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Technical Support Q&A


Published: 12/12/2012 by Mambo Sam

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Welcome to the TECHNICAL SUPPORT PAGE for help with common situations that may arise while using your Spellmaker products.  All questions and answers were composed for you by me,  Mambo Samantha Corfield.  It is definitely faster for you to please  read this information before calling or writing for help. Please refer to the questions and answers below for common problems.  However, if your question is not answered here, please write techsupport@spellmaker.com with your question.  The tech support volunteer staff tries to answer all questions within 48 hours Monday through Friday; sometimes this isn't possible, but they do try!


 HOW TO SEARCH THIS PAGE:   Most browsers support the "Ctrl F" search function.  Press the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard at the same time you press the "F" key.  Once the box pops up - type in pertinent words according to what you are trying to find out about such as "Sands of Time"  - the search mechanism will take you one part at a time to all the parts of the page relating to the Sands of Time.


Please also remember to use COMMON SENSE in the performing of spell kits.  There are alternatives to many steps if you can’t perform certain ones.  Occasionally you may have to change a step a little bit, or use an alternative.  That is fine, as long as you don't change the spell too much!  Some alternatives are listed below.  It is often helpful to re-read your instructions and lay things out and work with them before doing the actual spell itself.  If something seems totally illogical, please re-read your instructions to see if perhaps you have missed something.


The most important thing you can do is follow the steps to the best of your ability and with your intention clear in your mind.  If your interpretation of a particular part of the spell is not exactly what I had in mind in crafting the spell, that is not really a problem.  Do the spells to the absolute best of your ability!  You are not going to offend any Lois if you do your work with sincerity, honesty, and true intention.



a.  Can I do “set up” type work (Part I - Getting Ready) before the first day of the spell?  - Yes. You can carve candles, buy offerings, do your seals, etc. at any time after you receive your kit.

b.  Is the day I do set up work the first day of the spell? - No.  The first day of the spell is the day you actually first do the first spell casting.  The day(s) you spend setting up do not count as any of the nine days of spell work.

c.  When counting the 3-7 days between spell kits, what is the day to start counting from? - The 9th day of the spell.  The spell is technically complete on the 9th day.  Even though you may still have things to do such as sand trails, burials, offerings, etc. - the spell is technically complete on the 9th day and you can start counting from there.

d.  What if I have to leave more than 3-7 days between spell kits? - Try not to leave more than 14 days between the first two spell kits for maximum effectiveness.  Other spell work (if you are doing more than two spell kits) can wait a while longer.  It is just not effective to leave weeks or months between spell kits that are being used to work on the same case.

e.  Does it weaken the spell to take the altar down and put it back up eachday?  - No, not at all. Most people don’t have the luxury of leaving their altar up.

f.  Do I need to use anything in particular for an altar? - No.  A box, dresser, clean floor.  It doesn’t matter.

g.  Can I travel with my spell kits? - Yes.  Moving the spell from place to place has no ill effect on the spell.



0a.  I opened my kit and find that I cannot complete most of it due to lack of privacy or time constraints. Can you do it for me?


Yes, but don't panic!  And there is no need to return your kit if you want me to work for you (I don't use the same exact things that one would use when doing a spell for themselves and the price is going to be the same to have me work for you whether or not you keep the kit.)  BUT, you may still be able to get benefit from the kit.  If you find that you lack the privacy or time to do your complete kit, it is better to do at least part of it (whether you have me work for you or not) then to not do any of it. This is always the case, there are no exceptions.  If you can work at least a little bit on your case, it is always to your benefit. Your energy and your intent for your goal are very important in the spell work.  Go through the kit and see if you can do an abbreviated version of it.  For instance, if it has bath crystals - can you do that part?  Could you burn the candles for less time than it takes to burn them down to their marks? (If you can burn them for three minutes rather than the 20 minutes or so - that would be better than not doing it at all.)  Could you do a daily offering?  Could you make the sand trail?  Could you chant with the gris-gris bag a few minutes a day?  Could you use the oils on yourself or the intended person?  Could you sprinkle the herbs in an advantageous place (where the intended might walk on them)?  Etc., etc. If you think it is all too "complicated" then just read it a few times... get to know the ingredients and steps.  It really isn't complicated at all.


