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Rev. Mambo Samantha Corfield's
Old New Orleans Family Tradition™

Creole Voodoo™ Glossary

Outsiders (and even New Orleans authors) have for years written that Voodoo in New Orleans had disappeared as a "religion" many decades ago and degenerated to nothing but crass hocus-pocus. But they have been wrong all along. It was just that Voodoo had gone underground, hidden in family homes and small corners away from public view and the prying eyes of non-believers and doubters. During this Time of Silence the Spiritual practices had undergone many necessary changes. New Orleans Voodoo (differentiated in spelling from Haitian Vodou) has undergone a revival in these past few years! Voodoo's believers are many, for even those who scorn it believe in its boundless energy. Traditional New Orleans Family Voodoo™ is a living, breathing, adaptable Spiritual practice which may well be considered a "religion," and yet for those who know, it is MORE than a religion. It is LIFE, itself. While we do have many similarities to Haitian Vodou, there are some distinct differences growing out of the culture and history of New Orleans and Louisiana. Many things here are unique and special to the descendants of la famille Fleurette-Beauchamp-Corfield™.

Abbateur: Ogoun.

Absinthe: The green opal, the curse of France, elixir, temptress, stupefactor.

Aethyr: The underlying substance which synergistically binds everything together.

Africa: The Source of our religion.

Agassou: The great Dahomean Leopard. The Spiritual principle of removal.

Agouer: The Spiritual principles of natural sequence and abundance.

Aïda: The Spiritual principle of exponential gradation.

Aile: Wing.

Ainsi soit-il: "Amen," "So mote it be," "Thus it is."

Aïsan/Aïzan: The Spiritual principle of evolution.

Algiers Point: Where slaves were sold.

Allée: Hidden path of the Promenade.

Albuquerque: City in New Mexico, U.S.A. which has a mystical link with New Orleans. The center of the Western world.

Alegba™/Alegoua™: The Spiritual principles of communication and guidance.

Algiers: Across the river.

Altar: Your connection to Rev. Samantha Corfield and the Divine Cosmorama™.

Anago: Nigerian group of Lois and their promenades. Not a major part of New Orleans Voodoo.

Ancêtres: Ancestors - Those who have gone before.

Ancient Egypt - Along with Nubia, the source of Voodoo.

Ange: Angel - A Loi.

Angel Heart: Interesting movie, features New Orleans Voodoo.

Angola: Location of Louisiana State Penitentiary. Also a Nation of Lois.

Arada: Dahomey (Benin) group of Lois and their promenades.

Arc-en-Ciel: Rainbow, Aïda.

Argent: Money. Silver.

Argot, Griffe™: Talon.

Armoire: A clothes cabinet. Can be used as a secret Altar.

Asacca/Azacca: The Spiritual principles of steady energy and fecundity.

Assemblage™: A stack of certain items in Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Asson: The Rattle used by the Houngan or Mambo during a Promenade d'l' Loi.

Assotor: One really, really BIG drum.

ALTM: Common abbreviation for our Attract Love to Me™ spell kit. (Kit used to attract the right love for you.)

Attributes, preferences and dislikes: Information is directly displayed by our Chevaliers. It is NOT Jungian or Crowleyish "assigned," "intuitionally received," or "channeled" concepts.

Ayibobo!: So be it, yeah-you-right, let it be done! (Positive exclamation! More Haitian Kreyol, but adopted into Louisiana Vodou as well!)

Bailler: To give (something).

Banc: A reef, a financial institution.

Banquette: Sidewalk.

Bantu: Common language of the Kongo people.

Baron Samedi: The spiritual principles of cessation and development.

Bâton Alegba™: Stick used in our private Voodoo Work.

Bâton Jeu-jeu™: Staff used in our private Voodoo Work.

Bâton Royal™: Special rod used in our private Voodoo Work.

Bayou St. John: The bayou meandering from Lake Pontchartrain where certain Voodoo rituals used to be practiced.

Betaille: A bug.

Big Easy: Too hot and humid to be anything else. Sit down for awhile. New Orleans.

