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Voodoo Is Not Evil

Written by Houngan Bob Gibbons

Please note: This treatise was written by the late Houngan Bob Gibbons and are an expression of his views (and frustations) with the idea that Voodoo is evil! He was always fighting the battle to make people understand that Voodoo isn't evil. Give him some grace as you read. You can see from the header above, he is still fightin the good fight from the cemetery! RIP Houngan Bob.You were one of a kind.

This letter is written to enlighten the reader about misconceptions concerning Voodoo. Voodoo itself is NOT evil, nor has Voodoo anything evil in it. The practice of Voodoo has the very best of interest for all who are involved within it.

The word "Voodoo" actually means "Spirit." Here in the U.S.A. the word Voodoo also is used to describe the act of communication with the Spirits. Someone who practices Voodoo communicates with Spirits. In this article we will use the word Voodoo to mean the religious practice of communicating with Spirits, along with the magickal practices for trying to better our situations in life.

Religion is expressed through The Voodoo Boutique®'s presentation of spirituality in Samantha's Original™ products. By using these one seriously learns of the spiritual life, the hereafter, life after death, and so forth. "Religion" becomes, in a sense, an accidental sideline, a by-product, even for the atheist (though an atheist can never be a true Vodouisant - but you can still use the products), in the carefully crafted art and science of Rev. Corfield's Creole Voodoo™. It matters not what one's religion may be, one may still experience and learn through Rev. Corfield's products. We do not proselytize, we have no need to. Those who wish to discover the spiritual life will fall right into it. Those who do not want to change their religion don't have to. Those who desire only to better their conditions will have a good chance of doing so. It is all here, for all to take. It is up to each person to take of it what they will. No one has to change religions or become something they don't believe in. One can still partake in Chinese food if they aren't Chinese.

There are a lot of commonly-bandied metaphysical "laws," "principles," phrases, terms, and words that shouldn't exist, for the concepts presented by such are neither valid, nor actual. These things have been created by persons and groups who, due to lack of actual experience, discussed various "metaphysical manifestations" and made up unfounded reasons for those (some quite questionable) events. And, according to the time-honored rule, "if you expound about something long enough, people will eventually accept it as fact," that has happened. Ah, well, enough about our barristers and politicians...

The fact of the matter is that there are selfish people with evil intent in any field of endeavor. Those people with bad intentions are everywhere. For example, consider any salesperson who will lie to you to make the sale. Look at the history of televangelism, the priesthood, financial institutions, corporations, various businesses and business practices, let alone just individual people. Usually their antics have to do with money, but sometimes it has to do with what they might imagine as popularity or "fame" (which may also be ultimately connected to financial gain). Almost everything boils down to money in one form or another, cash, riches, property, or ownership of things. The exceptions are things done to satisfy various sexual proclivities and things done for love (for some people, even what they call "love" can be reduced down to ownership).

Many people with spiritual leanings, especially in the U.S.A., will rush into trying to learn everything they can without first taking care of their material needs. Doing so may very likely hamper a person's spiritual progress. They wind up lost in a hodge-podge of partial things that aren't really tied together and with a lot of loose strings dangling. Many become discouraged and give up, and refuse to from then on "believe" in spiritual things. Others, confused, settle for what pieces they have and are never fully satisfied. A few give up yet pretend to believe (sometimes even fooling themselves) in some portions of spirituality and become fringe "fortune tellers" and "psychics," while others become just plain old hucksters, hoaxers, charlatans and cheats. Many of those in the categories last mentioned can easily verbalize standardly-accepted "metaphysical" phrases and terms as if they really knew what they were talking about.

It is our intention to try to help each person become at ease with him/herself and with his/her surroundings. We wish to assist people who wish to reduce their anxiety, their desperation, despair, hopelessness, sense of loss, sorrow, fears, loneliness, and stress. We desire that everyone live a life of abundance and happiness. Once someone is content and at ease with his/her conditions, then that person is able to focus on their spiritual development to their fullest extent. With Rev. Samantha's Creole Voodoo™ Spell Kits, not only is the person learning how to control the situations surrounding him/her, but one is also developing spiritually. Her intent is to help her clients learn to be able to reach a point where they may be happy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Voodoo is activity, energy, a blind force just like electricity, which can be used by any person for good OR bad (or just not used at all), depending upon the person's desire. Intention is everything. Is your intention to harm? A vehicle can be used to kill or maim, by accident or by direct intent (Bad), but it can also be used to transport people and things (Good), or it can just sit in a garage and do nothing (Neutral). It is entirely up to the driver. And so it is with people who practice spellwork. Most desire to use it while attempting to improve their situation, to get what they want.

