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The 411 on using Love Dolls - by Mambo Sam.


Published: 09/14/2012 by admin

Categories: Voodoo Dolls

Tags: love doll, voodoo doll, Mambo Sam

Here's the 411 on the subject of love doll use (deluxe or regular - doesn't matter):

1. Never, ever do your love doll when you are in any way feeling negative about your HD.

2. You must be feeling positive, loving, supportive and very much in love with your HD otherwise what are you sending them????? If you don't feel like doing a doll session, then don't. It isn't mandatory to do them any set number of days, times, or sessions. You should always approach the love doll like you are going out on a date with your HD. :-) You should be happy, positive, and excited that you are going to talk with them.

3. Talk to your doll as if it were your HD.

4. Don't always ask for something (a call, to return to you, etc.). Instead, some of the sessions simply use the doll to send your love, your support for any troubled times that s/he might be going through, the message that the door is always open, etc.). Indeed, you can and should use your doll part of the time to ask for all that you are willing to give to be returned, but it is an extremely good tool to use simply to send warm and fuzzy feelings.

5. If it seems to you that your HD is "overwhelmed" then make your love doll sessions a little more casual. Do the ritual as instructed, however, maybe just talk about some fun times that you have had in the past or tell your HD what happened to you that day, something like that. Remember, it is YOUR energy that is getting through to your HD - so careful what you send; if you send pain, chaos, resentment, etc., that is most likely what your HD will receive and probably return to you.

6. Whether you are using a deluxe love doll or a regular love doll, you are still sending some pretty powerful information out there, so make it count and make it good. (And really the difference in whether you use a deluxe or a regular love doll is mainly based on your HD; if they are a stubborn cuss, then deluxe in the way to go; if they are more easy going, then regular is the way to go!)

Truthfully, I think that everyone who is working on love spells should use a love doll if they can. (Financial and living concerns come first, that is why I say use if it you can.) That doll can be your best friend, your open pipeline of communication to your HD, and a powerful tool to send and receive the right kind of messages with your HD. And, lastly, a little bit of common sense goes a long way: Think about what you really and truly want your HD to be thinking of you, think of how you want things to remind him/her of you, think of how you want him/her to be picturing you and put that into your doll.