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Ayida Ouedo

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AÏDA OUÉDO - wife of Damballah, mother to all Vodouisants.

New Orleans voodoo queen

The Rainbow is one of the symbols we use for
notre Loi, Madame Aïda d'Ouidah, l'grand couleuvre d'arc-en-ciel™.

We do so love Ayida Ouedo! She, along with her husband, the grand lwa Damballah, are considered our "root" lwa - our original spirits. Upon their foundation, all of the Vodou religion is built and sustained. Their story is beautiful! Mambo taught a public class where they were included. The PowerPoint® from that class is below if you would like to take a look and learn more. (Please note, this was a tool used in the class. Ignore the "voluntary homework!" :-)

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