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Hello! Thank you very much for your interest in getting assistance with your situation through our free Confidential Caseworker Program. Our confidential caseworker program was put into place to encourage our clients to be able to have a one-on-one relationship with one of our trained staff members in order to help with product recommendations, emotional support, and encouragement throughout your case with us.

Recently we have changed this program to give you the choice to choose your own caseworker or to have us assign your caseworker. We encourage everyone interested in or using our products to use this valuable free service! Your caseworker is there throughout your stay with us to answer questions, give emotional support, and explain to you what is happening every step of the way. You are never out there alone when working with us - a caseworker is just a simple email away!

However, right now, if you are looking to get recommendations on what products will best help your case you may either choose a caseworker below and write to them concerning your situation, or you may write your situation simply to and you will be assigned a caseworker. The choice is yours. Either way you choose, please give us a history of your situation, what has happened to cause you to need our services, and someone will get back to you with recommendations for which of our products may best help you.

For current clients, you may also choose to change your caseworker from this page. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change your caseworker! Everyone is different and sometimes people just don't mesh. There is no shame in that and no one will be upset if you want to change caseworkers. All you need to do is write to the new caseworker to whom you wish to switch and ask her to be your caseworker. Please do let her know the name of the caseworker from whom you are switching. It is not necessary to write to the caseworker from whom you are switching. The caseworkers will handle that among themselves.

Sister Bridget is Mambo Sam and Parran Matt's daughter. She is an initiated Priestess of Ogoun as well as a founding member of our spiritual family. She has been active with Spellmaker as a caseworker, priestess, and reader for many years.

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  • Sister Sierra is a long time initiate into Spellmaker's Novitiate Program! She has been with Spellmaker in several capacities for a number of years. She has been through the caseworker training program, Novitiate Class, and is currently very active as a caseworker.

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    Khouzhan Orleanna, Caseworker and Friend Extraordinaire

    I feel it when I sorrow most;
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    --------------Alfred,Lord Tennyson (In Memoriam)