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Real Reviews and Testimonials
The Voodoo Boutique, Spellmaker

  • Dear Orleanna,I used the Leave My Man Alone, Love Me Again, and the No One But Me spell kits several months ago. I have to say that my relationship has been wonderful since then, and I continue to see the results I wanted. I am very happy.

  • Love you, and THANKS AGAIN!!! I believe that you are a miracle-worker, and I think I've just witnessed a small miracle happen with this chat (since I didn't think he and I would ever even speak again)!

  • So far, so good! I am absolutely astounded at what has taken place so far with the doll and the white candles. I haven't finished with them but I plan to, of course, as directed. To date, I have had three sessions with each item.Thanks to everyone who helped via the telephone. Certainly I will be a repeat customer when situations warrant it! Tell Bob hello and thank you!

  • Unreal!!!!! so far, your spells really work!!! :-)

  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for assigning Orleanna as my confidential caseworker. She and Bob and Maurice have been so helpful to me. I know I have been a pain in the ass repeatedly but no one there ever made me feel like dirt or like I was stupid. That means so much to me and I don't want you to ever think Reverand Kaye that I don't appreciate it.

  • I ordered the learning and study charm. I am a Medical doctor and have had trouble with the medical boards (there are 3 parts) for years, I am on part III. I did the spell and again decided to go to the book store to see if anything better had been published about them,the existing material is poorly written and does not adequately cover the scope of the boards. On the shelf was a new (1 copy) small book writen about Part II and III. I bought it and when I took the test it was that book completely new material that I had not encountered in the 7 years of study. MY mind was clear and everything flowed!

  • The reason I am writing to you is not because I have any questions, just because I want to thank you for all the work you did for me, and especially because you care, when I need someone's care and support. Just to tell you a few words about the spell work that I do. I feel so comfortable now wnen I am doing my daily ritual, as a matter of fact I enjoy it very much. Whenever I sit in front of my altar, I know that the lois are there for me, and I feel so close to them, like I'm talking to an old friend. I don't have the words to describe you how good I feel, when I finish it. When I broke up with John, I was so desperate Samantha, and I knew that I have to do something, and it must be something out there that I can do. For days, I was sitting in front of my computer and trying to find something that could help me, and finally when I found your web page, I thought I am dreaming. There was everything I needed. And I will tell you the truth, the first thing I did, I read the testimonial page, and I start crying. I immediately ordered the voodoo doll, and then later Orleanna suggested me voodoo creole kits. I always believed in spiritual world, but I never thought, that this is gonna be such a great experience for me. John is a stubborn person, but he is not stronger than spirits for sure. What is happening these days, is that I believe that he is trying to contact me, and he hangs up on me every time I pick up the phone. That never happened before. All my friends talk to me, don't hang up on me. He actually send me an e-mail, that was actually forwarded joke, but concerning the fact that he didn't send me anything in the last 3 months, I know it was help hand of lois. One more time, thank you Samantha, you definitely changed my world, and I am being so positive, almost I am sure that he is on his way back to me.

  • I wanna thank you so much for everything you did for me. I don't think you understand the releif you are bringing into my life. I always feel better. These days I was really depressed, but once you send me the report I feel like I was born again. I did have 2 hang ups again, and that's about it, but I promise you to keep you informed about my situation. I have such a great confidence now in you, your products and lois, I have recommended you to my best Tricia who is also going through the same thing. Thank you again, for being here for me, I will never never forget you. You are my pretty angel.

  • Dear Reverend Kaye - I wanted to thank you so so so much for the report on my spell casting with you. I was amazed at the detail and insite you had into my situation - I know you sayyou are not psychic but the guidance you receive during your spell work is amazing to me. I truly feel that I was guided myself to your web page befause I would never therwise try something like this. Your kind staff is also such a pleasure and my many talks with Bob in tech support left me feeling hopeful and also just plain lucky to have found a placw where people bother with speaking with you.

  • My name is John Doe (from Spain) and i am a very, very happy costumer. You probably do not remember me, but the most important thing is that your spells do really work!! First of all thank you very much with all our hearts (the one of my girlfriend and mine )for your help and for putting the spell kit in the market.

  • I am happy to say my job search has come to an end! I have my dream job and I owe it all to hard work, research, and a little magic. When I had applied for this particular position I was up against 45 others. I was invited back for a second interview along with a few other people. I had a very good chance until a person internally wanted the position. At this time I had purchased, received and completed my spell. Then came the third interview, and within 2 days I was made an offer! Thank you so much for all your support and wonderful products.

  • I wanted to inform you that on April 3, at 1 pm in the afternoon that the woman we preformed the Revenge Kit on, died instantly in an head on collision with an 18 wheeler. I wanted to thank you for including all the other people as well as myself who she had a hand in destroying there lives. In fact she was the cause of 2 peoples deaths that I know of. I can not say that I am happy about her death but I am relieve that she will not be able to hurt any one else. I want to thank you again for all your help. There is no telling how many innocent lives have been saved by your help. (A note from Rev. Kaye: Please be aware that the subject of this spell casting was a known murderer - she only got what she gave. Interestingly enough, her death was not petitioned for in my spell work - only that she suffer the same griefs that she had brought upon others and that she stop her evilness. In doing revenge spells from my company that is the only thing that you can ask for - that the person you wish to curse get what they gave - no more. No one is going to get killed or otherwise harmed from a revenge kit you purchase from me unless that is what they did to someone else. This was a very extreme case dealing with someone who had caused much harm, grief, and life-destroying acts.)

  • Here is my order! I also wanted to add that I've seen MANY sites and yours is incredibly informative. Actually, I had a check made out to purchase something from another site but yours was so sincere and convincing I tore the check and order form up!! Your site inspired confidence.

  • I am not doing any spell work at the moment but couldn't stand to be without your lovely products. Just wanted to let you know my order arrived safely and I am grooving. Love the stuff!!! Wrapped so professionally and the highest grade of quality I can see you put a lot of love into your work. Just wanted to say Thanks for all of your time and trouble.

  • Just a brief note to let you know of the progress with the Jane-John situation. John has given up all negative influences , and when I say all , I mean all negative influences right down to smoking because he told his uncle that Jane didn't want him to smoke. She has agreed to make him a part of her life right now and has been spending time with him . For instance , today he gave her a dozen roses and a beautiful card that basically sounded as though he had written it himself . He says he isn't giving up on her and the only goal he has right now is winning her back. She says to give her some time that it will happen and that she does love him. However, their is a suitor at this time and he is in the way. She has told her Dad and I that she doesn't love this person and I think she feels sorry for him and doesn't want to hurt him. Tomorrow is the 9th day of the Leave My Man Alone spell, and I can honestly say that I'm totally pleased with the results at this point.

  • I can not thank you enough for your unconditional help, and support with everything. Now that things are headed this way, I know when they do break up, she will be trying to get me back. Now, I have to decide what I am going to do. I just unconditionally appreciate everything soooo very much! I really thankyou from the bottom of my heart, and I thank the Lois, for helping things end up the way they are going. I was beginning to give up all hope, but amazingly though, things just turned around, and finally for the better for me. I just have never been more happy,

  • All I want to say is thanks. Your help has been a life saving thing for me. Love you!

  • I'd like to give you an anonymous testimonial...I used 'leave my man alone' twice. The first time I could't finish it in the nine days, so I bought another and started it as fast as I could. On the ninth day, literally, before I had even done my spellwork for the day, a friend finally 'had enough' and told my SO's new girlfriend about me and ou rrelationship, things the other woman had not known and was not happy to hear. I went home and did my last day's work with as much intensity as I could, I felt like I was thanking the Lois for things they had just granted me. By the time I finished out the spell, my SO called to cry on my shoulder and told me it was over between the two of them. I used the 'make you love me' kit then to strengthen our relationship... we had been together awhile but he had not yet been able to tell me he loved me. It's hard not to be impatient in this day and age, with 'convenience' this and 'instant' that, so even though not that much time had passed, after four weeks I figured that I should just take comfort in his renewed attentions to me. Instead, about five weeks after doing the spell, he finally took me in his arms and after much talking and confiding told me he loved me! We have only gotten closer since then. I totally credit Reverend Kaye's products for these events! My caseworkers and Maurice have always been supportive, and I am extremely happy with all the help I have gotten from these people. Thank you thank you!

  • Thanks alot. I've used your spell kits several times. Ooh how they work great! You're personal service is above and beyond. Now it's time for me to get that knot tied. Love to you all.

  • I followed your recommendations and ordered Leave My Man Alone and Make You Love Me Dual castings. I really enjoyed casting the spells and I was extremely impressed with Reverend Kaye's report because it was so true.

  • I truly believe in all your products and have much faith in them, they are true to the point and think they are all wonderful. Thank you for your time.

  • Just wanted write and say thank you to Mambo Sam and the Spellmaker Family! Back in April I had some spellwork done, The LMMA, LMA, and NOBM, anyway I was a little nervous, and anxious to see the spellwork work! Some things do take time, and than in other cases like mine, the spellwork started working quick, right after they were all completed! I had wanted this man so much and loved him, but sometimes spellwork can bring you the person you love, or someone better! Well I'm writing to tell you that the spellwork brought me someone much more better! And I am amazed at the results! Sometimes you just have to be patient, and let the spellwork take its course! That's one thing I learned! And even tho we might feel like the person we had the spellwork done on is right for us, the spirits might have something different in store for us! I am gonna have more spellwork done, and I will be writing again to let you guys know how things turned out! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • I had been in an abusive relationship since the early 90's. I was also from the crotch of the bible belt. I was told to "pray more, fast more, submit more". Once my eyes were opened to what was really happening to myself and my children I knew it was time to do something. My aunt told me I needed to get him "hoodoo'd". I started doing research online, and found (then) Rev Sam and ordered dual casting of spells. I had to be very careful working the spell and keeping it hidden. Let me put this here and now....******I was also doing practical things to work my way out of this relationship.***** My children and I were in counseling through a local domestic violence shelter, we had an escape plan worked out, but I honestly was lacking the courage to leave and I was filled with fear of losing my community, my family and my home. He was a volatile ex Army Ranger, and though he was from else where the community fell in love with him. I had hoped to make HIM leave and be able to raise my children where I had been raised. I was SO nervous working the spell because I was a good Christian girl. My Daddy had been a Baptist preacher. But it felt so natural to do what I was doing, and later I found out why. Not very long after the spell was completed Rev Sam contacted me with her insights. She couldn't seem to get into my abusers head. He was shut off and shut down. I continued doing cleanings of the house, and praying. Then something long buried came to light. Out of the blue my four year old daughter told me she wanted her Daddy to go away, and told me in detail why. We now estimated through therapy that it had been at least two years. That was the point I was DONE. NOTHING could make me stay. NO amount of fear. I contacted Rev Sam, and not long after received a card from her in the mail. The contents of the card I will keep private, but knowing she cared, and knowing that she understood and supported me was invaluable. I'd like to tell you that he left and went back to the "Yankee lands from whence he came", but he did not. *I* left. I went 3,000 miles with only a bit of money in my pockets and two little ones in tow. When a sheriff's deputy came to me off duty and advised that we leave, we did. The spell I ordered didn't work as I hoped, but it WORKED. His ass has stayed put in the same home, in the same community. I found out how strong I really am, and who my real friends were back there in Smalltown, USA. He has never tried to find us, and the support I received gave me courage through the legal process that gave me full custody of my children. Even when my stepson tried to locate us after my son's 18th birthday, he was unable to confirm where we actually are. Spellmaker gave me a new lease on life. I was able to become ME. Fully. Even when times were tough, I could feel how safe we were. I was able to reclaim my spirituality as well. I still have my mojo bag. I still work it almost 13 years later. My gratitude is tremendous, and over the years I have directed around 100 people from all over America to Spellmaker. Thank you SO much.

  • I wish that I didn't have to remain private in my identity because I really want to just tell everyone about your spell work and your products. But my living situation and my very christian family would flip out if they knew. But to anyone reading this I strongly hope that you will use these products and castings. I have been so well treated and my caseworker is Sierra and she is the best. I always feel like I can ask her anything and she still puts up with me. Thank you Sierra and thank you Mambo Sam and Parran. You are just the best people.

