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Damballah and Ayida Wedo


Published: 06/18/2013 by Sister Bridget

Categories: Les Lois.



A veve for Damballah and Ayida Ouedo

Damballah and Ayida Ouedo are ancient lwa, renowned for their wisdom and power. They are “root” lwa, considered to be two of the oldest lwa known- the power of creation.

Damballah is seen as an enormous white snake. He is extremely benevolent, kind, fatherly, strong, and above all, wise. He is the very symbol of patience and serenity, both of which he imparts to those that serve him. He brings a powerful, peaceful presence to those who call on him. He can remove negative energy, bring good fortune, and is an extremely powerful healer.

He does not speak with words that most people understand; he communicates with a hissing noise that can sound like a long, drawn out sigh. It is said that children of Damballah, those who have him as their met-tet, can understand him.

Damballah is strongly associated with the color white- with all its connections to purity, cleanliness, and truth. He loves white things and is served with white cloths, white candles, and white foods, such as white cream, whipped cream, white rice with cream poured over, white cakes, white frosting, coconut milk, rice pudding, whipped cream, and other foods.

He is also fond of the colors gold and silver. He syncretized with Saint Patrick, due to the snake the saint is depicted with. One of his favorite foods is a whole white egg, raw, in the shell. It can be washed and rinsed with Florida water or Pompeii Lotion, which he is very fond of.


Damballah’s partner is Ayida Ouedo. Her name is phonetically pronounced as: Eye ee duh way dough.  She is represented by rainbow. She is honored with multicolors. Gifts such as rainwater or a white cupcake with sprinkles on it would be enjoyed by Ayida Ouedo.

As a married couple, they are the original soulmates. They are considered to be the representation of the world and human sexuality. Metaphorically, it is said that Damballah holds the world together to keep it from disintegrating and Ayida holds the world up. In New Orleans Voodoo, if a lwa has a mate, it is considered good manners to honor the lwa’s partner. They can be called together to aid in a love situation, blessing it with the timeless, pure love they share.

Their special day is Thursday. However, you can honor them at any time! Cleaning the space you are using with Florida water or Pompeii Lotion is pleasing to them both. However, you can simply use water if it is all you have access to.

Spellmaker’s Milk of Damballah™ White Bath Kit calls upon Damballah for healing, peace, and wisdom. The nine day Lots A Luck spell can be used to petition Damballah for luck in up to seven areas.