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Mambo Samantha Corfield of The Voodoo Boutique

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Mambo Samantha Corfield of The Voodoo Boutique

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Mambo Samantha Corfield

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, Samantha Corfield (Mambo Sam), and my Samantha's Original™ products. I am Rev. Samantha Corfield (formerly Reverend Samantha KAYE, Matthew and I were married on November 18, 2005). I appreciate the fact that you want to find out just who I am! I know it is very difficult to try to get to "know" someone this way. However, I am hopeful that telling you about myself and my life will help us to become acquainted with each other. I am mostly known as Rev. Corfield or Mambo Sam (the "Mambo" title is from my Haitian Vodou initiation as a Mambo Asogwe - Bon Mambo Feraye de la Kwa Daginen, formally!). I was Rev. Kaye for years, and I know that it is taking some getting used to for people to call me Rev. Corfield! :-)

When I first began this website in 1995 there weren't many websites like it! Here was our very first web banner!

love spells

I remember Houngan Bob painstakingly making this banner in the Paint program, pixel by pixel! Yikes!

Now there seem to be thousands of websites promising the magickal sun, moon, and stars to you. Well, I won't do that, but I will tell you about myself, my family, my philosophy, and what I hope to accomplish for and with you. Because there is so much anonymity on the Web these days, it is sometimes hard to feel like you are truly part of an "internet family" like ours. In order to try to find a way to make this an interactive, healthy magickal community, we have instituted a number of communicative activities. In this way we hope to connect with our clients on a very personal and spiritual level, even though we may never meet face-to-face! To that end, I would like to tell you a little bit about some of the features of our Customer Benefit Package:

  • Our free newsletter, The Universal Messenger: Our newsletter is distributed at least quarterly - though we do strive for monthly. The newsletter discusses Vodou, Voodoo, magick, and a variety of other magickal educational subjects. Click here to subscribe to The Universal Messenger.
  • Our free Confidential Caseworker Program: We offer, at no charge to you, the ability to choose to have a Confidential Caseworker throughout your stay with us. Our caseworkers are trained personally by me, Mambo Sam, and offer recommendations for products to help your situation, emotional support, and sometimes just a shoulder to lean on while you work on your situation. The latest feature of the Confidential Caseworker Program is that you may now choose your own caseworker! In the past, I assigned your caseworker because there was no real way to get to know them before embarking on your case. Now with the wonders of blogging, all of our caseworkers have their own blogs and you can get to know them better. Please visit the Confidential Caseworker Page if you are interested in taking advantage of this free service. Caseworker service is available to you even before you buy your first product so that you can receive their special expertise, if you desire it, before purchasing.
  • If you would like to "see and hear" me - you can watch one of my beginner's class by clicking here. You will get to "meet me" and also enjoy a free class.
  • Discounted Shopping for Return Customers: Once you have purchased from us, you will receive a link to the Return Customer Discount Page. There is a special return customer discount code on this page and special "customer only" sales are listed on that page. The link to this special page will be in your order confirmation. It is just a small way to say thank you to our loyal clients!
  • I have also started blogging and we welcome you to take at look at Mambo Sam's Blog. Please do check back often to them as we will be adding more and more information to them. In this way we hope you are able to get to know ME and feel more comfortable in working with me. I also have an interactive blog on Tumblr. On the Tumblr blog (please see button below), you are welcome to ask me questions and I am happy to answer. Please note that the questions should be of a general information nature - not questions particular just to your case. Questions about your case should be directed to your confidential caseworker. However, if you have general questions about products, Voodoo/Vodou, etc., please feel free to ask me there on Tumblr!
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: I like to use Social Media to help you to get to know me, my family, and our business! When I do spell work or readings for you, I end up knowing a lot of intimate details about your life! I like to reciprocate by letting you know about mine, too (if you are interested!). While you will be subjected to a lot of pictures of my family, friends, and grandchildren, there is also information about spellwork, witchcraft, voodoo, etc. :-)

    Also, I use social media to keep clients and friends informed of as much information as possible, events, teachings, tips, etc. Please feel free to join us on any and all of our social media pages below! You will find some duplicate information on some of the pages, but there is some unique content on each of the pages! Please note there are two different Facebook pages - one is my personal page, one is the Spellmaker page. :-) Those are below:

    Mambo Sam's Personal Facebook Page

    The Spellmaker Facebook Page

    The rest of our social media endeavors are at the bottom of the page!

