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PLEASE NOTE: This is the page of Sister Bridget Corfield. She is an independent contractor. Payment for her products and services goes directly to her and not to These products are paid for and shipped separately from other Spellmaker products. Of course, she is a founding member of the Spellmaker family and all of her products and services are Spellmaker approved and highly recommended!


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Welcome to Sister Bridget Corfield's page! As the initiated daughter of Mambo Samantha Corfield and Parran Matthew Corfield, Sister Bridget has received sacred tools and spiritual blessings of a true New Orleans Voodoo family directly from Mambo Sam and Parran Matt. This will aide her greatly in assisting you with these readings. She has many offerings on this page! Please take a moment to explore them.

Sister Bridget was initiated into the family of Mambo Sam and Parran Matt as a Priestess of Ogoun. Under the guidance of Ogoun and teachings of her initiation, Sister Bridget can offer you different types of readings as well as being able to burn a special Voodoo lamp (with complete ritual) to Ogoun on your behalf. Information on all of readings and ritual offerings are below. If you still have questions after reading all the information, please write directly to Sister Bridget at and she will gladly answer all questions.

Please click on any of the links below to see more information about that product or service and how to order it!

  • TAROT READINGS: Sister Bridget unlocks the ancient knowledge contained within tarot readings to be used as a spiritual tool to help guide you in all areas of your life.

    While she does specialize in love readings, Sister Bridget can read for you on any subject that you desire. If you have done spellwork with us here at Spellmaker, she can also help you in obtaining guidance regarding the effects, efficacy, and possible challenges of your spellwork.

    Readings are offered either by email, in a secure chatroom, or by phone. (Please note that doing your reading in the chatroom does allow Sister Bridget to send you a transcript of the reading for future reference. This is highly recommended) Explore the world of tarot with Sister Bridget! We promise you will not be disappointed in her skill, spiritual gifts, and kindness.

  • PENDULUM OF OGOUN READINGS: Sister Bridget will use her sacred pendulum to Ogoun, along with "answer charts" in order to get you guidance directly from Ogoun. With these pendulum readings it is important to know that this is Ogoun's answer to your question, not Sister Bridget's interpretation of information for you. She is going to ask the question directly to her power guardian lwa, Ogoun, and get the answer from the pendulum as it is guided by Ogoun. When you order a pendulum reading, please plan on discussing with Sister Bridget how to frame your questions to get the most accurate answer.

  • VOODOO LAMP BURNINGS: Only an initiated priestess or priest can truly do a Voodoo Lamp burning for you. While anyone can light a lamp to honor a lwa, you must be initiated in order for the lamp to be truly effective in helping with a matter. Sister Bridget is able to do a lamp on your behalf. When she is done, she sends you a vial of the lamp oil with instructions on how to use it for yourself!

  • CHAKRA BALANCING DOLL: Chakras have gotten so much attention in the last 25 years that even scientists are getting in on the action! These energy centers in our bodies can get out of balance and cause us (or someone we love) to experience all kinds of negative impacts! Balance your (or someone else's) chakra centers with this unique doll!

  • HANDMADE ROSARIES AND PRAYER BEADS: Sister Bridget offers amazing, handmade rosaries and Voodoo prayer beads. In fact, if you give her the idea of what you want, she will make any kind of prayer beads that you desire - rosaries, Voodoo prayer beads, Japa Malas, Sikh Malas, Hindu beads, etc.

  • PET PROTECTION RITUAL: As an avid animal lover, Sister Bridget is very concerned with the welfare of your pets! She offers a very reasonably priced ritual to offer spiritual protection for your pets.

  • PET REIKI SESSIONS:Are you familiar with Reiki (energy healing) for people? It can also be done on your beloved pets! Reiki has gained amazing popularity in the last 15 years and is used to help alleviate pain, ease emotions, and promote and overall sense of well being for pets (and people).

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    Please read carefully. There are different packages below for the types of readings that Sister Bridget does. Each reading offering is based on a particular need for information. Do you need just a quick insight on one subject or question? Then you would choose the 3 Card Quick Pick! If you need more information, there are other readings you may choose from, including the pendulum readings, so please read the entire offering selection below.

    Once you decide upon the reading you desire, simply click on the BUY NOW button for the reading of your choice. (Please note: You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay for your reading. You can use almost any credit or debit card to pay.) This will take you to the payment page. Once your reading is paid for, you will be automatically directed to the form to fill out. (911 READINGS please see below for special instructions.)Please make sure that you enable your spam filters to accept email from - especially if you have a Yahoo! email account.

    After you order, you will be directed to a page with a form that you must fill out in order to schedule your reading with Sister Bridget. Please note: If you do not fill out the form, Sister Bridget will have no way to know that you ordered a reading! Therefore, it is imperative that you fill out the form properly in order to insure receiving your reading in a timely fashion.

