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Real Voodoo Altars

Ancestor Altar
Our Big N'kisi!.
3-Day Spells
Honor Your Ancestors
Candle Service for You
Maitress Erzulie Freda
Autumnal Equinox
Fet Ghede! Happy New Year.
Such a powerful ancestor altar.
Papa Legba
Sobo My Lwa
I Am Assured
Making piman!
Protect and Love Us, Erzulie

Dear Friends,
Voodoo altars, whether Haitian Vodou or New Orleans Voodoo, are always a source of wonder and joy! There are many different ways to honor the voodoo spirits. You can have a huge budget, a small budget, or maybe even NO budget. Nonetheless, you can still honor and serve the voodoo spirits.

Most importantly, you want to respect the spirit(s) from whom you desire to request favors as you honor and serve them. No matter what your financial status, Les Lois (the vodou spirits, the lwa) will understand and listen to those who do their service sincerely. What if you have absolutely no extra money to serve? Turn to your own household goods! Most of us don't even realize we have enough around the house or in our yards to offer to the lwa. Forks, knives, and spoons can be used to offer as tools to the lwa. Spare a tiny bit of food. Offer Band-Aids® and aspirin to Maman Brigitte. Find some nice leaves for Gran Bwa. Put some dirt in a dish for the Baron. Lighters, kitchen matches, kitchen knives for Ogoun. Have a seashell around? LaSirene and Agwe will be happy to have that. Have old keys? Papa Legba loves them! I am sure you get the idea!

Research your favorite lwa, find out what they like. Try to get at least a representation of those things. Pictures are great, too. If you can print things out, print out public domain pictures of different areas and items for the lwa you wish to serve.

If you have a little money to spend, the Dollar Tree® is your voodoo friend! I can barely walk into a dollar store without coming out with a bunch of voodoo-worthy items.

Just remember that intention and respect are everything! Having thousands of dollars worth of voodoo altar items is never going to be as impressive to the lwa as the intention in your heart. Ask to be heard. Offer that glass of water if that is all you have. The source of voodoo is not money. The source of voodoo is heart, spirit, mind, respect, love, sincerity. If you are feeling the call to honor the Voodoo Spirits, do not worry if your means are humble. Humble is good. Humility is good. Come with an open mind, open heart, embrace the spirits.

I have been truly blessed to be able to serve! I will continue to put up more altar pics in the future.

I thank God, my ancestors, Les Lois, and all of you!
Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Samantha Corfield

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