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Using Spellmaker Products in Combination

by Mambo Samantha Corfield

Hello there, everyone!
Lately it seems that a number of you have had some questions about combination work. I suppose first off, we should talk a little bit about what combination work actually is.

What we here at Spellmaker term combination work is when you are working with adjunct (extra) products, such as candle magick kits, voodoo doll work, Cosmic Voodoo Eggs, etc. These are products that are generally used to enhance, strengthen, or work on details during or after one has used the regular Spellmaker spell kits or spell castings by Mambo Sam.

There are a number of ways to use our different products together. Because communication is such a key element, this article focuses on the Red Mummy Candles. Most often we recommend that these candles be used to open up communication between yourself and someone else, or perhaps even two people that you would like to communicate better with each other. For instance, let's say that you have a man in your life who doesn't get along well with your children or your children don't accept him in your life. In that case, you could use the Red Mummy to petition for that man and your children to open up communication between themselves, separately from you, to build their own relationship.

For the most part, however, we use the Red Mummy to help us with communication between ourselves and someone else. So that is great! However, you can also use that Red Mummy in combination with, for instance, a white gender candle(appropriate to the sex of the person that you want to work on) to petition away negative energy from a bad argument, or any other type of negative communication you had with a person. If you need a person to "forget" a bad incident between you, then you can use the white male or female candle along with a Red Mummy to facilitate that.

The Red Mummy could also be used with your love doll to open up communication between you and the person you love - to make that communication loving and sweet and romantic.

Since communication is KEY to any and all relationships, using the Red Mummy in combination with almost any of your other adjunct products can help bring about the type of communication you want and help insure that you get that perfect dialogue going with that someone special.

In many instances, you could use, for instance, two white image candles - let's say you are a male/female couple - one white image candle to represent you, one to represent your intended, and also use the Red Mummy. In this way you can petition to open up that communication between the two of you, stating HOW you want it to happen, WHEN, and WHAT is the nature that you want the communication to take. You could also use it with a red set of image candles, pink set, etc., depending on what kind of communication you want: Positive where there has been something negative happening to your communication with this person (use white candles with the Red Mummy. Romantic where things have been cold (use the pink candles with the Red Mummy). Passionate and loving where loving communication has been at a stalemate (use the red candles).

I am sure you can think of many ways yourself to use the Red Mummy; just think in terms of communicating with that person you want to be with!

If you are confused on how to use this kind of combination work, please email and ask a caseworker! It's free and they are there to help you! :-) It can be a little tricky trying to use more than one product at a time in combination with each other, but it can be done. Just ask if you need help with it!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Sam


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