Sensationalism by movies and television has been used for ticket sales and commercial product sales. Lurid stories have been written putting Voodoo in the worst light, in order to sell books. In either case neither the writers of books or movies know very much about Voodoo, and use it's reputation to their advantage. And how did Voodoo get that reputation? By authors of books and movies, what else? But note, that it was NOT the Voodoo, but the practitioners who were bad. They were using it for their own selfish purposes, rather than for the good of humanity.

Any criminal can and will misuse anything to get what s/he wants. Habitual criminals have either been unconsciously trained or have learned to think in antisocial ways. They have no realization that there are alternative procedures which are fair to everyone. Robbers and burglars just HAVE to do things the way they do, for that is all they know, that is all they are able to consider. It is extremely doubtful that anyone uses Voodoo to just directly and intentionally harm another person. If so, there must certainly be a motive, just as any criminal has a motive for doing what he or she does--and there are criminals in every facet of life. Realize that almost every criminal has no desire to use magick, for that kind of person gets his or her kick out of performing the physical act itself. Anyway, we really don't want criminals to learn and misuse a sacred thing.

Of course Christianity and its companions has done its best to make Voodoo the "bad guy," for it is a great religious competitor to Christianity. Christianity (and Judaism and Islam) does the same thing with witchcraft and any other religion. And the Christian clergy does not want to lose one sheep in its flock--that would be one less person making "religious" donations to support the freeloading clergy. (More about this later.)

Other people selling non-Voodoo spells and castings have a vested financial interest in presenting Voodoo as evil, for they are hoping to scare potential clients away from their competition and into their hands. Such persons have no knowledge of what Voodoo is or what its practitioners do, and they use the negative images that the movies and television have created to their best advantage. "Come to me, I practice white magic. Voodoo is evil," they say. But the question is, how can one be sure that THEY are so "good," if they will lie to get their clients.

In any religious or magickal field there will be practitioners with questionable morals who will attempt to extract great amounts of money from those who come to them for help. They play upon the weakness and desperation of those in need. But this is true in any field, any business, and politics, including our government. Look at the advertisements on television, especially the "infomercials." Believe that everywhere you look there is someone or some corporation trying to get at your money. They will tell you what you want to hear with no qualms or guilt about their lies.

First of all, Voodoo is a religion. In its various versions (in a sense similar to the various Protestant churches) it may be spelled Vodou, Vudu, Vodun, Vodoun, Vaudou, and so on by different writers. As a religion it works to better the lives of its practitioners while they are alive on earth. Rather than make promises about a future life in the "hereafter," Voodoo desires to assist its members here and now. Its practitioners, like us, are able to better focus on our religious lives if the material worries and stresses are taken care of first. Voodoo does not speculate and philosophize, but instead it DOES, it performs, it is experiential. Voodoo does not contemplate, it actuates.

Within the context of Voodoo, there are certain magickal practices that may be used by or for those practitioners who need it, to help improve their conditions in life. This is the same as in any other religion, from the praying to saints for assistance, to calling on the name of Jesus for a healing, or calling upon one's "maker" or the Lord (Adonai, Allah, Krishna, the Buddha, etc.) for help or relief.

Voodoo does not have a "written dogma," for it does not need one. Proof of its authenticity is in its rituals, and certain rituals transmit its continuity from generation to generation. Information is passed secretly from one family member to another, so that outsiders cannot interfere with the direct transmission of membership. Voodoo is not a stale, dead religion contained in books. It is here and now, active and alive. Voodoo's participants are constantly involved in it, for the very act of life, itself, is proof of its own existence and staying power. Everything we do, everything we think is a spiritual act for us. All that is, is part of the World of the Voodoo. Everyone who practices real Voodoo KNOWS there is life after death--we do not need to be convinced. We know we can have spiritual help at any time--we do not have to be convinced. We are constantly given proof of the spiritual life--we do not need to read about it or discuss it. We do not speculate, WE KNOW these things.

There is no such thing as black magick (or white magick, for that matter). There are only people who do bad things and people who do good things. Voodoo practices, just like anything else, can be misused by people who wish to do so. There is no car that is evil in and of itself, there are only bad drivers. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." And so on... Only greedy, selfish people pervert the usage of things such as witchcraft or Voodoo, or any religious act, in an attempt to harm others for their own benefit. No particular thing or act is necessarily either good or bad. It is only people who do good or bad things--it is the acts of people that we might call good or bad. Some people do mostly good things, and we label them as good. Some people do a lot of things that hurt others, and we generally call them bad people.

