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reviews for Spellmaker and The Voodoo Boutique

Real Testimonials and Reviews
Spellmaker, The Voodoo Boutique.

Please note that these are real letters from our clients. Nothing has been changed except to edit out or change the names and/or locations (for obvious reasons of confidentiality!). Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax have all been left intact. The actual letters and/or emails are on file in our office. (In some cases, only the partial letter was reproduced here due to some of the content being irrelevant or confidential.) I do hope you find these letters inspiring! Even I, Mambo Sam come and re-read these testimonials on occasion! They are so uplifting and remind me of those people who have come to me for help and are now living happier, more fulfilled lives. It is just a wonderful feeling for me and I hope for you, too.

Some testimonials may refer to certain steps of spells that you might think you would be unable to complete. Don't let that be a deciding factor in your spell choices! There are alternative ways of getting the spells done if you can't do certain steps.

We also have over 36,000 "likes" and a great number of testimonials on our Spellmaker Facebook Page! The page is public, so you can read all of it anytime you desire!

Please enjoy the testimonials!

  • Sam: I just wanted to thank you! I've been using your kits and voodoo dolls and have had wonderful results! I worked really hard on them and it is so great to see such results! The love doll definately worked as the one I love has just told me he wants me to move up to the area he lives in because he misses me so! Also the times we have spent together he has been much more affectionate! I'm so excited. Thank you so much!

  • Hi, SAM I Used The love doll kit first and got results the same night, I will continue to use it until he returns to me . HE WAS FULL OF I LOVE YOU'S ALL EVENING AFTER I TRIED IT. EVEN SCREAMING IT OUT LOUD. THANK YOU!

  • Okay! You win! Even though I only tried the love attraction kit because a friend recommended it, I was so skeptical!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT the three days after I finished everything I got 7 calls on a personal ad I had placed. That might seem normal but I had placed ads for a year and got hardly any calls at all until I finished the kit! I am ordering some money stuff next!

  • Hey Samantha! Wassup?? You probably won't remember me. I bought some kits from you about a year ago. My situation was that my boyfriend left me for a woman he worked with. I got the kits but then didn't use them. I don't know why. I just got depressed and felt hopeless. About six months ago I took the kits out of the closet and decided that maybe doing them would at least make me feel better. So, I went ahead and did the three kits I had ordered in the first place. Guess what? (You probably already know ;-) -- out of the clear blue sky he called me and told me that it was over with him and Jess and that he had made a mistake and that he wanted to come home! I had lost your address or would have written you before now, but I just wanted to say thank you and let you know about the happiness I have now. Be well.

  • Dear Sam, hi, how are you? I hope you are doing fine. It has been awhile since I had computer access and wanted to let you know that Roger and I are doing just great! The spell work we did together really removed all the doubts he had since I made my mistake and we have set a wedding date. I know I will never make those mistakes again and now he believes it, too. Can you come to Iowa for a wedding? I really feel that without you this would not have happened and I would love to have you come."

  • Hi! Guess what???? He's home!! He came back about three days ago, apologized (this has never happened before - he always found a way to blame me for whatever went wrong), AND said he wants to go to counselling! After I kiss the person who recommended you to me, I would like to kiss you, too!

  • were so right when you recommended the stuff you had me do. I appreciate the time and personal service you gave to me when I really needed someone to help me. I got the new job and it involved a much better salary than what I was making.

  • Hey, girlfriend, well progress is happening. I am halfway through the Love Me Again kit. We had lunch today (he invited me!!) and he said that he had been so confused with all the argueing and fighting that we were doing and that is why he left in the first place. We agreed to meet again in a couple of days and try to work things out. Can you say ECSTATIC? :-)

  • Sam! Hope you are doing great. Have you ever thought of doing a page where you put people's letters that tell how good their results were with the spell kits? If so, please put this one. As you know, Kathy and I were in the dumps. It was definitely over. I had cheated on her and she just could not forgive me and I didn't blame her. But I still wanted her back and knew what a mistake I had made. I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful recommendations and for your guidance through this. She says she has forgiven me and we are talking a lot about getting back together. She is taking it slow just as you said she would but I don't mind in the least because she is talking to me and says she still loves me - something she said she could never do again. It took a lot of work to get to this point but I wouldn't change anything about it. I hope someday I can meet you to thank you in person.

  • ....and I would never have believed how things would have turned out. David did not come back to me, but a new love presented itself and I fell head over heels three days after finishing the two kits! I guess you were right when you said that we are all protected from having stupid things happen to us. Now that I am with Robert, I don't even know why I wanted David back. Thanks to you, the kits, and the loa, I found true happiness, even though it wasn't what I had expected. It's better! Thank you so much for helping me get my life back on track. I don't think I will ever be that weak suicidal chick who came to you in the first place.

  • Jenny's back home now. Funny but I thought I would never see her again. And even though it finally took some custom kits to get everything to fall into place, I don't mind a bit all the time it took. I catch myself stareing at her and wondering if she is real sometimes. Guess I better stop that or she will think I am nuts. I thought I WAS nuts when I actually considered doing voodoo love spell work but I was so desparate that I went ahead with it. I can't tell you how happy I am that I did do the work with you and even though it took a long time it did work and my best girl is back home. If I can ever do anything for you I hope you would call on me.

