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Simbi Makaya Information Page


Published: 01/06/2014 by Sister Bridget

Categories: Les Lois., The Lwa of Our House

Tags: voodoo, magick, simbi, simbi makaya

Veve of Simbi Makaya

The Simbi lwa are a huge family of lwa, represented as snakes. Each member of the Simbi family is its own distinct self, a lwa with its own will and personality. The Simbis are a little more separated than the Ogouns, where “all Ogouns are Ogoun.”

The lwa Simbi Makaya is one of the most well-known Simbi lwa. He is renowned and honored for his powerful magick. Simbi Makaya is often called upon to empower magickal endeavors and magickal items. 

In New Orleans Voodoo, Simbi Makaya is honored with the colors red and green - especially red. He is represented by a whip and/or given one as an offering. Simbi Makaya’s favorite offerings are cigars, whiskey, a whip, raw meat, and lots of peppers. Raw hamburger with lots of pepper is well received as a food gift.

Simbi Makaya is a BIG Lwa. He is gruff, blustery, and very masculine. He is aware of his power and demands respect. He will give his power to those who call upon and serve him correctly. The power given by Simbi Makaya should be used responsibly; this is what he expects. He is no fan of weakness. It is best to be very respectful and direct with him. Mambo Sam has given this rule-of-thumb:


“First you compliment him.

Then you tell him what you want him to do.

Then you thank him.

Then you affirm that it is good and done."


Detailed information on working with Simbi Makaya can be found in the Spellmaker Chat Class transcripts focusing on the Three Kings Ritual, which calls on Simbi Dlo, Simbi Makaya, and Simbi Andezo.

The Three Kings ritual is a safe way to work with Simbi Makaya. For the most part, you should not work with Simbi Makaya without supervision unless you are an initiate, OR are carefully following the instructions of an initiate, such as those provided in the classes and the ritual. 


Link to Chat Classes:



Link to the Three Kings Ritual: