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Voodoo Revenge Spells for your Enemies | Choose the right spells for your situation.

written for you by Rev. Samantha Corfield

First, some quick facts about our revenge magick products:

1. You can also get Automated Help by Clicking here!

2. The single most important thing you want to remember about revenge is that you should be justified in seeking revenge. You must have been hurt through no fault of your own.

3. When doing revenge magick NEVER ask that the person be hurt more than you were. You should ask for equal and just vengence - no more, no less. This is your safety net! When you start asking for more hurt than you suffered, then you are asking for trouble.

4. You can't mix revenge and love. As tempting as it sounds for the revenge to be that the person love you and then you can hurt them the way they hurt you, it just doesn't work that way. When you are approaching a love-revenge situation, you must decide if you actually want revenge or if you just are using the revenge as a way to get the person back. If you are using revenge for that purpose, it won't work. Revenge and love do not mix.

5. When using revenge products, remember that you don't have to use them to physically hurt someone. You can even use a "left handed" curse, meaning that your "curse" can even be benevolent - you can "curse" them to never do to anyone else what they did to you. OR you can curse them that someone else will do to them what they did to you. OR, depending on the situation, you can curse them to whatever is appropriate for the situation.

6. If you feel your situation is very serious, you may want to consider having me cast the spell with you. This is called a dual casting. The kits and products I craft and offer for sale are meant to empower you to help yourself in your situation. They are also meant to be used by those with little or not magickal experience. However, sometimes you may feel that a situation is serious enough to warrant having extra help. In that case, when you order your spells, choose the "dual casting" option.

7. In other case you may feel like you are unable to do the spells yourself. Maybe you don't have time, or the place to do them. In that case you would have me do the spells for you. This is called a solo casting where I work on my own for you. This is a good choice if you feel you don't have the time or energy to devote to your own castings.

8. If you desire to read more about the processes of dual and solo castings, please CLICK HERE.


These are the options I recommend for revenge. Please note - I cannot tell you how much or what type of revenge you should ask for; only YOU know how badly you were hurt! Just be sure to follow the guidelines of not asking for MORE hurt than you received!

1. The New Orleans Voodoo Revenge Doll kit:
This doll comes in both a regular and deluxe version. This is good when a person has hurt you and you want to return that hurt, but it isn't as strong as the Ultimate Revenge Kit™. This is a full kit with suppplies.

2. The Ultimate Revenge Kit™:
The Ultimate Revenge Kit™ should be reserved for the real rats who caused you great harm - such as loss of a marriage or important relationship, loss of a career, death in your family, etc. This is a very large full kit with supplies.

3. Black or brown Male or Female Image Candle Magick Kits: These kits are useful for certain kinds of revenge -- however, are not as serious in their power as the Voodoo Doll kit or Ultimate Revenge Kit™. We also offer a candle burning service if you cannot do your own candle work.

4. For "go away" type situations: These are situations in which you don't really particularly want to hurt someone or get revenge on them, but you want them to go away for one reason or another.

....a. Use the Go Away Man™ or Go Away Woman™ kit: These spell kits are meant to get someone to go away from you or someone else that you want to get them away from. These kits are different from the Leave My Man Alone™ and Leave My Woman Alone™ kits in that they are not necessarily love-related. Leave My Man Alone™ and Leave My Woman Alone™ should be used only in love situations.

....b. Use the Brown Male or Female Image Candle Magick Kits: While these kits can be used for revenge, they can also be used to petition for "go away" type purposes.
For these purposes, also, we offer a candle burning service if you cannot do your own candle work.


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