    The form you fill out will allow you to choose between the email reading, the chatroom reading, and the phone reading for whichever type of reading you have chosen. (Again, please note, 911 readings have special instructions below.) Additionally, it will give you space to inform Sister Bridget of anything you feel she needs to know for the reading. Please choose from the reading selections below.


    tarot readings by Sister Bridget

    911 (within 24 hours) EMERGENCY READINGS with Sister Bridget: Please note that Sister Bridget is now available SEVEN days a week for 911 readings!! The earlier in the day you get your request in the better. These readings are only offered in the 30 minute format because if your situation warrants a 911 there is no way to settle that in 15 minutes! She will get to you as quickly as possible within 24 hours. You MUST follow this protocol to insure that you get your reading quickly:
    • First, order and pay for your reading.
    • Once you pay for your reading, RETURN TO THIS PAGE or note the following email address, send an email immediately to to let her know that you have paid for a 911 reading.
    • In the email please include this information: Your full name, your phone number, your email address, and a brief synopsis of the situation. Please also let her know how you would like to have the reading - by phone or chat. Please DO NOT email her at any other address for 911 readings than the one above. Emails to the 911 reading address regarding any other subject will be ignored. That email address is just for 911 readings.

    Order a 30 minute, 911 reading with Sister Bridget: $60.00

    3 Card Quick Pick by Email,or 15 minute card reading by phone or chatroom:
    This is a good choice if you are looking for insight on just a quick question or if you need guidance just on one particular aspect of your case. Please note: This is meant to be a short, 15-minute only reading. If you feel you will need more time or more details, please order a longer reading. Thank you so much!

    Order a 3 card quick pick reading from Sister Bridget: $24.95

    10 Card Celtic Cross or Relationship Spread by Email,or 30 minute card reading by phone or chatroom.
    The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most popular tarot spreads, providing varied insight into many aspects of a complex situation and your role in it. If you choose an email reading you may ask up to 5 questions. For phone and chatroom readings, as many questions may be asked as time and interpretation of cards allows.

    Order a 10 card Celtic Cross Reading with Sister Bridget: $39.95

    13 Card Lover's Path Spread by Email, or 45 minute card reading by phone or chatroom:
    The Loverís Path spread gives deep insight into the intellectual, creative, emotional, and spiritual aspects of both people in the relationship. This is not a spread to be repeated frequently, but rather to use the information and advice presented to gain understanding and help plan future approaches/strategies in your relationship. A reading like this is meant to look at long term possibilities for your relationship. If you choose an email reading you may ask up to 7 questions. For phone readings, as many questions may be asked as time and interpretation of cards allows.

    Order a Lover's Path spread with Sister Bridget: $49.95


    Pendulums are often used in readings by many spiritual practitioners! The pendulum swings of its own accord to give the answers to questions on a predetermined chart. In Sister Bridget's case, her pendulum is linked to powerful voodoo lwa, Ogoun, and he helps with the answers to your questions. You may now ask Ogoun to answer your questions directly through Sister Bridget using her Pendulum of Ogoun. Information will be provided to you regarding how to frame your questions for getting the most out of this kind of reading. This is a 3 question pendulum reading for $29.95.

    Click the Buy Now button to order the 3 question pendulum reading ($29.95).


    voodoo love spells

    As a Priestess of Ogoun, Sister Bridget is now offering services to create, consecrate, and burn a voodoo lamp to Ogoun on your behalf. Voodoo oil lamps are steeped in rich history and ritual originating in Africa, traveling to the United States, Haiti, and other countries.

    It is considered a great honor to the lwa (Voodoo spirits) to burn a lamp on their behalf and ask for their favor on a particular matter in return. Do you feel like a matter in your life is "steeped in darkness?" Is there something you cannot see the solution to or feel like you are in the dark about? Is the answer to your happiness hidden from you? The Voodoo Ritual Lamp is meant to shine the light on your goal and light the path for you to obtain that which you desire. Sister Bridget's Voodoo Lamps are a very unique combination of a ritual to Ogoun and a fire offering to Ogoun. Ogoun then takes this fire and applies it to whatever you have requested through Sister Bridget.

    Voodoo Priestesses and Priests are trained in the art and ritual of the Voodoo Lamp. This is something that only an initiate can truly do properly and effectively, though, of course, anyone could burn an oil lamp in honor of a lwa! But if you want the true and authentic lamp of a Priestess done for you, this is Sister Bridget's speciality.

    Each ritual is customized just for you and the lamps are burned for each individual for any request that you desire. When Sister Bridget has completed your lamp ritual and burning, she will then send you a picture of your lamp ritual, some of the oil and herbs used in your lamp, and instructions on how to use them to further empower the ritual on your end. In this way, although you do not have to build and burn a ritual lamp, you still are able to put some of your own energy into your goal.