  • A lot of trouble came to me with my ex and his horrible family. I don't think I will ever know why they all decided to hate me but they did. Two spell castings later (i used the go away man and go away woman spell castings) and one set of brown female candles and the whole family has moved to another state!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just so happy.

  • Thank you for your advice and support. Mambo you have saved me so many times over the years.

  • I just want to say Mambo Sam is just great. I've had 3 readings with her and enjoyed every one of them. She is very insightful and very honest about what she feels about the situation. That is very great. another thing is she doesnt push products on you. she makes recommendations and is always honest when she feels further work isnt needed. you know she really cares about you and your situation. i wish i could talk to her more often, but i understand everyone probably feels the same. i will highly recommend having a reading with her if you can. She is reassuring and absolutely great to talk to. I absoutely love her. Thank you Mambo Sam for everything. I can't wait to talk to you again.

  • Mambo, thank you so much for starting up the free classes. I have been waiting many years for an opportunity to learn and I thank you so much for bringing it to me. Your teaching is amazing and fun and informative. Thank you for your many kindnesses and thank you for the time you devote to us.

  • My first reading was in January of this year and I must saying it was very comforting and informative. I actually review each of the reading transcript regularly because they are so soothing and remind me of what I need to work on with my case. I have had a long road toward my goal with spellwork. There has been so much insight from my four readings that talk about my heart's desire RS. Mambo is fantastic in telling what I need to know from the connection with the lwa and what they suggest. I love the thirty minutes though it goes by so quickly. In that thirty minutes Mambo Sam takes you through the questions in details that helped me to go on each day. I recommend these types of readings because she is a true conduit to the other world. She reminds me of a very gentle soul that is right there by your side. Take heed to what she gives as guidance. If you have questions ask because she has steered me right when I ask for clarification. Love you for life Mambo!

  • I don't even know how you guys do it but thank you for just being here. I love the way no one talks down to me when I have questions. I have a learning disability and I usually drive people crazy with all my questions. Thank you for your patience and wonderful products. I cannot be without my Lucky Lee potion. It is my everyday perfume. ;)

  • PLEASE NOTE: We held a contest awhile back to see who could write the best testimonial for us! :-) This was the young lady's winning entry:
    I could certainly go on and on forever about why I am a spellmaker client. I would never hesitate to recommend these amazing products and services to anyone who I believe would embrace them and was in need of them. The first reason is that I learned through my own spellcasting process that the art of voodoo ( done in the spellmaker way) is truly, above all, a labor of love... love for others (many of whom will never meet in person), love for the sacred Lwa, and love for self. I have been a spellmaker client for a long time. i am currently involved in a love case...but the story doesn't begin there, so I hope you will allow me to back up a little. Several years ago I was doing spellmaker work on my very same HD. I didn't understand alot of things back then...I knew I loved this person and i felt voodoo could help me, but i was blind to the fact that I was sorely in need of healing myself, and unaware of the fact that life would, in fact, begin the process for me. I gave up on the HD work quickly the first time around...I was angry and had been a long road withi him. I shrouded myself in a cloak of bitterness, convinced that the magic had failed, and I had failed. Shortly following my discontiunuence of the work I lost my beloved grandmother Nan and my dear, dear father. I was exhaused, hopeless and badly wounded. I felt like I had been life, and by the Lwa. But the Lwa had plans to show me otherwise. In the midst of grieving I lost my job of 12 years when the facility I worked at closed down. I had been unhappy in the job for a long time; and it was then I finally understood that the force at work in my life was not really was ressurection.( Big shout out to the Baron xo) After cleaning out the remnants left to me by loss of loved ones, and coming to terms with unemployment, I ordered a White Bath. I have said it before and I will say it againthat those baths are phenomenally life changing. I went to bed that night last August hoping that I would wake up feeling at least a little less broken. I dreamt of many things....but most profoundly the realization that I should forgive my former HD. I was puzzled, but the feeling was so strong that I did just that...I contactd him and made my apology, which brings me to my current situation. Because through that I began to realize not just that I loved him still, but also just how much healing I needed. And to a headstrong, defiant proud girl like myself, thats quite a tough lesson to accept. This has been a long case... and through it I have established real, wonderful working relationships with not only my own Met Tet, but with many of the Lwa. They patiently waited, one by one, until their lessons were needed by me. I know that not every client will feel compelled to begin serving the Lwa, but for me, it has brought me healing, strength, compassion, and the understanding that I am never alone...I never have been, even in my darkest moments. While setting up a service, it occurred to me just how much I love the act of performing it, and how valuable the love and guidance of those spirits is to me. But it is not something I could do if I did not love it...because for me, service is something I strive to do as well as I possibly can. I want to make the Lwa happy because I adore them..and becasue they loved me, even when I did not care for myself. Making service also gave me a huge appreciation for the spellmaker staff...Mambo and Parran, and my dear Sister Bridget, who has been my caseworker, my cheerleader, my counsellor, and my friend. I can only say that what you do in the spellmaker family is the definition of love one another. I have been to almost every beautiful online ritual this year, and what I see and hear is compassion, selfless work and prayer, and dedication to each other, clients, and the Lwa. I can only draw from the spellwork that I have personally done-but I can say that though it is a beautiful spiritual experience, it is also alot of work. Knowing just how much goes into spellwork, not to mention reading or caseworking, is the only testament I will ever need to the dedication and character of the spellmaker family. And it all starts from the top, becasue Mambo is at once witty, smart, charming...and endearingly human. In the literature on the spellmaker website, Mambo's words are this " the mysteries of true magic are many. " How true that is, but if I may be so bold I would like to say what I know was the wisdom of the Lwa on the fateful summer bath night... " The only way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."-Mahatma Ghandi. And that's why I am a spellmaker client! :)

