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    Cosmic Voodoo Egg™

    The Egg is the symbol of Life! These Cosmic Voodoo Egg™ Spell Kits are truly unique. You won't find anything like this any where but here! These very special spell kits are specially designed to help you enhance all areas of your life. Use them to cast love spells, money spells, lucky spells, and more. You can also use them in conjunction with other spell work you are doing. For example if you are planning on doing love spell work, then the Cosmic Voodoo Love Egg Kit can be used to enhance whatever type of love spell you have chosen!

    They also make great gifts, even when given as a novelty to the "non-believer" friend! They are decorative and non-offensive to just about anyone.

    Each Cosmic Voodoo Egg™ Spell Kit is a complete kit for casting magick spells with a combination of an altar cloth, amulets, incense, jewel tiled incense burner, talismans, candles, a Voodoo Spirit Doll, and, of course, a beautiful hand painted and consecrated personally by Rev. Samantha Corfield, Cosmic Voodoo Egg™. The Cosmic Voodoo Egg incorporate the tenets of Rev. Corfield's training and initiations in both New Orleans Voodoo and Haitian Vodou. As a New Orleans Voodoo Priestess and a Haitian Mambo Asogwe, Rev. Corfield (Mambo Sam) is able to blend these two magickal systems into a powerful High Magickal Art. The consecrated magickal supplies with each kit last for a minimum of 9 uses. After that, simply order replacement packs from us below) to use your kit over and over! In fact, the more you use it, the more it becomes magnetized with your personal energy!

    These are complete spell kits with all equipment needed included, as well as complete instructions and E-mail support for questions.

    PLEASE NOTE: Pictures are representative. Every egg and spirit doll are different and hand painted by Mambo Sam and Parran Matt.
    Each kit comes with ONE Egg and ONE set of supplies (candles, incense, incense burner, egg veve,altar cloth, and a spirit doll similar to the one pictured above) per Egg.

    Help bring love into your life withThe Cosmic Voodoo Love Egg&trade Spell Kit! Use the Love Egg Kit to assist you in drawing an exciting new love to you, enhance an old love, or rekindle long lost feelings.
    Qty: Order Love Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Love Egg Kit ($10.95)

    Show you the money!! Is life a constant struggle for financial survival? Or perhaps you just need extra money to make life a little nicer for you and your loved ones...whatever your reason for needing cash, try The Cosmic Voodoo Money Egg Spell Kit to help you accelerate your cash flow.
    Qty: Order Money Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Money Egg Kit ($10.95)

    Do you often feel that if it weren't for bad luck you would have no luck at all? Or maybe your luck is okay, but it sure would be nice to have the really big luck! UseThe Cosmic Voodoo Lucky Egg™ Spell Kit to increase your luck in life, love, and the pursuit of happiness!
    Qty: Order Lucky Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Lucky Egg Kit ($10.95)

    Do you wonder where life is taking you? Does it seem sometimes that your universe is spinning out of control and you don't know where to turn? Did you ever wonder if you can change your destiny, your destiny together with someone, or the destiny of another? Let theCosmic Voodoo Destiny Egg™ Spell Kit help you find your path in life, improve your chances for that ultimate happy ending. Cast this spell for an hour or two of meditation and plan your life's course! If it seems that circumstance is controlling your life, the Destiny egg spell kit is for you!
    Qty: Order Destiny Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Destiny Egg Kit ($10.95)

    Imbue your life with a feeling of well being and energy! Use this kit to spend some time listening to your body! If your health could use a boost, then try theCosmic Voodoo Healing Egg™ Spell Kit.
    Qty: Order Healing Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Healing Egg Kit ($10.95)
    (Please note, the Cosmic Voodoo Healing Egg™is not a substitute for medical care. No medical guarantees are expressed or implied. Please seek the attention of a medical physician for all health problems.)

    Do the pressures of today's world leave you feeling bereft of your spirituality? Has the daily grind, running to and fro, trying to make a living, keeping a home and family together started to overwhelm you? Do you need to strengthen your spirit, renew your soul, and improve your resolve to become acquainted with the spiritual realm? Let the Cosmic Voodoo Spirituality Egg™ Spell Kit help you to bring a sense of oneness into your world again.
    Qty: Order Spirituality Egg Kit ($39.95)
    Qty: Order Replacement Kit for Spirituality Egg Kit ($10.95)

    PLEASE NOTE: Picture is representative. Every egg is different and hand painted by Mambo Sam.
    Each kit comes with ONE Egg and ONE set of supplies per Egg.

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