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Rev. Samantha Corfield's
Old New Orleans Family Tradition™

Creole Voodoo™ Glossary - Page 2

Haiti: Another center for Voodoo.

Hand: A Voodoo "fetish."

HD: Our abbreviation for "Heart's Desire" - either in what you are asking for or the person you are casting our love spells on. "I want my HD to respond to my spells."

Helpers: Spiritual aides. One of our Loi and/or his or her minions.

Helping Hand: Spiritual assistance for those in distress.

Hochet: Pronouced "ho-shay" - the sacred rattle of the senior members of a New Orleans Voodoo House.

Hoodoo: Original British spelling of Voodoo, the "H" was silent - A Loi or Spiritual practice. Presently the "H" is sounded in New Orleans and other practices. Now also used by some to indicate "rootwork."

Hoppin' John: Black-eyed peas and rice.

Houdou: Cajun and Creole spelling of Voodoo, the "H" is silent - A Loi or Spiritual practice.

Hounfort: A Voodoo Temple and its accompanying grounds.

Houngan: A Master of Ceremonies of the Arada group, a Voodoo priest.

Hounsi: A Voodoo initiate of the Arada group. Not at all the same, but may be understood by outsiders as being in a similar vein to a "confirmed Catholic."

House of the Rising Sun: Poignant song, author unknown. written in the 1800's. About either a gambling casino or house of ill-repute in New Orleans.

Hyacinth de la O: One of Rev. Samantha Corfield's confidants in matters of Voodoo.

I Put a Spell on You: Song by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, inspiration for Rev. Samantha Corfield's original web site, Put-a-Spell-On-You! (This site by that name no longer exists. It evolved into Spellmaker | The Voodoo Boutique.)

If Ever I Cease To Love: Theme song of Rex, King of Carnival.

Ibo, Igbo: A nation of Lois and their promenades.

Iko, Iko: Song.

Ile en Bas d'l' Eaux: The original home of the primal Mysteres.

Ile Ifé: Holy City. Where the Mound of the World was formed and everything began.

Import Voodoo: Voodoo which is not traditional family Voodoo, but that which is brought in from Haiti and various Spanish speaking locations, mixed with other African "religions," and passed off as New Orleans Voodoo.

Incantation: A chant performed while casting a spell.

Indien: American indian.

J'ai faim: I want blood.

Jackson Square: Originally, Place d' Armes.

Jambalaya: Crawfish pie, filé gumbo. Traditional rice dish made with a variety of different ingredients.

Jean Lafitte: Once a pirate.

Jeu-jeu: Toy - A Voodoo "fetish," a Voodoo doll.

Khouzhan: Historical term used exclusively in the Spellmaker Family to designate a Novitiate, one who has taken one or more of the 9 initiations on the road to Priest or Priestess.

K&B Purple: The purple color used in the old Katz and Bestoff signs. Certain Spellworking items could be purchased from the drugstores.

King Cake: Mardi Gras Confection. Don't bite the baby.

King Henri Christophe: Hero and Saint of the revolutionary war.

Krewe: A public or private Mardi Gras Association.

Krewe of Zulu: Throws golden coconuts during Mardi Gras.

La Bamboula: A Promenade.

La Bas: Over there. The Other World.

La Flambeau: The flame - A nation of Lois.

La Fleur s'apres former: The Spell is in action (taking effect).

La Loi: The Law (Les Lois: (plural) the laws, rules, or guides) - A Spirit; a Grand African or Creole Ancestral Being who is capable of entering many material substances. Our Lois establish a link between humans and their relationships to, and activities in, the natural world. Comparable to a Saint or Angel. Our family Lois are linked with their homeland and issue by occult means to the Altars of Rev. Samantha Corfield. There is no correspondence with "other gods," for our Lois are not imaginary Jungian archetypal stuff.

La Nouvelle Orléans: New Orleans.

Lagniappe: A little something extra.

Laisser (aller) l' Bon Temps Rouler: "Let the good times roll."

Lame: A wave.

Lapin: A rabbit.

Liberace: The White Man. Healer on the Other Side.

LMA: Our abbreviation for our spell kit Love Me Again. Used to designate the kit and also, in our slang, "I want him to LMA."

LMMA: Our abbreviation for our spell kit Leave My Man Alone. Used to designate the kit and also, in our slang, "I need that b*tch to leave my man alone."