Good and bad are relative. What seems good for one person might well be called bad for another. Mary moved up in position, while Alfred, who was in the running, didn't. Alfred might well be angry at Mary and consider her as detrimental to his welfare. Thus Alfred considers Mary to be "bad." Two women after the same man, one gets him--the other girl considers the winner as evil and mean. John romances Sally away from her neglectful husband Bill by being nicer to her than Bill. Who was the good guy? John who treated her nicely, or Bill who mostly ignored her. Sally is not property to be owned by Bill, even though they were married. Good and bad are relative points of view from each person's individual position in any situation.

Only ill intentioned people have to do with things that may be harmful to you. They do things in their own interest without consideration for others. But this is true the entire world over--it is a fact of life. Many times it is only their words, things they say to or about you that are harmful. If you accept those words as true you will create your own negativity about yourself, in essence you will have hexed yourself. Heed not the words used to invalidate you as a person.

Here we use the word Voodoo to represent the practice of communing with God, the spirits, saints, angels, or whatever else you wish to call them. We call them Lois (Lwa, Loa), Voodoo (Hoodoo, Vodou), Mysteries, or Invisibles. We also commune with our deceased ancestors, our departed relatives and our dead family members. Collectively we refer to them as The Dead. Individually we use whatever names were used for them when they were here. They are living personalities, and have not ceased to exist. This is what Voodoo is, in all its religious and spiritual variations. It's no different than any other religion, including Christianity.

Every religion, if it's worth its oats, will have practices for bettering the condition of its members. For Catholicism, it is praying for the Saints' intercession. For Protestants its seeking Jesus for assistance. These are magickal procedures, the seeking of assistance from immaterial or spiritual beings. Voodoo does the same.

Before you ask, here is your answer: Is Jesus dead? Yes. Is he a spirit? Yes. So you worship spirits and a dead person.
Do you believe in Angels? Yes. So you believe in spirits.
Do you believe in God? Yes. Have you seen God? No. So you believe in things you haven't seen.
"God is seen in the trees, and the mountains, in the wonders of his works," you say. So you are a Pantheist?
And how do you know your "god" made those things? Did you see this take place? Where's your proof? "It's in the bible," you say. Do you believe in the Koran? How about the Upanishads? What makes you think the bible is the end-all of knowledge? Because someone told you so? So you believe things other people tell you without any knowledge whether what they tell you is true.
And if a lot of people believe something in which there is no proof, do you buckle under social pressure and agree with them, even though deep in your heart you know they may be wrong? Not trying to beat you up here; just want you to see that choices are up to you and what YOU believe, not what you are told to believe.

Have you been searching for something that can give you proof of the reality of a spiritual life?
Do you know why you are here, why you exist at all?
Do you wonder just what might be your mission on earth?
Do you think you may have lived before?
Do just wonder what life is all about?
Do you wonder what the soul is?
Do you wonder why some people have it better than others?
The answer to these things and much, much more is available to those of us who practice Voodoo.
We don't have to seek out "authorities" for knowledge and information.
We don't have to read books discussing the possibilities of things.
We don't have to read books filled with authors' "opinions" and misinformation.
We don't have to "have faith" that certain things might be true.
We don't have to speculate or "philosophize." We have exact and direct knowledge, for we have actual experiences--experiences that cannot be denied, that cannot be explained away by "disbelievers." We don't have to believe. We KNOW.
Any person can also be one of those who knows, who has knowledge of the real existence. This knowledge may be obtained through usage of Rev. Samantha Corfield's various products.

And there's more: Through the use of Rev. Samantha Corfield's products, one can learn to make one's life just a little bit better, a little easier. One can reduce the stresses, bring better things into one's life. One can have hope. One does not have to feel like one is swaying to the breezes of "fickle" fate. One does not have to buckle under the pressure of ill fortune. It really IS possible to change one's position in life, to lift one's self out of the pit of despair and step into the rays of contentment, peace, relief and enjoyment.

None of Rev. Samantha's products have, nor has Voodoo, anything to do with bad luck, black magic, devil worship, misfortune, injury, loss or death, reversal of fortune, bad returns, evil coming back to you, evil spirits, hauntings, bad things happening to you or whatever. It seems that all of us have watched too many movies!

