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Voodoo Service Aprons

Please note: Items from this page are sold separately from other Spellmaker items. No discounts, sales, or gift certificates apply.

HISTORY: We here at Spellmaker are very proud to offer custom made Historical New Orleans Voodoo Service Aprons and Head Scarves. The history of wearing head scarves for all Voodoo/Vodou work is a rich and long one that is practiced worldwide whether you are practicing Haitian Vodou or New Orleans Voodoo. However, the service apron is unique to New Orleans Voodoo. Many of the New Orleans Voodoo practitioners in the 17th and 18th century were servants, hairdressers, kitchen workers, etc. Thus, they wore aprons to do their work. It is an homage to those people who brought us and taught us New Orleans Voodoo to wear an apron while doing Voodoo work. Of course, the apron also serves the purpose of honoring certain lwa (Voodoo spirits) and each apron is made for the specific lwa of your choice. Of course, it will also protect your clothing while you work! (See lwa list below.)

HOW THE APRON IS MADE: Once you order your apron of choice, a collaborative effort between Mambo Sam and her mother-in-law, Eileen (at left), begins. Mambo Sam will personally choose the material pattern, colors, and decorative touches of your apron and scarf. She will consecrate the material and bless all parts/decorations, etc. Eileen works her magick with her professional sewing skills! Once the apron/scarf set is complete, Mambo will then again take the apron and this time she will dedicate it to the lwa that you have chosen.

FOR WHAT LWA CAN YOU HAVE AN APRON/SCARF SET MADE? Any lwa that you desire! A partial list is below. Some people might want to get an apron/scarf set for their lwa met tet (their ruling lwa), but you can also have a set for any and all lwa that you would like. Also, you should choose between a male or female "type" of apron (your gender, not the lwa). Male type aprons are cut more like butcher's aprons, narrower at the top. Female type aprons are cut more in a curvy fashion and wider at the top. Either sex could successfully wear either type of apron, if you desire.

HOW TO ORDER: The order button is at the bottom of the page. Each apron/scarf set must be ordered separately from other Spellmaker products as these proceeds actually go to an outside party (that would be Eileen!). Please put the lwa name in the blank along with style of apron you desire (male/butcher style or female/curvy style).

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: Each custom made set costs $65.00. This includes FREE shipping and handling in the United States. If you live outside the United States, you will be invoiced for the additional shipping and handling before your item is shipped.

(These are samples only. No two aprons will be alike.)
Papa Legba~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LaSirene

Ghede gift to Mambo Sam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ogoun gift to Parran Matt
(Most Ogoun aprons will NOT be camo unless you request it.)

(These are samples only. No two aprons will be alike.)

Khouzhan Menfo in apron and scarf for LaSirene and Agwe!

ANY LWA IS AVAILABLE, THEY DO NOT NEED TO BE LISTED HERE - this is just a partial list of the many lwa:
Ayida Ouedo
Baron Samedi
Baron Kriminel
Dan Petro
Erzulie Dantor
Erzulie Freda
Gran Maître
Gran Bwa
Mait' Carrefour
Maman Brigitte
Papa Legba
Ti-Jean Petro

TO ORDER: In the space below by the order button, please enter the name of the lwa you wish to have a service apron/scarf set for and what style you desire (male or female style). Hit the "buy now" button and proceed to payment. You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay - almost any credit or debit card can be used.

Name the Lwa + Apron Gender
(Example: Papa Legba - Female Style)

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