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The Universal Prayer.


Published: 07/08/2013 by Sister Bridget

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The Universal Prayer

Good morning, everyone!  I wanted to share one of my favorite poems/prayers with you today!  If you aren't familiar with the works of Alexander Pope, it might take a bit of re-reading to get some of his meanings! You know how it with these things written in the 1800's since we just don't talk that way anymore.

I love his interpretations of God! My favorite stanza is the one that starts with "What blessings thy free bounty gives."  The idea that God is "paid" when we enjoy the bounties we are given really resonates with me.  I also enjoy the references to free will, the idea that we are not alone in the universe, and especially the thought that it is not our job to go around chastising those who have ideas about God that differ from our own. ;-)

There is also a sense to me that Mr. Pope saw God beyond the usual Christian beliefs; he interprets him more as a universal energy that sometimes extends beyond our scope. That is also somewhat of our Vodou/Voodoo way of seeing God - not so much the guy sitting in the clouds metting out justice and favors, but rather an overwhelming sense of Beingness with whom we are allowed to forge our own relationship.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this prayer - I love that it is so rich in spirituality without being preachy about religion.  Also, it isn't a bad way to start the day!

Love, light, and peace,

Mambo Samantha Corfield, www.spellmaker.com 

The Universal Prayer

Father of all! in every age,
    In every clime adored,
By saint, by savage, and by sage,
    Jehovah, Jove, or Lord!

Thou Great First Cause, least understood:
    Who all my sense confined
To know but this—that thou art good,
    And that myself am blind:

Yet gave me, in this dark estate,
    To see the good from ill;
And binding Nature fast in fate,
    Left free the human will.

What conscience dictates to be done,
    Or warns me not to do,
This, teach me more than Hell to shun,
    That, more than Heaven pursue.

What blessings thy free bounty gives,
    Let me not cast away;
For God is paid when man receives,
    To enjoy is to obey.

Yet not to earth’s contracted span,
    Thy goodness let me bound,
Or think thee Lord alone of man,
    When thousand worlds are round:

Let not this weak, unknowing hand
    Presume thy bolts to throw,
And deal damnation round the land,
    On each I judge thy foe.

If I am right, thy grace impart,
    Still in the right to stay;
If I am wrong, oh teach my heart
    To find a better way.

Save me alike from foolish pride,
    Or impious discontent,
At aught thy wisdom has denied,
    Or aught thy goodness lent.

Teach me to feel another’s woe,
    To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
    That mercy show to me.

Mean though I am, not wholly so
    Since quickened by thy breath;
Oh lead me wheresoe’er I go,
    Through this day’s life or death.

This day, be bread and peace my lot:
    All else beneath the sun,
Thou know’st if best bestowed or not,
    And let thy will be done.

To thee, whose temple is all space,
    Whose altar, earth, sea, skies!
One chorus let all being raise!
    All Nature’s incense rise!