Instead, Rev. Samantha's products have been designed to assist people in trouble and bring the things the spell-worker wants within her or his sphere of awareness. Rev. Samantha's products are made with spiritual protection automatically built in, so that no bad things result from the use of her products. During the period of time that a person is a client of Rev. Corfield's, that person is spiritually protected. Of course, nothing can protect people from doing things to defeat themselves, thinking foolish things, or from working against themselves.Many people are their own self-fulfilling prophecies of doom. It is up to you to look forward into the future with a positive attitude, striving for the things you desire.

When a spell is not made well enough to account for unusual circumstances, it may not work very well. It may have strange or no results. Rev. Corfield's spells were carefully and lovingly designed to have no chance of "backfiring" (though that doesn't technically exist, the term is used here for sake of using language most will understand).

1. Good and evil exist in the eye of the Christian, and members of some other religions. Anything that is not FOR that particular religion is evil in their eyes.

2. Good and bad exist in the eye of the recipient of any action. Such person sees things as they relate to her/him -- an action is considered good if it benefits the person, evil if it prevents the person (in his/her mind) from getting what they want. The totality of the universe has no such concept as good or evil--there are just activities which occur naturally (laws of physics).

3. All activities performed by a human being are for the benefit of that being either now or in the near future.

4. How another person may perceive an activity of yours is for that person to deal with, for it is only their personal outlook that assigns "good" or "bad" to it.

No one need to fear black magick, for there is no such thing as black magick. But there is such a thing as selfish people. Emotions such as jealousy, envy, lust, desire and greed are not bad things, and to take and/or keep from other people is not bad. Whenever there is a competition, there will be a winner and a loser. "Bad" is only a consideration in the loser's consciousness, their perception of their loss or inability to acquire that which they wanted. In most cases they blame other people for their inadequacies, rather than face the truth about themselves. The other person is "wrong," they will say. Some people, unable to account for their condition, will say that "black magick" was used. But it can only be the purpose that is "black" or "white." It is only the act by another person that one may consider, not the means they use to obtain their goal.

Not too many people, if any, work with what might they might call "evil" spirits--it's just too scary. Mostly, that type of person will just talk about it--and if they talk about it, then you KNOW they don't do it. It's just empty bragging or an attempt to frighten you. Besides, there is no such thing as a truly evil spirit--that idea only exits in the minds of self-aggrandizing people who wish to make themselves important in the eyes of others without doing anything other than bragging.

Our spirits (Lois-nous, or notre Lois) are available to clients of Rev. Samantha Corfield. They come to love and to care for us and for her clients. They are there to comfort and console her clients in times of sorrow. They are there to be with her clients, to assist them with their Spellwork. They are there to let her clients know that they are not alone. The inner physical mechanics of this, among many other secrets, is a profound mystery and may not be revealed due to serious spiritual oaths. This is information that may be found in no books, no writings anywhere. It is passed on only through certain occult family ritualistic practices. These are not metaphysical concepts, abstractions, but rather direct mechanical means (specific equipment and operations). Here we pass a moment of silence in reverie of the mysteries that have been carefully passed to us. Ainsi soit-il.

While our Voodoo (or Lois) are powerful beings, they are also guided by Universal Forces (God, Allah, Buddha - whatever you believe the Supreme Being/Force to be) and do things according to Universal Law. This actually makes Voodoo a safer type of magick to use than other types of spell work that give results not caring about the consequences. In other words, you will not get what is not good for you. From Voodoo spell work you only receive those things that are not harmful to you. Its result is always toward the highest good, keeping the individual spell worker in mind. CLEAR YOUR MIND
Nothing is ever a bad thing. Everything is a new opportunity, a change for the better or a new experience. There is no such thing as evil or bad. There is only an alteration so that you may discover new things. People resist the need to change for they feel comfortable with what they are familiar with. Sometimes divine providence will force us to change or circumstance, for were we to remain in one state for too long we would enter a state of stagnation. From that state there is only one thing left, decay and destruction. We need to change, to keep moving forward into the future with great hope and gleaming eyes.

Do you believe that vengeance is evil? If so, why do you believe that? Because someone told you so? Is it right to "turn the other cheek" and get hurt again? Is it not right to want to get justice, retribution, fairness, equality? Justice is what revenge is. It is bringing an accounting to the person who did you harm, and to (if possible) return the things that might have been taken from you, be they mental, emotional, or physical. Is it not right to want to better your conditions in life, rather than suffer the wrongs of others? Is it better to feel helpless, weak and needy, injured, or to feel empowered, strong, and healthy by returning a fair amount of suffering upon those who did you wrong?

After all, the object is to win the game, not to be the continual loser--it isn't how you play the game, but whether you win or lose that counts. Let's face it, how you feel emotionally affects not only your thinking, but your physical health. To be brought to suffer the pain of loss or harm is not a happy experience. But to overpower the person who harmed you is extremely exhilarating.

