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Let us help those April showers turn into May flowers for you! We offer assistance to you with magickal and spiritual products that are easy to use, safe, and always in your best interest. We are currently offering 20% OFF almost everything on the website!

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    Our spell kits are all authentic New Orleans Voodoo crafted products. Spell kits are available for dual casting with Rev. Corfield, or for doing on your own. As a lifetime initiate in her family tradition of New Orleans Voodoo as well as being initiated as a Mambo Asogwe in Haitian Vodou, Rev. Corfield offers a unique and powerful blend of High Magickal Arts carefully performed to serve your Greatest Good. You may also choose to have Rev. Corfield do a solo casting for you on these spells. With a dual casting, you purchase the kit and Rev. Corfield's services. With a solo casting, you purchase Rev. Corfield's services only. For detailed information on how Dual and Solo castings work, please click here.

    Our Bayou Vodou™potions are hand-blended with essential oils, herbs, and other magickal ingredients, according to Rev. Corfield's family traditional recipes. Potions are then consecrated in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition by Rev. Corfield. These are extremely strong and powerful potions; only a few drops are needed per usage. These potions can be used on yourself, others, candles, sacred objects, etc. Potions come with a beautiful pewter carry vial, storage bottle, and complete instructions. Our generous 4 ounce supply will last you six months to a year, depending upon your usage.

    • BIG BANK ROLL $$$™: Super money-drawing potion. Helps you find and bring money to you. Enhances the money you have. Promotes good money management. Wear a few drops on yourself, put on your "money related" items (wallet, etc.), rub a bit around your workplace, etc.
      Qty: Order Big Bank Roll$$$ Potion ($33.99 Sale Price: $29.95)

    • LUCKY LEE™: All purpose lucky potion for gambling, money, lucky, job interviews, court cases, etc. Wear it while gambling or in other situations that you need your best luck for. Put some on your favorite lucky charm to enhance its power.
      Qty: Order Lucky Lee Potion ($33.99)

    Our candle magick kits are all consecrated by Rev. Corfield for maximum power. Each kit contains 1 large unique candle as well as a generous supply of magickal oil and herbs. Candle magick is an economical but effective way to bring spiritual help into your life. Complete instructions are included.

    (Candle magick kits are $19.95 each. They are also available in a 3 pack (see below) for Rev. Corfield's recommended triple strength "Body, Mind, Spirit" work. This allows you to work on the manifestation of a goal for yourself or someone else "Body, Mind, and Spirit" - covering all levels of the human condition. Special instructions for this intensive candle work are included in the 3 pack. Order 3 pack below, and receive a discount ($9.95 off) and FREE incense pack to use to strengthen the candle magick work.)

    • GREEN MALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use to bring money into your life, help with finances, etc. Change your financial status, get a better job, make more money at your present job, etc. May also be used to help someone else's financial forecast.
      Qty: Order Green Male Candle Magick Kit (19.95)

      Qty: Order Body, Mind, Spirit Green Male Candle Magick Kit ($29.95)

    • GREEN FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE KIT: Use to bring money into your life, help with finances, etc. Change your financial status, get a better job, make more money at your present job, etc. May also be used to change someone else's financial forecast.
      Qty: Order Green Female Candle Magick Kit (19.95)

      Qty: Order Body, Mind, Spirit Green Female Candle Magick Kit ($39.95 Sale Price: $29.95)

    • GREEN 7-KNOB WISHING CANDLE KIT: A true wishing candle. Burn one knob per money-related wish. It is best to keep wishes "realistic" such as wishing for a new job, a raise, or any other money wish that is reasonable. Fine to use for gambling to enhance chances of winning.
      Qty: Order Green 7-Knob Candle Magick Kit (19.95)

      Qty: Order Body, Mind, Spirit Green 7-Knob Candle Magick Kit ($39.95)

    Many of these products are found elsewhere on the website, but are included here for your convenience in searching for money and luck-related products. All of our products are consecrated by Rev. Corfield. Complete instructions are always included.