If you have me do it for you and you can complete at least some of the steps, then it will be a much stronger spell.  Spending a few minutes a day doing some of the steps would be better than not doing it at all. Obviously, I do offer solo spell casting, but I am interested in you getting the best possible result by participating in your own case.


If at all possible, if you are doing an "abbreviated" version of the kit - you should make the daily offering -- a cookie under a tree - put there with reverence and purity of intent is acceptable!

In cases where you are doing an abbreviated version of the kit, it is probably a good idea to have me work with you for more effectiveness.


0b.  I have received my kit and now I am afraid to do it.  I am afraid I will do something wrong. I am afraid I will call entities into my house that I can't get rid of. I am afraid because I am inexperienced.


First of all, it is natural to be apprehensive when doing something new.  Unfortnately, movies and misguided "authorities" have made us all think that if one thing is done improperly in a spell that suddenly a reenactment from the movie "Carrie" is going to happen.  It just isn't true.  We are not calling on "demons" with these spell kits. Even if you are doing a revenge kit you are not calling on demons.  You are calling on strong spirits who can help you -- our Lois are helpers, saints, spirits - not demons.  Second, our Lois do not come and go where they are not invited -- they do not hang around causing michief in your home.  They have better things to do.  In the part of the spell where it says, "if it pleases you, you may close the gate" someone wanted to know what if it DOESN'T please Alegba to close the gate.  A good question!  But nothing to worry about because it is a courtesy when you ask any of our Lois "if it pleases you."  It is the difference between "Honey, please bring me a cup of coffee" and "Bring me a cup of coffee."  One is just nicer, more pleasing, and more courteous.


Doing a spell kit is a wonderful experience!  It is the most wonderful self-help that you can embark on...there isn't anything crazy about it, there isn't anything to harm you or anyone else in your kits (well, obviously revenge kits, but before doing those you have already been told about justification, etc.).  These kits are meant to be beautiful experiences.... relax and enjoy it!  There isn't anything harmful to you in these kits - they are meant to help you, not harm you!!  Why would we send

you anything that would harm you??


1a. Something was missing from my kit. What do I do?


Please let us know right away by phone, if possible:  505-962-2525.  If you have to e-mail rather than call, please e-mail office@spellmaker.com so what was missing can be sent to you as quickly as possible. If any written materials were missing, these can be e-mailed or faxed to you for faster service.  Please put 911 in the subject line if you are e-mailing (not the body of the text) so that our office manager, Berkeley, will recognize that your e-mail needs immediate attention.


1b.  I accidently broke something from my kit, such as candles or bottles of oil.  What do I do?


You can replace your candles locally. Just be sure to get a similar color and be sure the candle is colored all the way through, not just dipped in color and the candle is really white underneath.  Any other items you break or lose can be purchased separately from us. Please e-mail us at customerservice@spellmaker.com or call the office at 505-962-2525 and tell us what you need.


2.  Do I have to use an altar cloth when doing my spells? Should the cloth be any particular color if I do use one?


No, you do not have to use an altar cloth - it is strictly optional.  However, if you do decide to use one, there are many criteria which may be used to decide what color to use:  Your own personal preference of a color that pleases you, a color that coincides with what you are doing (red or pink for love, green for money, yellow for luck, etc.).  A good judgment is to see what colors are used in your kit.  You can use any of those colors for an altar cloth and be color balanced.


3.  What happens if I miss a day or more of my spell work?  Does this mean the spell is ruined?


When you miss days of spell work rather than doing them the nine days in a row, you can weaken the spell.  This does not mean, however, that you ruined the whole spell.  You should pick up where you left off and complete the entire nine days. Do not try to "double up" on days to make up for the days you missed:  You must complete nine separate days of spell work.  The most important thing is to finish the spell kit, even if you missed days.  It is possible that you will have to repeat that spell kit at a later date, but you still must finish that one and give it some time to see if it works before repeating it.  There is nothing you can do to "make up" for lost days except to complete the spell work as best you can.  It is impossible to know what effect this will have on your spell work.  You have to finish all your work and then make a judgment as to whether anything will have to be repeated.


