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Rev. Samantha Corfield's
Old New Orleans Family Tradition™

Creole Voodoo™ Glossary - Page 3

Paiement: Payment.

Papillon: Butterfly.

Parade: The procession of a Mardi Gras Krewe.

Parish: Division of land according to the Church. Similar to a county.

Parish Prison: Marie Laveau would visit and assist wronged prisoners. You don't want to take residence there...

Patient: The person upon whom our Spellwork is directed.

Pelican: State Bird. Mystical symbol on the Louisiana State Flag.

Peristyle: The open area of a Voodoo Temple where communal ritual practices take place.

Persévérer: To persevere.

Perique: Special tobacco.

Pierre: Stone, rock.

Pirogue: A certain type of boat.

Placage: Living arrangements for a woman of color and a Caucasian man.

Place Congo: Now, it may be Armstrong Park.

Placée: The woman in the above deal.

Plume: Feather.

Pot d'l' tête: Pot for the Head - The container of an initiate's hair, nail clippings, and Magickal products.

Point: The locus of power and magical force.

Petit Bon Ange: Little Angel - One of two spiritual principles in Spellcasting, the immaterial aspect.

Po' Boy: A really, really BIG sandwich.

Pontchartrain Railroad: Yes, there was one.

Porte-Cochére: Gated coach entrance.

Praline: Sweet sugared pecan bonbon.

Prince Hall: Look him up in your reference books.

Professor Longhair: Henry Roeland Byrd, another great New Orleans pianist.

Promenade: Ritualized "dance" steps or pattern of body movement.

Promenade d'l' Loi: Spirit dance - The pattern of movement for and/or of our Lois during a Voodoo ritual.

Pontchatoula: Spanish moss, among other things.

Purple, Green and Gold: For us they stand for Right, Truth, and Justice.

Quadrille: Certain occult activities peculiar to our family. A dance. A formal display.

Quadroon: 1/4 Black, 3/4 Caucasoid.

Quadroon Ball: Where once Caucasoid men and women of color met and made arrangements of Placage.

Racine: Root.

Recepient: The person upon whom our Spellwork is directed.

Réflexion: A process utilized in Rev. Samantha Corfield's Creole Voodoo™ Spellwork.

Remedie: Medicine.

Renard: Fox.

Repasser: To do the Spell again.

Rev. Samantha Corfield: The first person to bring Old New Orleans Family Tradition™ Voodoo to the public at large.

Réveiller: To call (the name of). To awaken.

Revenant: A ghost or spook.

Revange (Revanche): Revenge.

Reverend: Reverend - An person revered for his/her Spiritual Knowledge: an ordained Mambo, Houngan, Ngangan or Bon Coeur in the United States of America.

Rien: Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zip.

Riviére™: Sacred necklace used during certain Voodoo rituals.

Revirer: To turn around.

Root: Root used as a "fetish" in Voodoo Spells.

Rootwork: Usage of roots for Spellwork and Healing.

Rouler: To roll.

Rue St. Anne: Where the home of Marie Laveau once stood.

Ruthie the Duck Lady: Once commonly seen in the French Quarter with her duck.

Salive: Saliva.

Sanctuary: Room containing Rev. Samantha Corfield's Altars.

Saint, Sainte: A Loi.

Sang: Blood.

Sang Mêlé: Mixed blood, more than one race.

Sanite Dede: Another Voodoo predecessor of Marie Laveau.

Sarabande: Confusion. The Spiritual principles of instability and displacement.

Satchmo: Louis Armstrong.

Satchmo: Rev. Samantha Corfield's faithful companion. Passed to the Other Side May 29, 2001.

Schwegmann's: Supermarket where some Voodoo offerings could be obtained.

Séance: A meeting, a session, between those of both worlds.

Séance Room: Secret room where a session is held.

Second Line: Wonderful piece of music. People just join in with the returning funeral procession.

Serpent Congo: Black mocassin.

Serpent d'eau: Water mocassin.

Shotgun: A particular New Orleans-style house.

Sim'bi: The Spiritual principle of smoothe wavelike fluidity.

Slaughterhouse Point: Algiers Point - So called because of the nearness of a slaughterhouse.

Snow Ball: Not a "slush" or a "snowcone" but a flavored ice drink best made in New Orleans.

Soirée: Evening party. Soirées are also related to our Promenades.

Société d'l' Reine Marie-Louise™: Private association of Rev. Samantha Corfield's Spiritual Workers.

Sorcier, Sorciére: Witch, Magickian.

Sorciérie: Witchery.