BigM: Common abbreviation for our Big Money™ spell kit.

Black Eagles: Mardi Gras Indians.

Black Magic Woman: Song by Santana.

Blanchisseuse: A washer-woman.

Boeuf Gras: Symbol of Mardi Gras.

Bon Coeur: Someone who casts spells for a living (i.e., Rev. Samantha Corfield with her Divine Voodoo™ True Spiritual Spellcasting Service).

Bon Dieu: The Spiritual principle commonly known as "God."

Bon Marché: Good deal, inexpensive.

Bonne Chance: Good luck.

Bossu: The Spiritual principle of controlled expansion. A hunchback. The son of a Dahomean King.

Boucane: Smoke.

Boudin Rouge: Blood sausage.

Boussilage: A build-up of mud and moss. Very similar to adobe bricks.

Brigitte: The Spiritual principle of containment, yet expansion.

Brown Derby Social and Pleasure Club: Nice little hideaway. On Louisiana Avenue. Great for a tourist to experience "the real New Orleans."

Burgundy: A street, a wine.

Café au Lait: Coffe with hot cream or milk.

Cajuns: Acadians - Descendants of the Creoles of Canada.

Cajun Voodoo™: A particular form of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Voodoo practice.

Calaboose: Calabozo - Jail.

Calas: One-time street nibble.

Camellia Grille: Best omelettes in the world.

Canseau/Canzeau: The primary initiation's ordeal by fire.

Carencro: Turkey buzzard.

Carnaval: Mardi Gras.

Catholic Church: Many similarities to Voodoo, we have saints, they have saints, and so forth and so on.

Cayenne: Good spice.

Cercueil: Coffin.

Charles M. Gandolfo: Deceased founder and curator of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, artist who painted the world-famous picture of Marie Laveau.

Chauve-souris: Bat.

Chef Menteur Highway: Highway 90, the road upon which Jayne Mansfield died.

Chèval: Horse - The physical body temporarily taken over and ridden by a Loi. The original personality is temporarily displaced.

Chèvalier, Cavalier, Cavaliere: A Loi, riding.

Chicken Man: His ashes reside in Priestess Miriam Chamani's Voodoo Spiritual Temple in New Orleans.

Chifforobe: Good place for a hidden Altar.

Chouette: Screech Owl.

City Park: Location in New Orleans where certain Voodoo practices are performed privately.

Code Noir: Once a code of behavior (not well adhered to by the average New Orleanians).

Commission: A message.

Confederacy of Dunces: Book by J. K. Toole, a typical New Orleanian's life.

Confondre: To confuse.

Congo: Angola and Belgian Congo, Zaire group of Lois and their promenades.

Congo: A person who's skin is so black it shines. Someone from the African Congo regions.

Congo Square: A location where slaves used to meet on Saturday nights in New Orleans.

Conjuration: One of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Creole Voodoo™ Spells.

Connaisance: Awareness - Under ritual circumstances, one has actually met the physical presence of one of our family Chevaliers.

Connaitre l'Loi: To meet a Loi.

Corbeau: Crow.

Cosmic Voodoo™: A particular form of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Voodoo practice.

Coup d'Gras: The final strike.

Couvert: Cloudy sky.

Craie: Chalk.

Crawfish: Suck the head and pinch the tail.

Creoles: Original settlers in the New World and their descendants, both African and European. Descendants of those colonists and slaves. A native of New Orleans.

Creole Voodoo™: A particular form of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Voodoo practice.

Crescent City: Built on the curve of the river.

Crochir: To bend, warp.

Croisailler: To crisscross.

Cross: To put a Spell on someone, to interfere with another's activities.

Crossroads: A place where the two worlds intersect.

Cymbie: The Spiritual principles of change and protection.

Cypress: Swamp trees.

Damballah: The Spiritual principles of predestination and success.

Dans l'Fond d'l'eau: At the bottom of the water.

Déchainer: To be unrelenting.

Dégager: To extricate.

Dessounin: The death rite which separates a Loi d'l' Tete from the body of his/her initiate.

