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Maybe it is you? By Mambo Sam.


Published: 07/08/2013 by Sister Bridget

Categories: Advice/Support


Maybe it is You?

Happy Friday, everyone!  Hope your week went well!  Mine seemed to fly by! :-)  That isn't a bad thing, right?

As one might suspect, I spend a great deal of time asking for and receiving guidance from our great Vodou Spirits (the lwa, les lois).  In the instances where I am asking and receiving, it is very clear cut to me who needs what (since I am the one doing the asking  - LOL).  However, there are instances when I am sent on somewhat of a treasure hunt - someone needs something... what is it?  Where is it? ;-)

This time the guidance and the search took a rather circuitous route with me looking up different things for Papa Legba. (It is, after his month here at Spellmaker!)  The search for Papa goodies led me to a very powerful post that Khouzhan Menfo' had done some time back regarding a visit he made to a particular monument.

When I ran across that post the guidance that followed was one of those "no guessing" guidances... chills, smiles, tears, butterflies in my stomach.. all that good stuff!  That post was what I was looking for..someone, somewhere needs to see that post!  I don't know who.  I don't know where.  I don't even know if we here at Spellmaker even know the person - all I know is this - Papa says that it will be life-altering for someone.  It will set them on their path.   Maybe it isn't just one person?? That part of the guidance was shielded from me (and that happens, by the way, when the guidance is something that I am just a part of - that I am just a part of of something bigger than just me and what I do). 

I am sure that whomever is supposed to see this post will!   I hope that they will join in on one or more of the Papa Legba free rituals this month, too! :-)

So, anyway, you will see me posting this post just about everywhere that I post things (how many times can I say a version of "post" in a sentence?). 


I feel assured that this will reach the folks that it is supposed to!  Happy to be merely the guide who leads you to it!

I would love it if Khouzhan Menfo's post inspires you in some way and you leave us a comment! It would be great to hear what feelings it brought to you!

Love, light, and peace,

Mambo Samantha Corfield, www.spellmaker.com