    Once you order your personal lamp ritual, Sister Bridget will contact you to discuss what your goals are for the burning of the lamp. All petitions can be made for love, luck, money, or other custom needs you might have.

    For an extra special value, you may also order a 15 minute tarot reading to be done for you while your lamp is burning during your ritual. Ordering the lamp and reading combined below offers you an excellent value! For even more value, you may choose to get a total service package of a 15 minute tarot reading, lamp burning ritual, and a pendulum reading.

    (Please click on the arrows on either of the drop down menus below to choose your lamp package.)


    voodoo lamp ritualSister Bridget now offers a special DOUBLE power lamp ritual featuring offerings to both Vodou Love Goddess, Erzulie Freda, and one of her husbands, General Ogoun! Calling upon this Voodoo Power Couple is extremely potent and powerful. This is a great value since this lamp calls on two powerful Vodou spirits!(For a limited time, choosing the third option in the drop down menu offers the best value as it does include The Pendulum of Ogoun reading! Click on the arrow to make your choice.)



    chakra balancing

    Chakras are major energetic centers of our bodies. The word "Chakra" means wheel or disc, which describes the shape and motion of these centers. Each of the seven major chakras corresponds with a major group of nerves in our bodies. Thus, our chakras can be thought of as the energetic connection between our physical body and our energetic body! When a chakra becomes out of balance, like an unbalanced wheel on a car, we may feel wobbly or off center. Balancing the chakras will bring things back into alignment!

    This doll, made and consecrated by Sister Bridget, comes with a complete kit and instructions on how to use the doll to work on these all-important chakras for yourself or someone else. Major attention has been paid to these chakra areas with advanced sciences finding that many physical, emotional, and spiritual maladies can be helped by clearing and balancing one's chakras. This can be especially helpful in difficult relationships you might be experiencing where someone has experienced traumas, has a substance abuse problem, emotional/psychological problems, etc. PLEASE NOTE: This doll is not a substitute for any kind of medical treatment is not meant to cure nor diagnose any medical problem.

    If you unsure exactly what chakras mean and how this item can help you, Sister Bridget did a great blog post about it, just click here to read it!

    Order a Chakra Balancing Doll Kit: $49.95


    Rosaries and voodoo prayer beads are very sacred to Vodouisants! Sister Bridget is adept in making prayer beads of all kinds, however. Your religion does not matter! Prayer beads are used in many religions and Sister Bridget respects them all! Contact her for prices and designs. If you know what you want, she can make it for you. Prices will vary according to what kind of materials you want her to use, etc. If you need something other than a Catholic rosary or Voodoo prayer beads (such as a Japa Mala, Sikh Mala, Pearl of Life, etc.), it will be very helpful if you have a picture of the style of beads that you want. You and she can then talk about materials, colors, cost, etc.


    We are proud to announce Sister Bridget's Special Pet Protection Ritual!
    No matter what kind of pet you have, Sister Bridget is able to do a special protection ritual to guard your pet against all kinds of danger*!

    Sister Bridget's special pet protection ritual includes:

    Order a Pet Protection Ritual for your Pet: $29.95

    Protection Ritual for Mojo, Mambo Sam and Parran Matt's doggie.
    *(Obviously NO ritual can guarantee protection against all dangers, illnesses, etc., however, this special ritual is designed to give the best possible spiritual protection to your special pets!)


    Our own Sister Bridget, besides being a Voodoo Priestess of Ogoun, is also a Reiki Master! We are very happy to announce that she will now also be offering Pet Reiki Sessions for only $24.95 for a 45 minute healing Reiki Session for your pet. Your pet does not have to be present at Sister Bridget's to receive the Reiki. Reiki is an oriental healing method that works wonderfully over long distances (as well as in person). Just briefly, Reiki is a spiritual energy transfer where the practitioner's hands have been attuned through initiations to bring forth healing Reiki power. If you are unfamiliar with Reiki, please do a search on the internet to learn more about it. Like all other spiritual healing methods, no guarantees are expressed or implied, however, there is compelling evidence that Reiki can greatly assist both humans and animals with healing both physical and emotional ailments.

    Once you purchase the session, please contact Sister Bridget by emailing her at so that she may get the details of what type of healing your pet needs. Sister Bridget will set up with you a specific time for the healing session and ask that, if at all possible, you keep your pet quiet and secluded from others so that s/he may receive the most benefit from the session!

    Order a 45 minute Pet Reiki Session: $24.95

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    Often considered one of the most powerful lwa in the Vodou religion, Ogoun is a often the subject of misinterpretation and misinformation!

    Would you like to learn more about this powerful Vodou Spirit? Sister Bridget recommends reading The Ogoun Page.

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