  • I have been a spellmaker client for many years. Initially I purchased from this site because of all of the detailed information Mambo Sam had on her website explaining the casting process. I never knew about this culture before my first casting experience and I enjoyed carrying out these castings every step of the way. The caring support and guidance I received from Mambo Sam and her staff could be compared to reaching out to your big sister for advice. I felt comfortable and guided the entire time. Mambo Sam is the only person I have ever dealt with that stands behind her work. I took an utterly hopeless love situation and within 1 year of completing my castings, I was engaged, married and pregnant....all within 1 year! After participating in the free online rituals, I have come to understand how peaceful and uplifting this time has become to help others and send loving support in their time of need. I have since purchased a few solo castings since i don't have the room or time to do myself. Mambo Sam has never let me down. Everything that i have wrote down to happen, has come to pass. I consider this truly gifted woman and her knowledgeable staff a supportive friend when you need someone who is non judgemental, patient and always ready to help you when you are ready to help yourself. Over the years, I have become a true believer in this faith. I highly recommend Mambo Sam, her gifted work and supportive nature. These qualities stand her above all others and all I can say is thank you for changing my life.

  • My experiences thus far with spellmaker have only been good and have improved my life and the various situations I have needed help with. Thank you for all of your help so far....I say "so far" because I know my time as a client with you isn't over. I don't think it ever will be....thank you for all of your help and the introduction to the Iwa. I wouldn't be this close to where I want to be with Fred and work and everything else if it weren't for your help.

  • I am a client for several reasons, 1) the services are beyond generous and the standards of product , care ,and consistency are stellar 2) The product is quality, affordable , and beautiful.3) The product delivers and the Lwa deliver 4) The presentation really allows you to navigate from simple spell casting all the way through the practice of voodoo if you choose that path.There is never any pressure to do or believe anything,This is really a go where you are led company that will support your needs.,so you never have to go or feel alone or afraid to do spellwork 5) There are never ,ever and sleazy or creepy tactics, no trickery, no cons, no false promises. 6) This company takes the guess out of guess work.... there are so many resources,so much guidance, so many free services , you never have to fear investing in a product that may not fit your needs. I have had caseworkers advise against a high priced item because what I really needed was something else......This company puts the P in private , the T in trust , and the R in R real.

  • I don't feel like a client, I feel like family. THAT is what makes this company special.

  • No one is more surprised than me that this actually worked.

