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About Candle Magick by Mambo Sam


Published: 09/14/2012 by admin

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And to head off the obvious question of where they are located on the
spellmaker.com website, you can find them here:
www.spellmaker.com/witch.htm :-)
HISTORY: A little bit about the candle magick kits: The candle
magick kits are based on my tradition of Old New Orleans Witchcraft.
This is a separate entity from my tradition of New Orleans Voodoo,
BUT I find they work hand-in-hand very well. There is certainly NO
contraindication to using our New Orleans Voodoo products with our
New Orleans Witchcraft products. They simply strengthen each other.
New Orleans Witchcraft is a much more loosely-constructed practice
than New Orleans Voodoo. This doesn't mean one is more desirable
than the other, but New Orleans Witchcraft is not a religion. New
Orleans Witchcraft is more based simply on trying to achieve a goal.
As most of you know, New Orleans Voodoo works on that premise as
well, BUT (as many of you have experienced), you get many benefits
from the New Orleans voodoo spiritually. New Orleans Witchcraft can
bring you to a spiritual place, but New Orleans Voodoo picks up from
there in spiritual practice.
The candle magick kits are not a substitute for doing regular spell
kits for your situation. However, in cases where there is
difficulty, extreme stubborness on the part of your goal, extreme
damage that has been done to a relationship, etc. - candle magick
kits are an excellent way to put some extra effort into your goal.
USAGE OF CANDLE MAGICK KITS: One very popular usage that I have
recommended to people and, thusly, Mary Lee and caseworkers have been
recommending, is the use of three white male or female candle magick
kits. This type of usage is very powerful if you feel that your
heart's desire is a very stubborn type of person, or if you have been
told (or know) that they are somehow spiritually damaged, or if they
are the type of person who has been through extreme trauma in their
life, or if your relationship with them was exceedingly damaged
through negative influence either outside or inside the relationship.
The three candle magick kits are used on Body, Mind, and Spirit, one
candle for each of these.
What you are petitioning for (and this assumes you are going to do or
have done regular and/or deluxe spell kits) is that these
problems/challenges/influences be removed from the Body, the Mind,
and the Spirit of the person you are working on. That this person
be healed of that negative damage, that they become whole again, that
they have the ability to accept your spell work. Usage of the
candles in this way is truly an act of healing. In essence, you
aren't asking for them to come back to you, you aren't asking for any
benefit to yourself EXCEPT that they have the ability to "hear" you
through your spell work. Some clients have had great success using
our St. Louis Cemetery #1 Black Banishing(tm) incense at the same
time. Remember, you are using it to banish the negativity, and word
your petition accordingly.
This same method can be used to try to facilitate true physical
healing of a person who is sick, a person who is under the influence
of drugs, a person who is depressed, and so on.
The same tact can be used when using pink or red male/female image
candles to enhance the romance/love part of the relationship. In
this case, the difference, of course, is that now you are asking them
to accept your love, feel your love, and return your love. Again,
Body, Mind, Spirit. This usage is appropriate having done spell work
and feeling like the relationship still needs an extra "power
boost." This, of course, has a lot to do with the status of the
relationship, and how bad things are/were before, during, and after
spell work.
Other methods to using the candle magick kits are if you have gris-
gris bags from your spell work, put them near the candle magick kits
when using them. Hold them and petition much the same as you did
with the spell work. Also, using one of our incenses appropriate to
the situation along with the candle magick kit boosts the strength as
well. Of course, I think everyone doing spell work should own a High
John the Conqueror root bag -- it strengthens ALL magick. If you
have a love doll (deluxe or regular, doesn't matter, OR if you have
dolls from a deluxe love spell) that you are using for your heart's
desire, you can also put your love doll near the candle(s) and send
more energy that way, too. (Just don't do the whole love doll ritual
at this time, just use the doll itself.) Again, usage of all these
things depends on your perception of how difficult the situation is!
Not all situations warrant extra work and truthfully only you can be
the real judge of that. Naturally, your caseworker can
help you with that decision, but when you get right down to it, no
one knows your situation better than you.
Many of you have asked about usage of the Famous Red Mummy Power
candle magick kit. This kit is used particularly to help gain
control over a situation. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean trying
to control the person in question. However, PROPERLY DIRECTED
constrol can be very useful. This candle is especially useful if you
are feeling helpless and out of communication in your situation.
This candle can be used to help facillitate contact with your heart's
desire, i.e., "controlling" the situation so that you run into each
other, or that s/he suddenly thinks of a reason why s/he needs to
contact you. It can also be used to help control an interfering
party to get out of the situation.
The Famous Black Mummy candle should only be used on an interfering
party if they have KNOWINGLY interfered in your relationship, job,
etc., and have done evil to you that was through no fault of your
own. Again, this is a "control" candle -- interfering with their
life in the way they have interfered in yours and to send them out of
your life. This is when you need a leg up on a situation that has
gotten out of control due to the influence of someone who knew about
you, went out of their way to harm you, and basically has no
conscience about what they did to you.
The New Orleans Red Witch love candle is something that is used to
acquire either new love or help rekindle an old love. It is a milder
candle that is based on what was once known as "crimson witch
magick." The Crimson Witch was supposedly once a real person (early
1800's) who did witchcraft to save marriages, get those girls or guys
who had no real prospects a relationship, etc. She was purported to
be a kind old lady interested in bringing happiness to others.
Interestingly enough, the legend goes that she never married having
lost her own true love to some kind of accident.
The 7 knob wishing candles are just what they say - candles for
wishes. A wish is made on each knob of the candle, whether it be for
spirituality, love, money, etc. You can make a different wish on
each knob, or the same one on each knob.
There has also been some talk here that using one of our potions on
your candles make them much stronger. The potions ARE much stronger
than the regular oils. The potions are based on very strong magickal
principles. As to HOW much stronger (four times, ten times, fifty
times stronger), I don't really think there is any way to know that.
But obvious wisdom says that if you use a product that is naturally
stronger, you are upping the strength of the candle. Again, usage is
based on your perception of your situation - unless you are advised
to do so by Mary Lee or your caseworker. When they recommend a
strategy such as this, they have a good reason for it - they are
either being guided, or have seen a good result in a similar
situation. Many times, we recommend to other clients what we have
seen work for a client in a similar situation. Certainly we want
everyone to benefit from everyone else's success!
I hope this is helpful to you all.
Mambo Sam