4.  I missed doing a step in the spell and didn't realize it until I had finished for the day.  I had to skip a step due to interruptions.  Does this mean the spell is ruined?


No, the spell is not ruined by missing a step here and there.  It IS important to try to do all the steps to the best of your ability, but your INTENT and TRUE WILL are most important to your spell work.  Just try not to miss that or other steps again and remember to keep your instructions by your side and follow them along step-by-step.  If you were interrupted during your spell work and had to finish it later, that is okay, too, if it doesn't happen too often.  If you are constantly interrupted, you need to try to find another time of day to do your spell work.  Here again, over nine days in a busy life, some things are bound to happen -- carry on with the work and remember that your intent, faith, true will, and heart are what carries the most weight with our Lois.


5a. There is a step in the spell work that I can't complete for some reason.  Is there an alternative?


In most cases there is a reasonable alternative.  Some common ones are listed below, if yours is not listed here, please e-mail techsupport@spellmaker.com for an alternative to your particular problem.


5b.  I cannot start the Sands of Time(tm) trail as instructed in my kit:


The Sands of Time(tm) trail is symbolic of leading something/someone EITHER away from or towards someone. If you cannot complete this step as instructed in your kit you may choose a representative place. For instance, if you are trying to lead your beloved back to you and your kit states that you should start the sand trail from his/her house, but you can't for whatever reason. You should pick a place that would represent your beloved to you.  This should be a place that actually would remind you of them: If they play baseball, start the Sands of Time(tm) trail from a baseball field.  If they love cars, start the Sands of Time(tm) trail from a car lot. You may also use a spot at which you would like to be with that person - somewhere pleasant that you would both enjoy. When using a representative place, it is important to take the time to pause a few moments at the representative place and get a clear picture of the person(s) you want this place to represent and then start your sand trail concentrating on the purpose at hand. The same is true if you are trying to use the Sands of Time(tm) in a kit where there is someone you are trying to lead away from you or someone else, pick a spot that represents them to you OR an unpleasant spot - such as a dumpster, to lead them away from.  Again, stop and picture them clearly, then begin your sand trail.


5b1.  Do I have to walk or can I drive doing the trail of sand?

Either way is fine.


5b2.  How far do I have to go with the trail of sand?

The further the better, but just do the best you can.  Sometimes circumstances are such that you can't get too far -- just do the best you can.


5b3.  If I am trying to start the sand trail at someone's home/work, do I have to go up to the door to start the sand trail?

No.  It is not necessary (or even recommended) to go to someone's front door to start the sand trail.  You can drive by the corner or a street near their house if you are in danger of being seen.


5b4.  What if I can't use up all the sand?

Dump the remaining sand at your final destination.


5c.  I cannot leave my offering at the type of place designated in my spell kit:

The foot of any tree that is convenient for you to get to is always a suitable alternative.  To make the foot of the tree a stronger place to leave your offering, you can draw a small white cross with chalk (chalk only - no paint or anything permanent) somewhere on the tree.


5c1.  There is a reason that I can’t bury my spell remnants (ground frozen, no where to bury the remnants without being seen, etc.):

You should make the effort to bring the remnants somewhere and bury them. If you have to drive somewhere or take a little journey and do it, then you should do so.  However, if you absolutely cannot bury your spell remnants for any reason - then you should wrap them in a brown paper bag and either burn them or throw them away in a trash receptacle as far away from your house as you can take it.  Try to then find a nice place to leave your final offering.


5c2.  My daily offering disappears each day; what does that mean?

You should consider that a very good sign!!!  However, if it doesn't disappear that doesn't mean that is a 'bad' sign - sometimes the offering is taken by natural means (animals, etc.) and that is considered good.  However, the offering may be there the next day when you come to leave a new offering - or part of it may be gone.  All of those things are fine! Sometimes our Lois take the offering away and sometimes they just extract the essence of the offering.  They always get it one way or the other.


5c3.  I am doing my spell in the middle of the night, do I have to go out and leave my offering then?