Divine Cosmorama™: A term used where other people might use the word "God." The total cosmos, including both universes.

Divine Voodoo™: A special form of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Voodoo practice.

Doctor John: John Montenet was a well-known Root Doctor in New Orleans. Marie Laveau's mentor.

Doctor John, the Night Tripper: Mac Rebennack, a famous New Orleans pianist, singer, and Vodouisant. May or may not have been a self-defense student of Bob Gibbons. (Don't test this theory, Dr. John will fuck you up.)

Doctor Yah-yah: Was another Voodoo practitioner.

Domestique des Vaudoux™: Servant to the Grand African Spirits - Rev. Mambo Samantha Corfield.

Dooky Chase: Excellent Creole restaurant on Orleans Avenue.

Doubloon: Carnival throw. Since 1960.

Eau: Water.

Elysian Fields: A street in New Orleans.

Empereur Jean-Jacque Dessalines: Hero and Saint of the revolutionary war.

Enchanteur, Enchantresse: Spellworker - One who uses Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Entortiller: To twist, entangle.

Enturbulation: The state of a person in distress, before starting one of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spells.

Envoyer: To send.

Eperon: Cock's spur.

Ersulie/Erzulie: The Spiritual principles of Desire and fulfillment. Voodoo Love Goddess Supreme.

Esplanade: Hidden path to the Other World.

Esprit: Spirit - A Loi.

Essence: Perfume.

Faire l' M´nage: To make house - To clean the House of our Lois.

Fais-dodo: Cajun country dance.

Fait Accompli: The Spell is done.

Fantôme: The visible spook.

Farine d' froment: Wheat flower.

Farine d' maïs: Cornflower.

Fascinate: To direct one of Rev. Mambo Samantha Corfield's Spells toward another person.

Fats Domino: Antoine Domino, another great New Orleans pianist, singer, and amazing performer.

Fièvre Jaune: Yellow fever.

Flambeaux: Torch Bearers.

Flamme: Fire. Flame.

Fleur d' Lis: Flower of the lily. On the official flag of New Orleans.

Fon: Language of people living in Ghana and Benin.

French Market: Where fresh gifts for our Lois may be obtained.

Gagner: To win, to obtain, to have.

Galeries: Balconies.

Général Toussaint L'Ouverture: Hero of the revolutionary war. A great Saint.

Gésier: Gizzard.

Ghosts: Apparitions of those who have recently deceased.

Gifts: We do not "sacrifice" for our Lois, nor give "sacrifices" to them. We give them gifts.

Glapion: The family name of some of the widow Paris's descendants.

Goun baille ça: The statement, "Ogoun gives this," when delivering a Coup d' Gras.

Govi: A clay pitcher containing a Lwa/spirit.

Grand Chemin™: Overt path to the Other Side.

Grand Maître: Grand Master - That which passes for"God," yet is the consciousness of the Divine Cosmorama™.

Grand Zombi: Damballah and/or Cymbie.

Gratter™: To scratch the ritual marks into or upon the flesh of the Initiate.

Graveyard: Where certain Spells are executed.

Griffe™: A Magickal Seal used in Rev. Mambo Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Griffonage™: A Symbol used in Rev. Mambo Samantha Corfield's Spell Kits.

Gris-gris: Burnt gray - A Voodoo Spellworking procedure.

Gris-gris Bag: A Magickal Voodoo packet, a "fetish."

Gros Bon Ange: Fat Angel Song by Jefferson Airplane - One of two spiritual principles in Spellcasting, the material aspect. The physical aspect of a being.

Garde: A protective Magickal Charm.

Geek: One who bites the heads off chickens.

Guetteur 'Gator™: The Louisiana Guetteur, lurking in the shadows, watching, waiting...

Guetteurs™: Watchers - The spiritual principle of continuation. Commonly written as "gede." See the movie City of Angels.

Guider: To Guide, a Guide - The Spiritual principles of advancement and development.

Guinée: Africa. The motherland.

Gumbo: Thick soup. Try some. (Ask Mambo Sam to make you some!)

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