  • Mambo you always make me feel like I am the only client you have. When I make my millions I will be your only client and have you all to myself. :)

  • I am struck by how personal the readings are---like talking with a friend who already knows you very well. Mambo Sam is naturally warm and full of humor, yet one really knows that she feels your hurt and has the power to guide you back to your own power. Her intuition is very strong and the magic is real. The Lwa want to help us and you may rest assured that your requests will be answered, perhaps in ways you don't expect, but you will be heard. I can't say enough about the love and compassion and care--Example: I wanted to revisit my case and assumed that after over a year they wouldn't have kept my samples, but they were still there with them. When I asked for my intention to be included in a ritual, Mambo Sam said she had already included it. I recommend speaking with her--it's a much more personal experience than say, simply drawing cards and reading their interpretation. Comfort, peace and confidence just flooded my being. Practical, specific direction and advice. And they will talk you out of spending a lot of money if she doesn't think it is necessary--how often do you see that happen?! As you can see, I love this family--and feel part of it now, too, although I'm in a different state and have never met any of them personally. That doesn't seem to matter one bit!

  • I did a reading on my love situation, it was informative and it certainly help in understanding what is going on. Now I know my HD also likes me and I can take further actions without jeopardizing the situation at hand. I am very glad that you did provide a remedy, I feel assured when you are doing the remedy action for me.

  • It is very difficult to sum up my feelings for Mambo in this testimonial/feedback, but I am going to do my best! My first communication with Mambo Sam was on 1/2/11 via an email she responded to my 911 reading request. I was not a SM client at the time and had previously used another company's spell kits on my HD. I believe in Vodou but I have had hard time spill my inner feelings to stranger... until Mambo Sam!! Mambo Sam stopped being a stranger to me from that first email on... I would call myself a pretty intuitive person and I can tell you, without a shadow of doubt, that Mambo Sam's care and affection for her clients are truly genuine and whenever she said "I love you, Sweetie" I know it's from her heart!! This is the Mambo Sam I know as a person, and as my friend. In these past almost 7 months, I scheduled reading with Mambo at least once a month and each reading I walked away with amazing insights and clarity for my situation with my HD. Mambo never pretended that she knows everything - when situation baffled her, she made sure to seek additional guidance from the lwa in order to find the appropriate course of action to deal with the issue. Whenever Mambo received a guidance she couldn't fully understand, she never once hesitated to share with me, because some of the guidance may be really personal to me, and not to Mambo. In my last reading, Papa Legba sent Mambo a message to me and Mambo said "I am not really sure what he's trying to tell you...". However, the guidance from Papa made such perfect sense and was so personal to me that it made me cried... It was something intimate that I used to do for my HD (no dirty minds's nothing sexual) and I had never mentioned to Mambo. When I told Mambo the story, we were both speechless!! Mambo would be the first person to tell her clients to take a break from the adjunct work and to take care of yourself a bit before starting up again, and if she doesn't see the need for a client to use certain products, she'll surely tell you not to purchase them. When Parran said that Mambo thinks about her clients day and night, that statement is really true!! I've received texts from Mambo out of the blue, just because she received guidance about me and wanted to let me know right away... Mambo Sam don't often give time-lines. However, if she ever give you one, pay special attention to it. It may not happen the way YOU expected it, but directly or indirectly, something happens around the time. I can sit here type on and on about how wonderful, affectionate, loving and caring of the person Mambo is, and I can also go on and on about how clear, concise and spot on Mambo's reading is, you can't fully comprehend it until you experience it yourself! This is the Mambo Sam I know as my friend, my spiritual guide and mentor.

  • I have had many readings with Mambo over the years regarding my HD as well as career advice. Mambo is kind, caring and straight forward which I greatly appreciate! There have been many times when I have been confused about situations in my life, and I always go to the staff of Spellmaker to help me. Even though sometimes the information I get doesn't make sense to me, which is because human nature is confusing, I always feel better and have much more clarity on things after I speak with Mambo. I never doubt that Mambo ALWAYS has her clients best interest at heart. Mambo has gone above and beyond for me many times, and even if I don't continue my journey with spellwork, I have no doubt that just knowing Mambo and starting the journey with Spellmaker has enriched my life in many ways, some in which I probably don't even know yet.

  • There was a time in my life that I was hopeless and afraid to even try love again. Mambo and Berkeley were my lifesavers and I can never forget that. It is hard to trust with all the scammers out there, but I have never felt safer with people than I have with Spellmaker. Literally everyone knows your name. It's comforting.

