, start to drop a few of the frankincense tears (the little bits that were with the charcoal) onto the charcoal. They will start to gently smoke. Throughout the rest of the ritual, just keep dropping the tears a few at a time or as much or little as you like. Don't worry if it burns out before you are done. If you are sensitive to the smell or smoke, please just use a small amount.
  • Sing Sobo's song: The lyrics to the song are above. The "Sobo, my lwa, I am assured." song. There is an audio file below to use for the tune. As you sing it, you can substitute "we" for "I" occasionally. As you sing it, believe it! Start to feel warm and secure about your financial well being.
    If you are working for the group you will definitely want to say "we" as often as possible in the song to start gathering in the energy of the cosmic mind of the group.
  • Write your petitions: Start to write down your needs from this ritual. It can be as simple as, "I (or we) need financial security." Use this time to write down how you might accomplish your needs, what scenarios might need to happen for you to acquire the wealth and security that you need. You can be as creative as you want to be - lining out a whole lifetime of wealth and financial security for yourself and those you love. If you are working on the behalf of others that you know, include their names in your writing. If you are working with the group, simple write about all those that you don't know but you are all helping each other.
  • Give thanks: In your own words, thank Sobo for coming to help you, ask him to go forth and work for you and all those who need his help.
  • Close the gate: Ask Papa Alegba to, "please close the gate now, Papa. Thank you for your assistance."
  • Let the candles burn out on their own if possible. Please take all fire precautions.
  • The food offering for Sobo can be taken outside the next day and left by a tree if at all possible. If this is not possible, wrap it up in a brown paper bag and throw it in a trash that is not your own.
  • The Helping Hand Holy card and representative money should be kept somewhere. Those who desire may also pray the novena on the back of the holy card. It is not necessary if you do not care for the religious wording. If you do use it, keep the petition close to that which you used for this ritual. You should keep the card and money together. It can be just kept in an envelope in a drawer. Traditionally, it would be kept with things of yours to do with money - checkbook, pay stubs, etc.
  • You can use the remaining Big Daddy Millionaire™ oil in a bath or to anoint yourself or any items that you desire.
  • Traditionally, you would burn the Sobo veve and the paper(s) that you wrote your petitions on after the ritual to set your petitions "free" to go work for you. However, if this is not safe for you to do, you can either keep the veve to use again (especially if you have done an elaborate job at reproducing it), or you can dispose of it in some other way. However, if at all possible, and it is safe for you to do so, burn the veve, your petitions, and if you cut pictures out of things, burn those, too. Please use all fire precautions!
  • All of the items that you used that belong to you (the glass, plates, candleholders, etc.) can all be cleaned and used again for other purposes.
  • You can sing the song for Sobo at any time! You can "refresh" this ritual at any time by singing the song and invoking Sobo and asking for his help.

    This is the basic altar set up for the ritual.
    You can certainly add many decorations or altar cloths, etc.

    Qty: Order Sobo Wealth and Security Kit ($29.95 Sale Price: $21.95)

Short video with the invocation and tune to Sobo song.

This is a video of one of our Sobo ritual altars at the Spellmaker office.

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