Hello everyone!
Continuing on with our discussions of Papa Legba, I wanted to discuss in tonight's lesson (08/06/08) about Papa Legba as the trickster.

There is a lot written about Papa Legba as the trickster and the fact that he enjoys playing jokes, tricks, and springing surprises on people. Sometimes this is portrayed as something sinister, but it really isn't. In fact, this is something that can actually be used to one's advantage in spell work.

Oftentimes a spell casting case, especially when talking about love spells, can seem to hit a plateau or get to where it feels "stuck." In cases like that, it can be very helpful to ask Papa Legba to "trick" the person you are working on (your HD - Heart's Desire) into action, or into thinking about you in a new way, or even into remembering something wonderful about you.

This is not to say that we are "tricking" anyone with our spell work. That is not what I mean at all. What I am saying is that sometimes people need something that is suprising to jolt them into action. Asking Papa Legba to provide that is another in the ways that Papa can help your spell work along.

This appeals to some of the child-like qualities of one of the aspects of Papa Legba. Although he is as ancient as time, he is also forever young! So truly he enjoys these kinds of activities and enjoys creative ways to jolt someone's senses, especially if it is to have the outcome of helping someone, too! Nothing could be better than a good joke or trick that actually does something wonderful, too!

The aspect of Papa Legba that is represented as Nino de Atocha is often petitioned for this special kind of work. You can get a picture or a small statue of Nino de Atocha to represent Papa Legba in his childlike aspect - that aspect is energetic and likes to bring a certain type of energy to a case! This is especially useful if you have the kind of case that needs a kick in the pants!

So how can you figure that into your spell work? A lot depends on your HD and what you know about them. Do you know things that can jolt them - what might give them a reality check, but in a good way? What would be something that would be surprising to them and get their attention and yet remind them of you? You don't have to figure all of that out, that is what you have Papa Legba for! But it is helpful if you could think of some suggestions that you could petition for. Then Papa Legba can take that information, couple it with his own knowledge of the situation, and go to work playing his tricks that help jolt your HD into action!

For class tonight, I would like for you to think of some situations that might be helped with this kind of work by Papa Legba. Plus we will, of course, elaborate more on the subject.

On another note, the video below is dance to Legba from a Vodou festival in Brooklyn; I think it's Brooklyn, anyway. I wanted you to take a look especially at the dance steps that they are doing. You will see many of the steps repeated over and over again. This is not by accident and it has a purpose. Certain dance steps are used to assist in calling the lwa and in facilitating possession. You can use this tape during rituals to Legba - play it and try some of the steps. Notice when one of the followers starts to twirl on one foot - this person is being possessed by Legba. Sometimes it might just be a fleeting moment that one is possessed or it might be longer. I am not suggesting that you try to be possessed during a ritual, but you can use this video to bring you closer to Legba! Just sitting and watching it and listening, then going to do your ritual can help you to call Legba closer to you. Enjoy!