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Erzulie's Voodoo Boutique

Erzulie Freda


altars to Erzulie Freda

There are a number of ways that you can use the products we are offer that are consecrated on the point of Vodou love goddess, Erzulie Freda. Below is a list of hints and thoughts on how to use the products.

  • Before you use each product, take some time to figure out what your goal is: What do you want to accomplish by using these special products?

  • It is sometimes helpful to write down what you hope to accomplish. This can help you focus your energies more effectively. Writing things down also begins the process of harnassing the energy of magick.

  • You can use different products for different goals, even for the same overall goal, but different aspects of it. For instance, let's say that you have someone you love but isn't noticing you. If you purchased one of the Deluxe Packages you could:
    First do the Erzulie's Pink Bath™ and petition that you stand out in the crowd, that the person you are interested in can't help but notice you, that your true inner beauty and charisma shines so that s/he cannot miss noticing you!

    Then you could use the pink candle magick kit to send him/her warm and loving thoughts and ask that he return the same to you.

    You could wear the Erzulie Marriage Oil™ whenever you would be around the person. You could also put the oil on the candles and burn them either one at a time or all at once - you can petition for obstacles to be removed from between you and the person, or any other petition that you would like to accomplish. There are really no limits to what you are asking for, but try to keep things in the realm of possibilities that you feel can actually happen. Usually simple, straight forward petitioning is best received.

  • You could spread out the days that you use the products - picking a particular number of days that you wish to work on your goal.

  • You could have a marathon day where you use all the products in one day - sending out a rush of power towards your goal.

  • Remember that products for Erzulie, while most often used for love situations, can be used for other matters - familial love, security and protection for families and children, helping you to provide for loved ones, etc. Erzulie is also a mother of the world and is a champion of women, children, and families. If your family is in turmoil or need, she is there to help you.

    Love and Passion Ritual in honor of Erzulie Freda

    By Mambo Samantha Corfield

    erzulie veve
    Veve to Erzulie Freda
    PLEASE NOTE: These instructions come with and are used with our Erzulie One Day Ritual Pack (available for purchase below). However, for those people unable to purchase the pack, we still want you to be able to do the ritual if you desire. Therefore, we are giving you the instructions as well as offering some alternatives for you to use if you do not have the ritual items. (Alternatives and special instructions for use without the kit are in red type.)

    Purpose of Kit: To petition and honor the great Vodou love goddess, Erzulie Freda; to ask for love and passion to come into your life; to strengthen a love that is already in your life but may be damaged or not as strong as you would like it to be; to ask for the repair of a broken love relationship; or any love or romance purpose your desire.

    Please read these instructions completely through before beginning.

    Items you need to provide (These are the items you will need to provide if you have the kit; if you do not have the kit, then you will need to provide other things as mentioned below.): Matches or a lighter, something to burn the incense in (please see instructions below about how this incense is to be burned - small dish with sand in it is the best), something to put the heart candle on while it is burning, paper and pen or pencil, and an offering for Erzulie. Even though Erzulie is the goddess of luxury and loves fine things, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to do this ritual. If you do not have a lot to offer, she will understand. Remember, she is also a gracious lady and understands the limitations of others. Those things that are offered with a good heart are always accepted in kind by her. Her food offerings may include: Anything chocolate, cookes or cakes decorated with pink and white frosting, white cakes and sweets, etc. If you are doing this around Valentine's Day, all of the Valentine's cakes, candies, and cookies make perfect offerings for her. She loves to drink champagne and white wine, but it is quite appropriate to offer her sparkling water, ginger ale, or even Spite® or 7-Up®. She has a fondness for drinks that are of a more clear nature. You don't need all of those offerings listed; just one will be sufficient if that is all you can afford.

    A simple space can be used to do this ritual or you may desire to do something more elaborate with decorations, etc., as described below. Either way is fine and is a personal choice.

    Setting up: (You can do the set up for this ritual at any time you desire, even days before the actual ritual if you like.) Remember to keep your intention in mind during the whole set up process. Setting up for the ritual is an important part of the ritual itself. Keep your goal in mind! Your intention should be on your mind throughout the ritual.

    First cleanse the area you will be using. If you have Florida Water, it is the perfect thing to use to cleanse the surface you will be using. If not, just use plain water or any other cleaner that you prefer. Once you feel satisfied your space is clean, you can begin setting up for your ritual. If you desire to use an altar cloth, it should be pink, white, gold or any combination of those colors. Use of an altar cloth is optional. The picture above is the veve (Vodou symbol) representing Erzulie. You should copy this onto a sheet of paper while concentrating on drawing in the help and support of Erzulie. You can make it bigger than the copy above. It is fine to do it with markers in pink and yellow (to represent gold), or with glitter and glue, paint, or with just pen and/or pencil. When you are done, place the veve in the middle of your altar space.

    Take the rose petals (If you do not have the kit, you should obtain rose petals. These should be real, but do not have to be fresh. Dried rose petals are fine.) and spread them around on top of the veve. Sit the two teddy bears (facing each other) in the rose petals on top of the veve. (If you do not have the kit you can use two tiny stuffed animals, or a picture of you and someone else, or any two small objects that you feel can represent yourself and a person - even if you have no one in particular in mind - that you would like to receive love from. The two teddy bears in the kit represent a loving couple.)

    Surround the surface of the outside border of the veve with the love spangles (little shiny love symbols - hearts, doves, etc.) included in this kit. (If you do not have the kit you can purchase little shiny, glittery hearts or other love symbols. These are small and can be found usually in the craft area of larger stores or in the wedding area of craft stores.) The rose petals go on top of the veve, the love spangles are not on the veve but rather surrounding it like a border.

