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Aunt Curadas! By Mambo Sam


Published: 07/08/2013 by Sister Bridget

Categories: Advice/Support


Aunt Churadas

Happy Friday, my dear readers!  Some folks have the idea that coming from Louisiana all we eat is Louisiana-style food!  LOL  Well, that isn't true - we eat lots of different foods and if you ever take a look at Louisiana restaurant listings you will see what I mean - the whole world rainbow of food is served there!

Hence, the title of my blog post!  Growing up, my cousins and I loved my aunt's  enchiladas - they were amazing.  To this day, I don't think I am able to duplicate them - maybe close, but not the same. God bless her, she took the secret to her grave!  (R.I.P. Aunt Mamie "Churada")

One of my cousins never heard the word "enchiladas" correctly!  He always called them "aunt churadas."  We always laughed and he didn't understand why and we laughed harder. We took to calling Aunt Mamie "Aunt Churada."  Anyway, I swear that boy was full grown before he remembered that and figured it out!  ;-)

But my point isn't exactly about aunt churadas (even though I am making them for dinner)!  My point is about hearing what is said to you in a reading!  Haha - gotcha!  Made you think I was going to give you the secret to my aunt churadas - heck no, I am not!  But if you come over and cook with me, I will! ;-)  Ask T.R., C.K., D&T, and Sister Bridget - they will tell you -  I will!!!

I digressed again!  Anyway, after many years of doing readings, I am still amazed at the good, well-meaning, lovely folks that come back to me later and say, "You said such and such."  And I say, "No, I said so and so."  Enchiladas/aunt churadas - ah, there it is!

I think some of the issue might be that so much information is given that it is just too much to assimilate and remember (which is why I am a huge fan of chatroom readings so you can have a copy of what exactly was said). It is really important to listen in a reading, take notes if you need to, or even record it if you have that kind of app on your phone (always remember if you are recording someone, you have to notify them). When I (or Sister Bridget, or any reader, for that matter) gives you information it is meant to help you, to guide you, to assist you in a matter that was important enough to you to pay good money to speak to someone about! 

So, don't be nervous, don't be shy - ask me/us to repeat, clarify, or rephrase something that you didn't understand!  We aren't going to be angry or put off - no one (at least from Spellmaker and Friends) is going to bite your head off - we want you to clearly understand our guidance so that you get the best possible understanding.  Also, listen to words like if, maybe, possibly, probably, about, potentially, etc. - these words can make a world of difference to what the guidance means.  "Possibly you will hear from him in two weeks" is NOT "You will hear from him in two weeks."  It means that we have some guidance that the situation may be right to hear from someone in about two weeks.

So I beg you, listen up in a reading! Grab a notebook or take notes on your computer while we are talking!  Ask questions, get clarification.  Oh, and most of all, if I, or anyone else, uses a word that you don't know the definition of, please ASK.  Don't be embarrassed if you don't know what it means - there are a bazillion (technical term) words out there that someone might not understand.  Stop us - ask us.  We would never think you were stupid or dumb!  Who cares if you don't know the meaning of a word?  Just ask! :-)  (This just happened with a slang word in a reading with someone I was reading for whose first language isn't English - she was miffed at first because it turns out that it is a derogatory word in another language!  Ack.)  So just ask! ;-)

Meanwhile, have a great weekend and I look forward to reading for you sometime! :-)


Love to all,

Mambo Sam, www.spellmaker.com