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  1. The 411 on using Love Dolls - by Mambo Sam.

    Here's the 411 on the subject of love doll use (deluxe or regular - doesn't matter): 1. Never, ever do your love doll when you are in any way feeling negative about your HD. 2. You must be feeling positive, loving, supportive and very much in love with your HD otherwise what are you sending them????? If you don't...

  2. I Miss You!

    I Miss You! Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope each and every one of you does something lovely for yourself today. So what about, "I miss you!" I was looking over some correspondence from an old friend yesterday and throughout it, she kept saying, "I miss you!" It made me think, does anyone ever say that when...

  3. Love Poems As Petitions.

    Love Poems as Petitions Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going great! A lot of times I hear from clients that they feel like they are running out of things to say during their petitions; that perhaps they are just saying things by rote and they seem to have lost their zing! One thing I encourage...