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I am so happy you are here! It is my pleasure to share with you some of the ritualistic items I will be using in your spell casting. Over the years, there have been many different altars and altar spaces I have used. I loved them all. There isn't anything much more satisfying for me than to build out my own sacred workspace!

So, what is a "sacred space" anyway? A sacred space is really anywhere you make it! It is anywhere that you would like to do spiritual work of any kind. It doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate. Any place that is set up with whatever items you put in it that you feel are important makes it a sacred space. Because I have been practicing Voodoo and Witchcraft for a very long time I have more sacred items to put in my space. But that is not what makes it important - intent for the space is the most important. In my work, I have consecrated my sacred spaces for the purpose of doing my spiritual spell casting for YOU! It is where I call upon Les Lois to assist me in helping bring relief to your troubling situation. It is where I reflect upon and ask for guidance in your situation. When you engage me to work on your situation, these are the places that I am working for you. In fact, at any time, and use the montage and pictures below for spiritual support and as a visual link between you and me regarding your spell casting because I will be in a sacred place doing your casting!

Please click here for a slide show view of some of our altars.

This was one of my favorite altars. It is my sacred altar from our old office!
Even though this altar is no longer in use,
it is an important part of our spell casting history over the years.

As you can see from the pictures below, of course, many items are used in my spell casting process. (Please remember when you purchase a spell kit for dual casting, your items will differ. They will, however, be hand-crafted and consecrated for you.) Some of the items I use for spell casting were inherited, some given to me as gifts, some purchased by me as gifts for Les Lois, and some found in strange and wonderful places along my life's journey. I thought I would share some of them with you in the pictures below.

The picture on the LEFT is of an asson. This is a sacred rattle used to assist in calling upon Our Lois to assist in the spell casting. It is made from a gourd and beaded with tiny shells. Ritualistic use of the asson is sometimes done throughout the spell. The right to use this asson reflects my rank of Mambo Asogowe in Haitian Vodou.

The picture on the RIGHT is of a censer. Incense is burned in this during spell casting to purify the space and to please Our Lois. Many different incenses are used depending upon the type of spell being cast, which of Our Lois I may be calling, and even sometimes depending on whether I am casting for a male or female.

The picture on the LEFT is of my coquille perlee de noix de coco; used in certain types of spell casting to put in the request of the person I am casting for. A petition is left in the shell for a period of time and other ritualistic work is done. The amount of time the petition is left in the shell may vary from spell to spell. Sometimes the petition may be moved to another container for a different part of the spell.

The picture on the RIGHT is of my les cheveaux de cheval battent. It is used in purifying rituals and hex removal rituals. It is also used to cleanse auras and remove negativity from a person if necessary.

The picture on the LEFT is of one of my petitioning vessels. These vessels are also used for holding clients' petitions regarding their spell castings. The petition may be left in for the duration of the spell and sometimes beyond depending upon what the work requires. This special vessel is used most often by me for love spell casting.

The picture on the RIGHT is of my personal gris-gris bags for each of Our Lois. Each of these bags was made for a particular Loi using items known to be pleasing to that Loi. When Our Lois are called in the spell work, his or her bag is used to facilitate the link between myself and that Loi. The bag does not "hold" Our Lois, but is connected to them.

The picture on the LEFT is a voodoo bottle. These are sometimes made for particular Lois or for particular purposes. Voodoo bottles are used in many ways during spell casting; sometimes to hold offerings for Les Lois, sometimes to represent Les Lois - it depends upon the casting.

The picture on the RIGHT is of various magickal waters used in the spell casting process. The waters are used to purify the space, to purify certain items, to wash away any negativity that might be lingering from a difficult casting, etc. I often use the waters on myself between different castings as necessary. Different waters are used in different castings. The waters are scented with fragrances pleasing to Our Lois. The scents are light and refreshing!

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey into my world! I look forward to working with you on your case.

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