Remember, though, that most people desire to restore themself and those about them to the original state before harm was done, but in almost every case that is quite impossible and a new beginning, a fresh state of affairs, must be sought. Do not lose sight of this concept.

There are certain people who, rather than honestly work to achieve a goal, would tear another person down in the eyes of others in order to make themselves better. Those actions such a person performs are not fair. Such a person may be considered to have performed an evil act. The key question regarding various acts performed by people is, "Was that fair to all concerned?" If it was not, then the act may be not be considered as good.

Anyone will be fair to other people until the prejudices of small-minded people are impressed upon them, or until they become desperate. If anyone desperately needs something but has not the means to acquire it, then they will be moved to perform acts that impose upon another's way of life. This is a fact. The best people can be driven to acts of no good. Each of us is born with the best intentions in mind, and it is only when others impose their disturbed ways upon us that we might act improperly.

There is no such thing as evil coming from an unknown source. There is no such thing as a vague sort of abstract disembodied evil like that made up for the television or movies. There is no such thing as an inanimate object that thinks for itself and does strange things.

There are pranksters who care more for the shock value of their prank than for the property of others. Some people call such acts as destroying the property of others as "senseless evil." But after all, that kind of act is only vengeful foolishness.

The idea of absolute Good and absolute Evil is an abstract concept developed and utilized by people who like to talk or write about things (writers and orators). It is their way of making themselves important (at least to themselves), drawing a crowd, selling books. It is relatively easy to bring up concepts of no relevance or import and make people think they have substance or meaning by bringing them up for discussion. Such useless concepts IN FORM do not exist and have no meaning when related to real life.

Next: The only "evil" that exists is that made up by the clergy of the cults of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others who impress it like a smothering cloud upon their flock of sheep, to suppress them and extract donations from them, with the vague promise of "redemption" or "the rapture." Basically this boils down to fraud and blackmail. They deal in fear. This is one face of religion.

There is no such thing as "good" except as a distant and quite physically unattainable reward held before the imagination of those who are told to have faith and must believe in order to imagine that some day they may achieve it. Label that as "redemption" or "the rapture," or whatever. This boils down to fraud and bribery. They deal with blind hope. So here we have the other face of religion.

As we see, the general purpose of religious clergy is to extract donations or tithes from the naive and gullible "for the church," "for the children" (who get only a small portion of the donations, if any) or some other inane reason. It is far better to donate canned food because it is less likely that this will be misspent. Religion, a two-faced Janus wearing the theatrical masks of gaiety and torment, is wielded with a terrifying sword and a soft cloak before its believers.

The clergy wants you to believe that only "The Clergy" can save you from the demons of hell and only The Clergy can lead you to the treasures of heaven, of course. Support The Clergy who lives off your fears and hopes and RISKS NOTHING to save you from NO evil nor have to deliver on their wild promises. All the while they are working social controls upon the masses to make them weak and emotionally dependent upon them, The Clergy. When one dies, whether they like it or not they are going to "heaven," the other world.

This good and evil reward and punishment system is the keynote of brainwashing. Without this concept, brainwashing would not exist.

Everything is relative, according to how the recipient or issuer of an activity may perceive it according to whether they desire to attract or repel that activity, based upon their present perception, due to past experience, of what pleasure and pain may be to him or her.

Good or evil is man's doing. What a person does is determined by that person according to whether they deem a thing is good for them or is not good for them. What someone may think is good for him/her may well be considered harmful to another. Whether a person desires to harm or take something away from another is due to the ideas they take on to account for the manner in which they were raised or the conditions they are living in.

Regarding your future: Seek not the advice of others, but rather heed only counsel within yourself, for therein lie the true answers.

1. Voodoo is a religion.
2. Voodoo works for the betterment of its practitioners' states in life. It seeks to help people.
3. You need not follow the religion to use its magickal practices to help yourself.
4. There is no absolute good nor any absolute evil.
5. No thing in and of itself is good or bad.
6. People do things (perform actions) which others may consider to be good or bad.
7. No act may be considered as definitely either good or bad.
8. There is merit in every action no matter how heinous it may seem.
9. There is no black or white, only shades of gray.
10. Good and bad are relative and determined by the person who perceives or receives an action.
11. There are people who do things without consideration for others in every field of endeavor.
12. Those of us who practice the magickal aspects of Voodoo do it for the good of our clients, relatives and friends.
13. Rev. Samantha Corfield wants everyone to learn of the benefits of the Voodoo.

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