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Hex/Curse Removal Magick Products Self-Help Worksheet

written for you by Rev. Samantha Corfield

First, some quick facts about our magickal products:

1. If you do not have a clear understanding about how our products work, why they work, when they work, when they might not work, etc., you should first read the question and answer section by CLICKING HERE.

2. How can you tell if you have a hex or curse on you? Certainly NOT because some psychic tells you so, especially if they then offer to "remove" that hex or curse from you for a sum of money (usually a large sum of money). Sometimes it is difficult to tell if you really have a formal hex or curse on you OR if you are suffering from negative energy build up. They can affect you the same way! However, in the long run, it doesn't matter which, because you still pretty much deal with it the same way. (See below.)

Hexes, curses, negative energy build ups, etc., can all result in you feeling like you have bad luck, things seem to go right and then suddenly take a turn for the worse, you lose jobs, keys, money, friends, lovers, etc., etc. You may feel helpless, picked on, defeated! You whole beingness may feel heavy, dragged out. You basically don't need anyone to tell you if you have a hex or curse on you (or are suffering from negative energy saturation) - YOU can feel it! You are the best judge of whether or not you need a product like this.

3. Sometimes it isn't you that has the hex or curse, but your environment. A good way to tell this is how you feel upon entering your environment after having been away for the day. Does it feel "heavy?" Do you dread going home? Do you feel like you have lots a little "accidents" at home? These can be the result of either negative energy built up from traumatic events OR an actual hex or curse.

4. IMPORTANT: I have been doing this many, many years. Please listen to me when I tell you this: You should never pay someone else to do all the work to remove a hex or curse for you. That is the spiritual equivalent of having someone else take a bath for you -- pretty ineffective! Yes, someone can work WITH you to help remove this type of thing from you, but you should always be an active participant in the process.

5. If you feel your situation is very serious, you may want to consider having me cast the spell with you. This is called a dual casting. The kits and products I craft and offer for sale are meant to empower you to help yourself in your situation. They are also meant to be used by those with little or not magickal experience. However, sometimes you may feel that a situation is serious enough to warrant having extra help. In that case, when you order your spells, choose the "dual casting" option.

6. In other case you may feel like you are unable to do the spells yourself. Maybe you don't have time, or the place to do them. In that case you would have me do the spells for you. This is called a solo casting where I work on my own for you. This is a good choice if you feel you don't have the time or energy to devote to your own castings.

7. If you desire to read more about the processes of dual and solo castings, please CLICK HERE.


These are the options I recommend for removing and preventing hexes, curses, negative energy build ups, etc.:

1. The Lady Samantha's Hex Removal Kit™: This is a very complete, very strong kit that contains actually 4 kits in one. This kit is for the removal of formal hexes, curses, ouanga, etc. This kit also is to prevent anyone else from putting hexes, curses, etc. on you ever again. You can also use this kit if you feel that you have a severe negative energy build up and things just keep going wrong for you in your life. If you have been plagued with what seems like "bad luck" - this is the kit to use. This kit also contains the Marie-Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing Kit™ with it and you do not need to order that as a separate kit.

This kit is also available in the Deluxe Version which will also include the Milk of Damballah™ White Haitian Vodou White Bath Kit. If you are feeling that your life has taken a very negative turn then you will definitely want to do the deluxe version of this kit!

This kit is available for to do on your own, or you may ask for my participation in a dual casting.

2. The Marie Laveau Clean Sweep House Blessing Kit™: This kit is great if you feel that your bad luck or bad feelings are purely environmental. This is also useful if you feel there is negative energy in your enviroment from a specific traumatic event (a break up, a death, constant fighting, etc.) OR from previous residents' problems.

3. White Male or Female Image Candle Magick Kits: These kits are useful for spiritual cleansing, removing minor negative energies surrounding you or someone you care about, helping with meditation, balancing, grounding, etc.

4. Protection Charms: We have both physical and spiritual protection charms. These do not remove negative energies or problems, but can help protect you from them.

5. Money and Luck products: Some people like to follow up a hex removal type operation with doing some luck or money magick (if you feel the hex or curse was hindering you from getting ahead. This can be very advantageous! Please see the page about luck magick by CLICKING HERE!

6. Haitian Vodou Baths: We offer a number of different Haitian Vodou Bath kits! These can be very helpful in many different kinds of situations. Please see the page with bath information by CLICKING HERE!


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