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Each Voodoo Dreams Pillow Bag Kit includes the complete ritual/instructions,Voodoo Nights Magick Dream Oil™, & Pillow Bag

Voodoo DreamLand™ Gris-Gris Pillow Bags

Putting "pillow bags" under or into one's pillow can be traced back for nearly as long as there have been pillows! Herbs, stones, and talismans were put underneath pillows to facilitate wishes coming true, prophetic dreaming, and astral projection in many ancient cultures. Based on historical texts, we offer you three different Voodoo DreamLand gris-gris pillow bags to send you off for magickally sweet dreams. All DreamLand gris-gris pillow bags contain our special blend of Voodoo magickal herbs and other ingredients that are ritualistically consecrated for their particular purpose. Each bag also comes with a complete ritual as well as a bottle of Voodoo Nights Magick Dream Oil™. Each gris-gris bag slips into or under your own favorite pillow! Complete instructions are included.
  • true love spellsVoodoo DreamLand™ Vivid Dreams Gris-Gris Pillow Bag: Slip this into your pillow for intense, vivid dreaming. Also use this bag to petition for someone else to dream of you. This is especially useful if you are doing spell work on a particular person and want them to dream sweet dreams of you. Simply follow the directions and fall asleep thinking of the person and what you want them to dream about you, naughty or nice!
    Qty: Order Vivid Dreams Pillow Bag $19.95 Sale Price: $15.95

  • dream magicVoodoo DreamLand™ Magick Dreams Gris-Gris Pillow Bag: Sweet dreams are made of this! Sleep with this bag in your pillow to enhance and strengthen magickal work. Great for magick practitioners, those learning magick, or those just looking for magickal dreams.
    Qty: Order Magick Dreams Pillow Bag $19.95 Sale Price: $15.95

  • astral travel spellsVoodoo DreamLand™ Astral Travel Gris-Gris Pillow Bag: If you have ever wondered about astral projection, use this bag to teach yourself how. It does take practice, but this bag is definitely an enhancement for practitioners and students of astral travel.
    Qty: Order Astral Travel Pillow Bag $19.95 Sale Price: $15.95

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All of our herbal products are made with quality, properly harvested and consecrated herb mixtures.

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