Loco: The Spiritual principle of advancement through assignment.

Loi Acheté: Bought Spirit - One of our Loi whose services are temporarily purchased for Spellwork and included in Rev. Samantha Corfield's Creole Voodoo™ Spell Kits.

Loi Maître d'l' Tête: Spiritual master of the head - A person's guiding Spirit, received during initiation.

Lucky Dog: Read "A Confederacy of Dunces," and/or walk the French Quarter.

La Lune: The moon.

Maelstrom: The gathering and focus of energy when using Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Magie, Magick: Not parlor or stage magic, but the manipulation of time, thoughts, and emotions.

Magickian: One who does Spellwork.

Magnatizer: To Mesmerize.

Make groceries: Get gifts for our Lois.

Malfaiteur: One who interferes with the activities of another person rather than do well for him or herself, in order to attain things.

Malvina Latour: Marie Laveau's successor.

Maison Blanche: Department store on Canal Street. Also the cottage Marie Laveau had beside Lake Pontchartrain.

Malcolm X: Martyr.

Maman-aux-Lois™: Mother to our Spirits - Rev. Samantha Corfield.

Mambo: The Mistress (lady "master") of Ceremonies of the Arada or Anago group, an initiated Voodoo priestess.

Mamou: Coral tree.

Manger Loi: Loi Food - A gift to a Loi.

Manteau: Mantle.

Marais: Pond.

Marassa: The Spiritual Principles of similarity and sympathy.

Marcher: Work - The Work of using Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits to improve one's material and emotional conditions during his/her life on earth. While these things are being accounted for, one is also learning Spiritual development.

Marcher d'l' Loi: Spirit walk - The pattern of movement for and/or of our Lois during a Voodoo ritual.

Mardi Gras: Fat Tuesday - The Tuesday before Lent begins.

Marie Laveau: The most well-known of New Orleans Voodoo Queens.

Marinette: The Spiritual principle of well-being and freedom.

Marteau: Hammer.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Martyr.

Mary Oneida Toups: She was the most well-known modern-day Witch in the French Quarter - New Orleans witchcraft initiator of Houngan Bob Gibbons and Mambo Samantha Corfield.

Mascarade: The Masquerade - The Cosmic Promenade of our Lois disguised as Catholic Saints.

Maspero's Exchange: Where slaves were once sold. :(

Masque: A Catholic Saint fronting for one of our Lois.

Médicament: Remedy.

Melanger: To mix.

Minuit: Midnight.

Mirages™: Spell-sent impressions.

Moin: I, me, mine, one less than the whole (monde).

Moisi: Mildew.

Mojo: Mumbo-jumbo (mumbled and jumbled) - A spoken spell.

Mojo Bag: Gris-gris Bag.

Monde: People, or a person, everyone (within a set).

Monnaie: Money.

Mots: Words.

Mulatto: Varying degrees of mixed race persons.

MYLM: Our abbreviation for the spell kit, Make You Love Me. Also used as a petition, "I'm going to work hard to MYLM."

Mystères, Mysteries: Lois.

Nager: To swim.

Nègre Marron: Wild black - Escaped slave.

Neutral Ground: The median between two or more lanes of opposite direction.

New Orleans: Center of Voodoo in the U.S.A. -Where the hidden entrance to l' Ile en Bas d'l' Eaux exists.

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum: Best typifies what was at one time traditional New Orleans Voodoo.

New Orleans Witchcraft: Practical witchcraft, no religion to it, used to obtain those things which one desires.

Ngangan: A Witch Doctor of the Congo group, a priest or priestess who casts Spells.

Octaroon: Mixed race - more Caucasian than Black, 1/8 Black to be exact.

Oeufs: Eggs.

Ogoun: The Spiritual principles of bursting energy and tension.

Old Absinthe House: Historic Bar in the French Quarter.

Ombrage: Shade, shadow.

Orage: Storm. Anger.

Oriflamme™: A Symbol used in Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Os: A bone. Used in certain forms of Spellcasting.

Ouanga: A physical object containing a "point," a Charm or packet.

Ouangateur: A person who crosses another with a Charm.

Ouavalouaié™: The Spiritual principles of illness and health.

Ouidah/Ouedo: The major city in Dahomey (Benin) where intense slave trade took place. A holy city in Benin. The Center of the World.

Ouragan: Hurricane

Onzoncaire: The Spiritual principle of propinquity.

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