What kind of reading is this? You choose which lwa(s) (Vodou Spirit) you would like Mambo Sam to contact for guidance on your life, situation, etc. Mambo will then call upon that particular lwa to answer your questions as well as give you any other guidance they might have for you. This reading will be done with only one lwa per reading, giving you in depth information that the lwa you have chosen wants to let you know. Mambo will record the reading and send it to you within 7 days. The recording will always be yours to refer to as desired. You can order up to three readings at a time for a substantial discount (see below).
  • More detailed information: Mambo will go through a process of calling in your lwa with the help of Papa Legba. Once your lwa is called in, Mambo will ask the questions that you want answered. She will give you the information as it comes to her directly from the lwa. This reading is NOT Mambo's opinion or information she personally wants you to have. This information will come directly from the lwa.

    If there is anything that she feels the lwa do not want to answer or can't answer, she will let you know that. This would be rare, but sometimes not even the Spirits can answer certain questions.

    You are not present at this reading. Mambo will record every part of the reading with the Spirits and that is what will be sent to you.

    If you order more than one reading, each reading will be done as an individual reading with separate recordings for each reading.

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