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The conference took place November 6 and 7, 2010. If you desire, you can purchase the Conference Viewing Package which will include: The rights to view the taped conference IN ITS ENTIRETY in a real-time, quality taped version (you will be provided links to view the recorded version of the conference), all documents from the conference, as well as a package sent to you with the conference materials. Please see below for details and purchase information. After purchase, you can view the conference at your leisure. You do not have to be on any particular schedule!

Convention Welcome - Mambo Sam
Priye Ginea - teaching and prayer session
New Orleans Prayer Session
"Healing with Crystals and Stones" - Mary Lee Stein
"Healing with the Lwa" - Mambo Sam
"History of and Ritual to Marie Laveau" - Sister Bridget
"Dollar Store Voodoo" - Sister Bridget and Mambo Sam
"Divination...The Art of Asking" - Sister Candelaria
"Adjunct Work Tips" - Khouzhan Ann
"Service to the Lwa through Art and Form" - Khouzhan Charlotte

Sunday Welcome and Blessings - Mambo Sam
NOV Prayer Session
"The Church of the Nine Mysteries and Family History" - Mambo Sam
"How to Make and Use your Personal Veve" - Mambo Sam
"How to Use Your Voodoo Wand" - Mambo Sam,Parran Matt,Sister Bridget (consecrated wand provided in package)
"Visitation of Sacred Places" - Khouzhan Athena and Khouzhan Lucy
"Trees that Please" Service to Gran Bwa - Mambo Sam, Sister Bridget and Parran Matt
"Love Spell Work...More Method, Less Madness - Sister Candelaria
"Thunderstone Ritual to Ogoun" - Parran Matt
"The Lwa Road Less Traveled" - Mambo Sam
Closing Blessings
Priye' Ginen - Mambo Sam
The Lwa Road Less Traveled - Mambo Sam

The entire 2010 Conference Viewing Package is available for $125.00. There are no discounts, sales, and no payment plans. You must order this separate from any other Spellmaker order. The original cost of the conference was $150.00. There is a small discount because in the viewing package you are, obviously, not able to interact with the teachers. Otherwise,you do receive the entire viewing package, all the documents, and a conference package sent to you just as the other participants did.

HOW TO ORDER: Please click the ordering button below to purchase this package. You may use any credit card or your PayPal account to pay. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase the conference. You can use any credit card. Once you pay, within 48 hours, you will receive an email notification with the links to the conference viewing area and the document area. Within about 7 days, you will receive a package in the mail with your other conference materials. (If you are outside the USA, it may take more than 7 days to receive your package.)If for some reason you do not receive your viewing links within 48 hours, please write to and let us know since emails do occasionally get lost!

BEFORE YOU BUY! Please note: This conference and all of its materials are copyrighted, 2010,Samantha and Matthew Corfield. NO rights are given for reproduction,sharing,reposting,or reprinting any of the materials included in the conference. By purchasing this viewing package you agree that this is being purchased for your personal use only. Infringement of our rights will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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