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The Magick Dog
says, "You are tired...very sleepy...now tell yourself...'I want to know things...'"

i miss you and love you swami mojo

Animals as Spirit Guides

Swami Mojo was our beautiful doggy! He lived a good, long life, but that didn't make losing him any easier. We still see him. I often feel like he is arond me. I even think that he had a hand in us finally getting another dog, the beautiful Rosie. I believe that animals, pets or not, can guide us and teach us!Animals have been revered as spiritual beings and guides in various cultures and belief systems throughout history. As spirit guides, animals are believed to offer wisdom, protection, and support. When someone loses a beloved pet, the concept of that pet continuing to guide and watch over them can be incredibly comforting. I know it helped my family!

Understanding Animal Spirit Guides

Animal spirit guides, also known as totem animals or power animals, are spiritual entities that take the form of animals. They are believed to provide guidance, protection, and insight into one's life path. These guides can appear in dreams, meditations, or through repeated sightings in the physical world.

The Role of Pets as Spirit Guides

When a beloved pet passes away, many people believe that their pet's spirit can continue to stay with them, offering comfort and guidance. The bond between a pet and its owner is often profound, and the idea that this connection transcends death can be deeply reassuring.

Signs Your Pet May Be a Spirit Guide

Cultural Perspectives

Anecdotes and Experiences - from around the internet

Sarah's Cat, Whiskers: Sarah lost her cat, Whiskers, after 15 years together. A week after Whiskers passed, Sarah dreamt of him sitting by her bed, purring contentedly. The dream felt incredibly real, and Sarah woke up feeling a deep sense of peace, convinced that Whiskers was still watching over her.

Mark's Dog, Buddy: Mark often felt his dog, Buddy, jump onto the bed even after Buddy had passed away. The sensation brought comfort during difficult times, and Mark believed Buddy’s spirit was staying close to protect him.

Anna's Bird, Tweety: Anna’s bird, Tweety, had a unique chirp that she often heard in her house even after Tweety's passing. These moments reassured Anna that Tweety was still with her in spirit.

How to Honor a Pet Spirit Guide

Our Beloved Pets

The idea of animals as spirit guides provides comfort and a sense of ongoing connection to those who have lost beloved pets. These spiritual relationships highlight the deep bonds between humans and animals, emphasizing that love and companionship can transcend physical life. Whether through dreams, sensations, or symbols, many people find solace in the belief that their pets continue to guide and protect them from the spirit world. I know we have. Still, it hurts to this day and I suppose it always will. But that little glimpse I get of him. Or a thought that makes me think of something silly he used to do. I still have the chair he was sitting in in the Swami Mojo picture. I believe he is around!

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