  • I wanted to sit down and write something profound about Mambo Sam, Parran Matt, Sister Bridget, and all of Spellmaker. I realized though that it didn't need to be profound, just from the heart. I love these people. They have been there for me for over 12 years. Interestingly enough, I haven't spent a lot of money here (maybe I should rememdy that). I have had a few readings, done a few spells. Everything worked for me and all that I came for I received. But that isn't what made things special for me. What made things special for me was that I gained friends in this incredible staff. Any time I reach out, someone responds. And they aren't just responding to sell me something. When my brother died, as soon as Mambo Sam learned of it I received a phone call from her. We probably hadn't talked in almost a year and yet my phone rang with her wanting to know what she could do for me. Sometimes it isn't about what you got materially or what worked or what didn't, sometimes it is just about how you are treated. I truly feel like family here.

  • There isn't much of anything that is better than opening up your package from Spellmaker!!! The smell of everything is amazing and comforting. Knowing that real hands of real people that I have gotten to know made and packed up my products is worth everything.

  • Dear Mambo, I got everything and more. Thank you for taking me through the times where I didn't believe, was negative, and made my and your life a living hell. You are the most patient person I believe walking this planet. How you see the good in everyone is pretty crazy, but lucky for me. Other practitioners had already written me off and branded me crazy. You picked up those pieces and taught me why I wasn't crazy. When you did that and my belief system came into place, all of your products worked for me every single one of them. Products are just products. But for real YOU are the product that makes this all work. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am just so grateful to you.

  • Faith is customer service is a saint.

  • The day I get to meet you guys and thank you in person will be such a happy day for me. One day when I visit the States I will be able to buy you all dinner and tell you thank you for changing my life. I cannot believe how everything fell into place for me. I will be married soon and our first child is already on the way. This is coming from what I thought was the worst kind of horrible break up. But you made it right. Life is goood and I thank you so much. I love you.

  • Mambo Sam, your kindness and generosity have overwhelmed me on more than one occasion. It makes me sad that people have chosen to write shitty things about you on the internet. If anyone would take one minute to get to know you, they wouldn't believe any of that stuff written by bitter uncouth people. Shame on them. I want everyone who reads this to know how you saved me, saved my marriage and made sure me and my little girl have our husband and father and that none of that would have been possible without you. I am ashamed to mention that you were so kind to me and allowed me product and castings without having to pay for everything at once and I still haven't paid it all. But I know you know I will. Generosity and kindness are less and less in this world. Thank you for being there.

  • Dear Spellmaker peeps, just another note to say thank you. I appreciate you publishing my prior review but I wanted to update you on the continued success I have had using your products. You already know that I married my HD and we have two children now. I went back to school and wanted to let you know that I had great success with the Lotsa luck casting and the study charm. I am graduating in May and you can believe that I will have that charm in my pocket. I was never a believer in anything spiritual before I met you a lot of years ago. That has changed and now this is what I do when I need that extra boost for something in my life. Thank you and know that you are all doing good work. People are always going to forget to thank you but I know that in their hearts they love you all.

  • I cannot even express how much respect I have for what you do, how you do it, and the service you have given me over the last several months. It has meant the world to me due to the horrible circumstances I found myself in. It was embarrassing and humiliating to approach for help because of these circumstances but I was always made to feel welcome and never judged. Thank you for your help. I am so glad I found you.

    We also have over 30,000 likes and a great number of testimonials on our Spellmaker Facebook Page! The page is public, so you can read all of it anytime you desire!

    To my future clients: I hope that you have enjoyed reading these testimonials and are as inspired by them as I am! I have been in business on the Web since 1995 with many, many satisfied customers. No, not everything works for everybody...that would be impossible (and you should never believe anyone who tells you that it IS possible), but we do have a very high percentage rate of satisfied clients. For honest, detailed information concerning how spells really work, why they work, and why they sometimes don't work, please see the question and answer list by CLICKING HERE!

    Do you have a testimonial you would like to share about Spellmaker? We would appreciate it greatly! Testimonials are shared, but kept confidential and no real names are ever used. Write us at We would love to hear from you!

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