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Click here for information about a reading with Mambo Samantha Corfield.

Click here for information about a tarot reading with Mambo and Parran's daughter, Sister Bridget.


tarot readings with Sister Bridget at Spellmaker

We are very pleased to offer to you an extraordinary opportunity to have a Tarot Card Reading with Mambo Sam and Parran Matt's daughter (Sister Bridget took her first initiation with Mambo and Parran in October of 2007), staff card reader, and caseworker, Sister Bridget. As an initiated Priestess of Ogoun Sister Bridget has special insights into the particular types of magick that we work with and is extremely gifted in her guidance using the ancient art of Tarot reading.

If you desire, you can get to know Sister Bridget a little better by reading her web blog by clicking here. She has been a Spellmaker confidential caseworker for many years. She has very keen perceptions for people using our spellwork. Sister Bridget offers a variety of different kinds of tarot readings.

To order a reading with Sister Bridget, please visit her webpage at www.spellmaker.com/bridget.htm.

Mambo Samantha Corfield If you desire to have a reading with Rev. Samantha Corfield (Mambo Sam), you may order it directly from this page. Spiritual consultations with Rev. Corfield sometimes have to do with spell work that she has done for you, or spell work that you plan on doing. Rev. Corfield does NOT consider herself a psychic, but rather a "guided intuitive." Through her connection as a Mambo Asogwe with The Lwa (The Vodou Spirits), as well as her status as "Les Oracle" (literally - the "mouthpiece" of the lwa in her New Orleans Family Tradition Voodoo), and her own intuitive powers, Rev. Corfield offers both her own unique insight as well as the Vodou Spirits' insight(s) into situations (best readings are for those who have had spell work done by her or who have done OUR spell work for themselves) for which you desire to gain insight and guidance.

If you desire to have information from the Voodoo guides and spirits, then readings from Mambo Sam (Reverend Corfield) can be very helpful to you. Additionally, having a reading with Rev. Corfield is the way to get feedback concerning her impressions of your spell work. (Consultations are not done during spell work, only after. If you order a reading during your spell work, the reading will be held until after your spell work is completed.)

IMPORTANT: For ALL readings with Mambo Sam, once you have placed your order for a reading, there will be a link within your order confirmation to take you to the page to fill out a form for your reading.

Once your form is filled out, you will be either taken to the scheduling page (for regular readings) or (for 911 readings) Mambo will contact you within 48 hours (M-F). If you don't fill out the form, you cannot get scheduled. For the regular 15 and 30 minute readings, you will not be contacted to schedule, it is up to you to schedule the reading by following the link to fill out the form in the order confirmation. If for some reason you do not receive your order confirmation within 24 hours, please contact customerservice@spellmaker.com and let them know that you need to schedule a reading and did not receive your order confirmation.

Please carefully read the descriptions below to decide what kind of reading you would like to have done.

NEW READING OFFERING! Mambo Sam is offering a new reading type - a fully spirit-guided reading with you favorite lwa giving all the guidance!
Check it out here: SPIRIT-GUIDED READINGS.

Phone or Chat Room Readings with Mambo Sam (including 911 Readings)

You may choose to have:

  • A regular phone or chatroom reading with Mambo Sam for 15 or 30 minutes.
  • A 911 (usually scheduled within 72 hours M-F) 30 minute reading. PLEASE NOTE: Your 911 reading will be scheduled ASAP, but Mambo always strives to contact you within 48 hours (M-F) to schedule this reading.

    The readings can be accomplished a number of different ways:

  • Via Skype: Skype is an online service that allows us to speak computer-to-computer. You can sign up for the service for free at www.skype.com. We can speak as if on the phone or with video chat - your choice.
  • Via the Spellmaker online video chatroom. You will receive a link after the reading to view the reading between you and Mambo.
  • Via the Spellmaker private online typing chat room. No video, works just as you and Mambo typing back and forth. You will receive a written transcript by email of the chat.
  • Via regular phone.

  • Please note: Readings are never done while spell work is being cast. If you are doing spell kits right now or Mambo Sam is casting for/with you, she does not do readings for you during this time period. You must wait until your casting is done. However, if you are doing adjunct work (candle work, doll work, etc.) it is fine to get a reading.

  • Order a 15 minute regular phone or chatroom reading with Mambo Sam - $65.00
    ( Return Customers - You can now use your Return Customer Code when ordering readings from Mambo.)
    Qty: Click to order a 15 minute reading with Mambo Sam: $65.00

  • Order a 30 minute regular phone or chatroom reading with Mambo Sam - $85.00
    ( Return Customers - You can now use your Return Customer Code when ordering readings from Mambo.)
    Qty: Click to order a 30 minute reading with Mambo Sam: $85.00

    NEW READING OFFERING! Mambo Sam is offering a new reading type - a spirit guide reading with you favorite lwa giving all the guidance!
    Check it out here: www.spellmaker.com/spiritguide.htm

    **911 READINGS**: Order a 30 minute 911 phone or chatroom reading with Mambo Sam - $110.00.

    Click to order the 911 readings with Mambo Sam: $110.00 You will be contacted within 48 hours (M-F) to be scheduled.