    Pour a couple of drops of the All That Glitters Erzulie Love Oil™ (If you do not have the kit and are a Spellmaker client and already have one of our love oils, you can use any of them in this ritual. If you have no love oil of ours, then using a rose-scented oil in this step is appropriate.) in the palm of your right hand. Using your left hand, rotating the heart candle (If you do not have the kit and cannot find a heart-shaped candle, use a pink or white candle.) clockwise in your right hand to cover it in oil. You can turn the candle over in your hand to cover it completely in the oil. Place the candle in whatever type of holder you plan to burn it in. Place the candle behind the veve so that as you face your ritual set up, the candle is further from you than the veve.

    Place whatever drink offering you have for Erzulie to the right of the veve (as you face the altar). Place your food offering to the left of the veve. Your kit contains three incense cones and three gold rings. (If you do not have the kit, use any incense that has a rose, vanilla, cherry, or strawberry scent. The three gold rings do not have to be real gold, these can be "toy" or "costume" jewelry rings.) These need to be placed on something fireproof like a pie tin, metal plate, or heavy plate or (preferably) a small dish with sand in it. The three rings should be placed flat in the dish and then one incense cone is placed inside each gold ring so that the gold ring surrounds the incense cone. The incense should be placed in front of the veve.

    Optional: (You don't have to do this part, only if you desire.) Feel free to decorate your altar with things representing love and passion to you. To please Erzulie, make whatever decorations you use very much concerned with love, frilly things, etc. Again, if you use something like Valentine's Day decorations, you will be on the right track! Feel free to set the mood with romantic music or burn other candles if you desire.


    (Again, remember to keep your intention in mind.)

    • Light your candle.
    • Call on Papa Alegba: Say these words, "Papa Alegba, please open the gate and allow Mistress Erzulie Freda safe passage to assist me. Thank you." Pause for a few seconds.
    • Invoke Erzulie Freda: Say the words in quotes below. Don't worry about accents or pronounciation. (These words are mainly in langaj, a mostly untranslatable mixture of languages used to call the Vodou spirits (the lwa) for their help. Just do the best you can. Say the invocation three times or until you feel comfortable that you have said it enough:
      "Metrès Ezili Freda Daromen, Negès Imamou Ladè, Negès Tokan,
      Negès Miwa-Ze, Negès Rada Freda Daromen, Lorvana Freda-si Freda,
      Li Freda-si, Li Freda e li Freda li Daromen dako, Negès Fla-vodoun
      Freda, Negès Sizaflè Vodoun, Negès Se-Braken, Negès Tabo Voude."

    • Hold your drink offering up to the East, then the West, then the North, then the South. Say, "Mistress Erzulie Freda, please come drink with me. Light my path to love and romance." Take a sip of the drink and then place it back on the altar. Repeat this process with your food offering saying instead, "eat with me." Place the food offering back on the altar.
    • Light your three incense cones. You may need to blow gently on them to keep them burning.
    • If you feel comfortable singing, you can sing a song to Erzulie or, alternatively, play a romantic song that you really like. Sing along with it if you can. Choose one song that you really like and play it over a few times until you feel very warm and immersed in the feelings of love that this song brings up. You may feel like crying and that is okay. Remember, Erzulie cries the tears of the world and so crying can be natural within this ritual. However, try not to get too wrapped up in feeling bad about broken love affairs, or lost loves. If you need to cry a cleansing cry, that is fine, but it is important to move on with the rest of the ritual.
    • Write your petitions: Start to write down your needs from this ritual. It can be as simple as, "I (or we) need love." Use this time to write down how you might accomplish your needs, what scenarios might need to happen for you to acquire the love, passion, and romance you desire. If you are working towards wanting someone in particular to love you or return to you, write out how that might happen. If you are working on the behalf of others that you know, include their names in your writing. If you are working with the group mind, simple write about all those that you don't know but you are all helping each other. If you can, read your petitions aloud. Once you are satisfied with your petitions:
    • Give thanks: In your own words, thank Erzulie Freda for coming to help you, ask her to go forth and work for you and all those who need her help.
    • Close the gate: Ask Papa Alegba to, "please close the gate now, Papa. Thank you for your assistance."
    • Let any candles you are using burn out on their own if possible. Please take all fire precautions.
    • The food offerings for Erzulie can be taken outside the next day and left by a tree if at all possible. If this is not possible, wrap it up in a brown paper bag and throw it in a trash that is not your own.
    • The teddy bears and love spangles represent you and the person you already or will love. The three gold rings represent the three husbands of Erzulie Freda. These things may be kept together and used to call upon Erzulie at any time. You can repeat this ritual at any time using candles and incense you have or purchase.
    • You can use the remaining All That Glitters Erzulie Love™ oil in a bath or to anoint yourself or any items that you desire.
    • Traditionally, you would burn the Erzulie veve and the paper(s) that you wrote your petitions on after the ritual to set your petitions "free" to go work for you. However, if this is not safe for you to do, you can either keep the veve to use again (especially if you have done an elaborate job at reproducing it), or you can dispose of it in some other way. However, if at all possible, and it is safe for you to do so, burn the veve and your petitions. Please use all fire precautions!
    • All of the items that you used that belong to you (the glass, plates, candleholders, etc.) can all be cleaned and used again for other purposes.
      End of Ritual: Please click on the heart candle below if you desire to buy the ritual pack for the above ritual.

      Qty: Click Heart to Order the Erzulie Ritual Kit - $29.95 SALE PRICE: $19.95

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