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Have you ever been GREEN with envy? Felt PURPLE passion? Been in the PINK? Had the BLUES? Color has played a role in our lives for centuries. On this page, over time, I will be adding more and more about how color attributes are used in magick and voodoo. Please check back often as I will be adding more to the page as time goes by! Hope you enjoy it!

Traditional Magickal Color Associations

Red: Sexual Love, Good Health, Strength, Danger, Stamina, Charity

Yellow: Joy, Comfort, Persuasion, Charm, Confidence

Green: Money, Luck, Fertility, Energy

Orange: Stimulation, Encouragement, Attraction, Kindness

Blue: Tranquility, Devotion, Understanding, Health, Sincerity, Truth

Indigo: Depression, Impulsiveness, Ambition, Dignity

Violet: Tension, Power, Peity, Sentiment

Numerology Color Associations










Gemstone Color Properties

agate: Basically shades of brown, irregularly banded or variegated. Wear for vision or gum problems.

amethyst: Bluish violet to deep purple in color. Wear for expelling poisons and toning the body.

Bloodstone: Bright green to dark green, contains small spots of red jasper. Wear for excessive bleeding or to prevent hemorrhages.

Chrysolite (Peridot): Usually olive green, sometimes yellow or brown. Wear to prevent fevers and also to prevent nightmares.

Coral: Both red and white coral prevent bleeding. Wear to avert the "evil eye." Wear for scars and ulcers.

Garnet: Deep red. Wear for the heart and as a stimulant.

Jade: Green. Soothing, healing; wear for eye problems, kidneys, help strengthen muscles.

Lapis Lazuli: Blue to violet-blue to greenish blue. Eye problems. A very strong stone.

Ruby: Deep red. Wear for problems of the blood, lack of body warmth, poor circulation.

Topaz: Brown, yellow, or pink. Wear to sooth and calm, banishing nightmares, and curing insomnia.

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