    Qty: Order a Met Tet Reading with Mambo Sam $51.00

    Description: This special phone reading with Mambo Sam is for those who wish to know who their met tet ("ruling lwa") is. There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with this information and only those who wish to further their service to the lwa (Les Lois) should obtain this kind of reading. This is usually a short reading (around 15 minutes or so), however, please be prepared to allow at least 30 minutes in case it takes longer than usual. There is no way to predict precisely how long such a reading will take. Once you purchase this reading, please write to customerservice@spellmaker.com to be scheduled. Those interested in personal training regarding their met tet, please see below.

    Qty: Order a met tet training session $100.00

    Description: This is a private, one hour minimum (more time might be needed depending on the information that is being given) training session via online chat. This will cover questions you have about your met tet, how to serve them, how to enhance your magickal practices with the service of your met tet, and general information appropriate to your met tet. This will be done in an online, private chat room. This is done by chat so that you can receive a transcript of the chat sent to you by email. Once you have ordered this training session, please write to customerservice@spellmaker.com to be scheduled for your personal training session.

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    The Story of Aunt Churadas
    by Mambo Samantha Corfield

    Happy Friday, my dear readers!  Some folks have the idea that coming from Louisiana all we eat is Louisiana-style food!  LOL  Well, that isn't true - we eat lots of different foods and if you ever take a look at Louisiana restaurant listings you will see what I mean - the whole world rainbow of food is served there!

    Hence, the title of my blog post!  Growing up, my cousins and I loved my aunt's  enchiladas - they were amazing.  To this day, I don't think I am able to duplicate them - maybe close, but not the same. God bless her, she took the secret to her grave!  (R.I.P. Aunt Mamie "Churada")

    One of my cousins never heard the word "enchiladas" correctly!  He always called them "aunt churadas."  We always laughed and he didn't understand why and we laughed harder. We took to calling Aunt Mamie "Aunt Churada."  Anyway, I swear that boy was full grown before he remembered that and figured it out!  ;-)

    But my point isn't exactly about aunt churadas (even though I am making them for dinner)!  My point is about hearing what is said to you in a reading!  Haha - gotcha!  Made you think I was going to give you the secret to my aunt churadas - heck no, I am not!  But if you come over and cook with me, I will! ;-)  Ask T.R., C.K., D&T, and Sister Bridget - they will tell you -  I will!!!

    I digressed again!  Anyway, after many years of doing readings, I am still amazed at the good, well-meaning, lovely folks that come back to me later and say, "You said such and such."  And I say, "No, I said so and so."  Enchiladas/aunt churadas - ah, there it is!

    I think some of the issue might be that so much information is given that it is just too much to assimilate and remember (which is why I am a huge fan of chatroom readings so you can have a copy of what exactly was said). It is really important to listen in a reading, take notes if you need to, or even record it if you have that kind of app on your phone (always remember if you are recording someone, you have to notify them). When I (or Sister Bridget, or any reader, for that matter) gives you information it is meant to help you, to guide you, to assist you in a matter that was important enough to you to pay good money to speak to someone about! 

    So, don't be nervous, don't be shy - ask me/us to repeat, clarify, or rephrase something that you didn't understand!  We aren't going to be angry or put off - no one (at least from Spellmaker and Friends) is going to bite your head off - we want you to clearly understand our guidance so that you get the best possible understanding.  Also, listen to words like if, maybe, possibly, probably, about, potentially, etc. - these words can make a world of difference to what the guidance means.  "Possibly you will hear from him in two weeks" is NOT "You will hear from him in two weeks."  It means that we have some guidance that the situation may be right to hear from someone in about two weeks.

    So I beg you, listen up in a reading! Grab a notebook or take notes on your computer while we are talking!  Ask questions, get clarification.  Oh, and most of all, if I, or anyone else, uses a word that you don't know the definition of, please ASK.  Don't be embarrassed if you don't know what it means - there are a bazillion (technical term) words out there that someone might not understand.  Stop us - ask us.  We would never think you were stupid or dumb!  Who cares if you don't know the meaning of a word?  Just ask! :-)  (This just happened with a slang word in a reading with someone I was reading for whose first language isn't English - she was miffed at first because it turns out that it is a derogatory word in another language!  Ack.)  So just ask! ;-)

    I hope this helps you all to have better readings no matter where you get them!

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