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3 articles in The Lwa of Our House:

  1. Erzulie Freda

    Who Is Erzulie Freda? Erzulie Freda is the Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo goddess of love. A gracious, luxurious, and refined lwa (Vodou Spirit), Erzulie epitomizes femininity, love, passion, and is called upon for favors regarding one's love affairs. She is often misrepresented as petulant and never being able to be satisfied....

  2. Sobo

    Who is Sobo and why do we call upon him for wealth and security? Sobo is one of many Vodou Spirits (called "lwa"). As with other lwa, certain attributes are traditionally associated with each particular lwa. Sobo, along with his brother and companion Bade, is one of the lwa who is traditionally called upon...

  3. Simbi Makaya Information Page

    The Simbi lwa are a huge family of lwa, represented as snakes. Each member of the Simbi family is its own distinct self, a lwa with its own will and personality. The Simbis are a little more separated than the Ogouns, where “all Ogouns are Ogoun.” The lwa Simbi Makaya is one of the most well-known Simbi lwa. He is renowned...