Sortilege: Witchcraft. Divination.

Souplesse d' Main: Sleight of hand.

Souris: Mouse.

Spectre: The visible spook.

Spell: A series of activities sent into the Cosmos in order to attain that which one desires. The second web site created by Rev. Samantha Corfield to launch The Voodoo Boutique®.

Spellworker: One of Rev. Corfield's clients.

Spirits: Our Lois. Angels and/or Saints.

Spirit Room: Room containing Rev. Samantha Corfield's Altars. Room where the Séance is held.

Spiritualism: Inextricably bound to New Orleans Voodoo Practices.

Spy-boy: Who does reconnaissance.

St. Expedite: A Spiritual principle of expediency, peculiar to New Orleans Spiritual Work.

St. Louis Cemetery No. One: Where Marie Laveau is entombed.

St. Pierre/St. Peter: Dompedro - The Spiritual principles of constancy and wholeness.

Suaire: Shroud.

Subject: The person upon whom we direct our Spellwork.

Succomber: To succomb to the Spell.

Tabasco®: Good stuff. Visit Avery Island.

Target: That upon which we direct Spellwork.

Tchamandeur: A moocher.

Tèc-tèc: Popcorn.

Terre: Dirt.

The Church of Nine Mysteries®: Location where services for Rev. Samantha Corfield's Vaudoux are held.

The Constant Undercurrent: The everlasting effect of one of our Spells upon its subject.

The Voodoo Boutique®: The original internet mini-mall designed and developed by Rev. Samantha Corfield in order to expose her original Creole Voodoo™ Spell Kits to the public.

The Widow Paris: Marie Laveau.

Tignon: A wrapping, like a turban, for a free woman of color. Once the law. Once the law.

Tipitina's: Where Professor Longhair used to play.

Tirer la Bonne Aventure: To tell one's fortune.

Tombeau: Tomb. Because the coffins would rise to ground surface. Spooky, huh?

Touché: The Spell hit home.

Tourbillon: The central or main post around which our Lois circulate to arrive among us.

Tourmenter: To persecute with vengeance. To acquire revenge.

Traditional Family Voodoo: That Voodoo which had gone underground and kept within its respective families to preserve its integrity and secret knowledge through the last two centuries. It consists mostly of old Congo and Dahomean Spiritual practices. Rev. Samantha Corfield is slowly revealing certain aspects of it. It has no religious "beliefs," but instead, Real Spiritual Knowledge. One does not have to "have faith," for one acquires actual awareness through experience. It is a religion above all religions and yet is the fundamental basis for religion, for it deals with the Spirit and the Soul in a primal manner, and thus avoids the confusions of modern "sophisticated" religions.

TURK: Our abbreviation for The Ultimate Revenge Kit. Often used as, "Am I going to have to TURK that idiot?"

Ursule: Daughter of Erzulie.

Vaudou: Louisiana Creole and French - A Loi or Spiritual practice.

Vaudouisant: A practitioner of Voodoo.

Vendeur d' Esclaves: A slaver. One who deals in slaving.

Vèver: A symbolic drawing for a particular Loi.

Vieux Carré: Old square - The French Quarter in New Orleans.

Ville au Camp: Location on the Other Side where our Lois live.

Vin: Wine.

Visiter: To haunt.

Vodou: Haiti - The recently developed spelling for a Loi or word for Spiritual practice. Specifically designates the Haitian practice.

Vodun, Vodoun: Fon - A Loi in Dahomey (now Benin).

Voler: To fly.

Voodoo: United States and New Orleans - A Loi, a Spiritual practice, Spellwork, or a practitioner of Voodoo.

Voodoo Doll: A so-called "fetish," used in Voodoo Spellwork.

Voodooist: A practitioner of Voodoo.

Voudou: Cajun and Creole - A Loi or Spiritual practice.

Vúdu: Spanish - A Loi or Spiritual practice.

West Florida: Four parishes in Louisiana were considered by that name.

When the Saints Go Marching In: Sorrow and loss are forgotten in the joy of Going Home. The procession returns.

Wild Tchopitoulas: a tribe of Black Mardi Gras Indians.

Wild Magnolias: Another tribe of Black Mardi Gras Indians.

Yanvalou: Promenade used during some Voodoo rituals.

Yellow Fever: Epidemics in New Orleans history.

Yeux Rouges: Red eyes - Creole grouping of half-breed Lois--mixed Congo and American Indian blood--the tormented.

Zink: This little item is a mystery for you to investigate--if you can.

Zulu King: Raised Man of the Zulu Parade.

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