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Published: 07/08/2013 by Sister Bridget

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Making Me the Superstar of My Life

I know many of you remember our wonderful past office manager, Berkeley. I left her blog up after she left because she had a lot of wisdom up there! Still does! I wanted to share this blog of hers with you all because it is just wonderful!
Love, Mambo Sam
P.S.  By the way, Berkeley is doing GREAT!  :-)  I am so very proud of all that she has accomplished!
Here is the blog post from Berkeley:

I have a tendency to obsess. 
I obsess about everything, but it is the external that I cant control that I obsess over most. During spellwork this obsession is heightened. I (and no one) can control how someone processes spellwork, or how fast it will work. 
Info about this is all over the spellmaker website, and I tell people over the phone every day how to deal with the effects, but the bottom line is that spellwork (especially for love related issues) is hard. Spellwork creates this emotional rollercoaster that can truly be rough. 

For the long haul it is worthwhile for the person initiating the spell and the person being cast upon. If you have a tendency to obsess, like I do, then the entire situation becomes really hard! 
Obsessing can be bad for you and your spellwork. It causes undue stress on you, and it tends to choke your spellwork – no matter what you are working towards. If you constantly think about and dwell on your spells, and pine for the person or the situation to come to fruition then you probably are doing exactly what I am doing - accidentally making the results take longer. I choke my spellwork all the time, because I cant stop obsessing. 

After an ill advised conversation with my own HD starting with the words "what do you want in the future...?" I realized that I am not a high enough priority in my world. My mom made my dad and her kids the center of her universe. She gave all of herself to us, and now that we are grown and the rents are retired she is a little bitter about what she did and didn’t give to herself.

I appreciate the sacrifices my mom made for us, but I don’t want to repeat her mistakes regarding what she didn’t hold back for herself

I realized that I need to put my love related work on the back burner and become the star of my life. A lot of people, especially women, tend to make the person they are working on the star of their life. We all generally want to become a high priority in the lives of our HD (hearts desire - or recipient of love spellwork), but the trouble is we are not being a high priority in our own lives.

After talking to Sister Candelaria about it (yes, caseworkers casework each other) I let everything digest. I need to be the star of my life. I need to become the most important person to me. Sister Candelaria had some great suggestions that I am going to share because I know I am not the only one in this position. First is the Lady Samantha’s Hex Removal Spell kit. This kit will of course get rid of curses and anything someone has done to you, but it will also get rid of the things you do to your self! A lot of people tend to doubt themselves all the time, harbor insecurity, and hold on to the bad. Sometimes we just accidentally curse ourselves. This holds true for anyone regardless of spellwork. If you have not done spellwork, but some of this is ringing true for you then try this kit, it can help! 

The other things that Sister Candelaria and I talked about were the spell Attract Love To Me  and theErzulie's Bain Rose D'Amour™ Pink Bath Kit.   Now dont get me wrong, I don’t want to attract someone else’s love - I want to attract my own. I need to learn to put myself first, and be a little more selfish.  I dont know how to do this, and the Attract Love to Me and the Pink bath can help that.  

Thanks for reading