  • " know, I found you by accident - but maybe it was not a accident at all. I believ that I would not be where I am today if I would not have gotten it together enough to order the kits and the doll. Things worked out great between us and I just wnated you to know that.

  • ...I was scared to death to try this stuff. I had read so much crap on the net that I didn't knw what to believe, but after we talked I felt that I had been told the truth. I am glad we talked because after doing my two kits everything is much better and I think I will now try the third one to wrap everything up. thanks for being here for me.

  • Dear Sam: Everything is going so well. The fourth day of doing spell#2 "Love Me Again". He called me saying that "He missed me.......when he told me he lovedme he meant it....he wants me back" and so much more. I was so happy. On the last day of doing the trail with the sand of time* , that next day he was at my doorstep wanting to spend time with our daughter and I. Sam , I thank you so so so much. Words can not describe how much I thank you. *(*Please note that the Sands of Time™ trail is a step in some of our spell kits that has many alternatives to it in case you live too far away from the person you are working on or cannot get close to their home or other place for any reason. You will be provided with alternatives to this step of the spell kit if you need it.)

  • Hi Sam, It has been quite a while since we talked. I must tell you. I ordered the "Get a Job" spell and did it with you. I left IBM and exactly what you said would happen DID HAPPEN! I am in my Dream Job. It happened quickly and totally unexpectedly! I have been in my new job for three months and I am quite happy! I hope this year brings you all of your wishes.

  • You will find that Samantha's products are of top quality and extremely powerful. Beyond that, her devotion to her clients is as great as the products themselves. Through the use of her spells I have met the woman most men only dream about...beautiful, kind, caring, devoted, and someone who shows me the same, pure and true love that I show her. Had it not been for these spells and Sam's caring for her clients beyond the mere sale of goods, I would still be alone and miserable. Thank you Sam!!! You've helped turn my life around!!

  • Hi Sam, I finally got the sand to finish up the Leave My Man Alone spell. Thank you very much! Funny thing is that since I've finished it I have heard that my ex's current girlfriend has moved out of his place and they are extremely close to calling it quits all together. Wow....that was fast!

  • Hi, Sam- I just have to let you know how my spellwork is going. First of all, your products are lovely. Instructions are very clear, and the oils/herbs/incense are the finest. But best of all, the ritual is fantastic. The tracing of the griffe and the use of the "traces" is quite powerful - it put me into a completely different mindset than my usual work, and that's just what I was looking for. Asking for the help of the Lois is a little unusual, since I don't have a relationship with them until now, and I feel still a bit inhibited. But I get a picture in my mind's eye of Ogoun and Alegba, and that's good, I feel. But the most powerful part has been, of course, the visualization and speaking. I find that I don't want that to end - I have discovered quite a bit about my situation during this part of the spell. Whereas I thought I wanted one thing, through the work I find that I truly want other things to happen instead! And after the spell, I find my arms and hands so hot that I have to go outside and ground them for several minutes, and drain the power from myself as well. I just wanted to tell you how satisfying this spellwork has been so far - it's like learning an entirely new lesson, and it's taking me out of my comfort zone - I feel like I'm playing with the big boys! And I really like your attitude on love spells - that it's not manipulative, but is essential for removing those big obstacles which, if left alone, could deny you and the other person of a truly deep and loving relationship. And I have found that if there is no basis for love, love spells don't work anyway. My situation is not anything like that, but there is an old binding tie whose time has come to be completely severed, and that is what I wish to accomplish. I know it will happen.

  • ...the spellwork is going good. i have seen a lot of positive changes since the "leave my man alone" and "love me again" spells have been completed, including stuff like he's once again been regularly available in the evenings when he wasn't available in the evenings the past several years. He's also been seeing me EVERY weekend again!!! ...he's also quite often been coming over during evenings weeknights and staying the nights...but i see a definite change for the better, including specific things i had visualized/talked about in the spellwork such as the above plus other things. --it tells me the spells are definitely having their effect.

  • Hello there, First of all I wanted to thank you. I ordered a 'Make You Love Me' spell kit several months ago and have had incredible results! I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical about ordering but was willing to try anything possible to get a certain someone to see the depth of my feelings for him. Your spell kit helped open the gates and I now find myself in the arms of one of the most sweet, caring, trustworthy and honest man that I have ever met. Things are going wonderfully! There were a few surprises of course..I was surprised at the potency of the spell. I went into this hoping only that he would take more notice of me and see what I had burning inside for him. Several weeks after having completed the spell he unexpectedly moved 65 miles back to his hometown (which just so happens to be minutes from my own home) and our courtship began in earnest. Things just keep getting better, we're growing more comfortable and affectionate as each day passes and I haven't been this happy in years. So once more THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!

  • I just have one thing to say - YOU ARE GOOD!! Okay, maybe we both are good. But today, even I was amazed! Refresher: I did Leave My Man Alone to get rid of negativity in general and the ex girlfriend in particular. While the No One But Me spell manifested right away, the ex was still around and things seemed to be stagnant (...or so it SEEMED!!). But today, my visualizations were realized - I wasn't there, but by the sound of it, it had all the elements I had imagined during the spellwork - name-calling, button-pushing, disappointment, high decibels - ending in key throwing and door slamming!! Like I wrote the script myself (heehee!!!!!)

  • Hi Sam!!! How are you??? I'll just keep you one second....I wanted to write and tell you that my doll IS working!! Even BEFORE we start on the "Leave My Man Alone" spell; Johnny paged me tonight and left a message on my voicemail that said he wanted me to call him...that he hadn't talked to me in what seemed like "forever" (actually it has been about a month since I told him that I wouldn't share any of his time with his ex-girlfriend and cut off all contact with him). So I know he's missing me and I just wanted to let you know that I'll bet the doll had alot to do with him being brave enough to call me at midnight on a Monday night!!

  • Dear Samantha, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Two months ago, I sent you an e-mail about how my boyfriend left me because he felt that we were in a "rut". He started seeing another woman and it totally broke my heart. Fred and I had been together for over three years and all of this came as a total shock to me. That was when I came to you. I ordered the "Leave my man alone" and "Love me again" spell kits. After completing the "Leave my man alone" kit, Fred and I started to talk again. He was still with the other woman, but communication opened up between us. I then did the "Love me again" kit. One week after I completed the kit, Fred called me. He told me that he broke up with the other woman and he realized his total love for me. He said that he never had feelings for her and he regretted letting go of me physically, because he never let go of me emotionally. We are taking things slow right now (because both of us are nervous), but things are totally wonderful between us. We are happy and so in love all over again. I want to thank you with all of my heart for offering this service. I totally recommend using the products that you offer. I never really thought that I would have the chance to be with Fred again. I felt like my situation was hopeless, but the spell kits have changed all of that. I felt like I had control. I totally praise the spirits who have helped me. I am so thankful and I plan on purchasing the "No one but me" spell kit that you suggested. Thank you so much for being there for me. You have made me a believer. Thank you!!!!

  • I am a 30 year old female named Judy and I just wanted to give you a wonderful testimonial! I purchased the "make you love me" spell kit a while back and never used it. Well I had been having a "friendship" with this man that I really was in love with! We started to have a "relationship" but he broke it off after a few weeks saying he just didnt love me back and wanted to remain best friends. Of course I was heartbroken and decided after a few weeks alone to try the spell. On the tenth day of the spell I returned home from doing the sands of time* trail from his house to mine and he called me! He told me he wanted to come over and see me! Which is very strange because he is temporarily living away at a job site and it's a 2 hour drive. So he's driving all the way down to my house this evening to see me! He said that he missed me! I am so excited! I dont know how to thank you enough. I'll let you know how it works out! hehe :) Thanks again Sam!(*Please note that the Sands of Time™ trail is a step in some of our spell kits that has many alternatives to it in case you live too far away from the person you are working on or cannot get close to their home or other place for any reason. You will be provided with alternatives to this step of the spell kit if you need it.)

  • Hello Samantha, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Last Fall and Spring I used several of your kits on my own and, at the end, did one of the spells with you. After getting only negative responses, I gave up my hopes about this particular person and started to move on. This Fall, though, he came to me and said exactly what I had visualized him saying to me while I cast those spells all of those months ago. I was so stunned that I walked around in a daze for several more months. I am still a bit stunned about it all, but things are going great.

  • Dear Samantha, I hope you can add me to your testimonial page (but please don't use my full name! I like to keep my private life private!). I received a love spell from you in the mail, and after setting up the spell to get started I suddenly became panicky and nearly threw everything away! Boy am I glad I didn't! I got the spell because my boyfriend and I are very much in love, and I hope that our love can work and last and grow for as long as possible. In particular, we have a long distance relationship that was facing some extra stress due to our jobs and I felt we needed some extra strength. The day I nearly threw the spell away, we had a huge fight that left both of us miserable. I was certain this had something to do with my decision, so that night I decided to start the spell. Lo and behold, our relationship healed quickly and lately we seem to be experiencing a new freshness to our relationship, an ease with dealing with all of our problems, and a definite renewed warmth and closeness. I am anxious to see how our love continues to blossom in the remaining days of the spell and thereafter. Thank you! I want this letter to reassure anyone who is nervous about voodoo that it IS completely safe, and there is nothing to be afraid of as long as your intentions are honest.

  • The ultimate testimonial! If you want to read what might be the most compelling testimonial a company has ever had, a client actually wrote a book about her experience with us! Check out Marie Bradley's book Voodoo or Voodon't!


    To my future clients: I hope that you have enjoyed reading these testimonials and are as inspired by them as I am! I have been in business on the Web since 1995 with many, many satisfied customers. No, not everything works for everybody...that would be impossible (and you should never believe anyone who tells you that it IS possible), but we do have a very high percentage rate of satisfied clients. For honest, detailed information concerning how spells really work, why they work, and why they sometimes don't work, please see the question and answer list by CLICKING HERE!

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