    About our Product Line: Our products were designed, crafted, and originated within my family over the last 50 years. My mother and father, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers were the true originators of the concept of these products. The names of our products are based on old New Orleans tradition and, for the most part, they are the original names that were used in my family. What they used to offer out of their homes and shops in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Matthew and I are now proud to offer via the Internet. (I often wonder what my grandmother would think of this!! She didn't even like television, I can't imagine what she would think of the Internet!) What we have to offer you is our family line of products, a proud tradition and heritage. I am constantly striving to improve what I offer and I know you will be happy with what you receive. It always has been and will continue to be my practice to hand consecrate every product that I send to you! No matter WHAT product you receive from us, I guarantee that it has been blessed for you in the traditional New Orleans Voodoo tradition, with some Haitian Mambo blessing thrown in there, too! (More about that further down.)

    It is always our intention to try our best to help you reach whatever goal you have in mind. If you are wanting to get a lost love to return, trying to get a job, or need more money in your life, we always want the best for you. We always strive to make the journey easier for you in any way we can possibly do so. We want to know you and we want you to know us. Clients always seem surprised that I remember them many years after we first worked together. It my business to know you, know your needs, and try to help you. This business, our clients and their needs, is what we do full time. This is no "sideline" for us! We encourage you to get to know us, to visit our offices if you are ever in our area, and to let us know how we can help you.

    Sam Corfield
    Rev. Corfield and youngest grandson, Preston.

    Biographical information:

    I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on Christmas Day, 1956. My family lineage of New Orleans Voodoo was very much a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandmother, on my mother's side, was from Tennessee and practiced what she called "mountain magick." This consisted of root work, herbal potions, and folk magick spells. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been brought up in such a unique atmosphere. Of course, I was also baptized Catholic, and attended Catholic school! The funny part about New Orleans, and Louisiana in general, is that no one there would find that the least bit unusual!

    I was educated in the New Orleans School system, both Catholic and public, and graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and a doctorate in Theology came much later on! (Yep, it took awhile!) I am a Reverend with the Universal Life Church, an "Oracle" in my family tradition of New Orleans Voodoo(a position passed on to that person to become the spiritual leader of the family, basically the "high priestess" of the family blood line), and a Haitian Vodou Mambo Asogwe. Additionally, I was initiated into New Orleans Witchcraft by the late Oneida Toups as well as receiving my first initiation in Santeria. My late husband, Bob, also initiated me as a High Ceremonial Magician (Priestess)in the O.T.O. I still consider myself a Catholic, though I suppose in some circles I would be considered somewhat "lapsed!"

    A great blessing was bestowed upon me in 1972 with the birth of my only child, a son, Ira. He has further blessed me with three awesomely spectacular grandsons; Brandon, 25; Devon, 16; and Preston, 13,and one gorgeous granddaughter, Ava, 4.

    I was married to a wonderful man, Bob, for 25 years. Bob passed on 13 years ago, leaving behind a great legacy of artwork, writings, martial arts, and was very figurative in this business.

    Love came into my life again with my dear Matt! As I mentioned above, we were married on Matt's birthday in November of 2005. He is my life partner and business partner; without him, this business would probably no longer exist. I am forever grateful to him for his love and support. He is now Parran Matt, having taken the initiations to make him the male head of this New Orleans Voodoo family! Parran Matt handles a lot of the production of products for Spellmaker! He also packs and ships everything and is a true partner in all that I do.

    Samantha Corfield
    Mambo Sam and Parran Matt

    Parran Matt and I have been very blessed these last three years to start teaching and bringing more members into our family (our founding family consists of Parran Matt, daughter Sister Bridget Corfield, our late daughter Sister Candelaria Corfield, and myself). We were very excited to have our first initiates in 2010 and see them grow and learn and become true members of The Church of Nine Mysteries - our House church and organization. We recently initiated our first brother, our son Brother Menfo`. We know more Khouzhans (what our initiates are called) will be Brothers and Sisters as our House grows!

    Serving our clients is of paramount importance to both Matt and myself. We are extremely proud of our products being hand crafted, consecrated, and authentic. If you are considering having me do spell work either for or with you, you might want to take a look at my Sacred Space where all spell casting is done. There are pictures there of my altar and of some of the magickal equipment I use in spell casting.

    It is my hope to continue to share my gifts with you, my clients and friends, for a very long time to come!

    2020 will mark the beginning of our 25th year in business on the Internet!! We are still a small family-owned business taking pride in our hand-crafted products; still mixing our own herbs, oils, etc. using our family traditions. We are very proud to offer you our product line and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Lastly, we encourage all potential clients to carefully read our Terms of Service before purchasing anything from us. We feel it is extremely important that you have all information possible before choosing to work with us and usage of this website constitutes an agreement to those Terms of Service, so please read them! :-)

    Love, light, and peace to all,
    Rev. Samantha Corfield
    (Mambo Sam)

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