No.  Especially if it isn't safe to do so.  You can bring it out the next day, morning, whatever.  Just bring it sometime before beginning your next day of spell work.


5d.  It is suggested in my kit that I contact the person I am working the spell on, but I am unable (or don't feel it is a good idea) to contact them:

If you are completely unable to contact them (such as even writing a note or e-mail), then skip that part.  In some cases it is not wise to contact the person --- you know the circumstances of your break up and if it is not wise (such as having a restraining order on you!) to contact them, then SKIP THIS STEP.


5e.  In my spell kit I have to feed chicos to ducks or chickens, but I can't find any:

You can feed the chicos to any birds, spread them out where you know birds are (it is helpful to perhaps mix them with some bird seed or bread) or will eventually come.  You do not have to see the birds, ducks, or chickens eat the chicos.  Just

leave them where you know birds congregate.


6.  I am allergic to the smoke of the incense or other odors from the spell kit.


If you have problems with any of the odors in the kit, then you may use that item sparingly.  For example, you can light the incense just long enough to do any ritual work such as holding something in the smoke, and then put the incense out rather than letting it burn out.  It is also acceptable to wear something such as a surgical or painter's mask (available in most drugstore's) when doing your spell kit.  If the odor of the oils bother you, you can thin the oil down with baby oil and use it sparingly.  If the odors of the spell kit are too much for you, then you can just do whatever parts of the spell kit you can to the best of your ability.


7.  I am doing a kit concerned with getting my lover to return to me and they returned before I could finish the kit.  Now I don't have the privacy to finish the kit.  What do I do?


  If at all possible, at least do some of the spell kit steps over the remaining time, such as doing the bath, the offerings, etc.  When you have done all you can do of the kit, do the final offering for the kit and bury all remaining items as instructed in the kit.


8.  What is a jigger?


A shot glass. One fluid ounce of liquid.


9.  It's the first day of my spell and the instructions say to "take the previous day's gifts to Alegba out..."  Do I take a gift out on the first day?


No.  That particular part of the instructions begins on the second day of the spell, after you have already completed one day and have "previous day's gifts" to take outside.


10.  I don't live near an intersection and it is too far to go to one.  Where can I leave my gifts?


If it is not convenient to go to an intersection, you can leave your offering near the street at the curb. The foot of a tree is also a suitable alternative if necessary.


10a.  Where in the intersection do I leave my offering?


On a corner, near the curb.  NOT in the middle of the intersection where you might get run over.


11.  I fell asleep and my candles burned all the way down or nearly all the way down OR my candles were in some other way damaged. What do I do?


You can replace your candles with candles that you buy locally.  Just be sure that they are similarly colored (they don't have to be exact in color, but should be as close as possible).  Also, be sure that they are colored all the way through - not just dipped in color and are really white underneath.  You should then re-dress, re-score, the candles as in your instructions.  You can, if you desire, burn them down to approximately the length they should have been to finish however many remaining days of spell work that you have left.


11a.  My candles are burning at different speeds, one reaching its mark before the others.  What do I do?


Extinguish each candle as it reaches its mark.  Let the other candles burn down to their mark and then extinguish them.


12.  Someone discovered my spell kit contents, altar, etc.  Is the spell ruined?  Will this cause an untoward effect (commonly mis-named as a "backfire")?

ANSWER:  No, the spell is not necessarily ruined. It is best to just go on as if it didn't happen and keep doing your spell work.  A brief explanation such as the set up being part of "meditation" or "religion" may be given, but don't go into details.  It is okay to tell someone that something is none of their business -- be polite, but firm!  Continue your work if at all possible.  This does not cause any untoward effects.  If because of the discovery you are unable to complete your spell, you should take all the spell remains and bury them and make the final offering as designated in the spell.  You may have to repeat the spell work to get the desired effect of the spell.


13.  Someone destroyed part or all of my spell kit upon discovery of it.  Is the spell ruined?  Will this cause an untoward effect (commonly mis-named as a "backfire")?

ANSWER:  You should skip doing the rest of the kit and go straight to the end of it and do your final offering and dispose of the rest of the kit by burial.  This will not cause a so-called "backfire" - however, you will need to repeat the kit.


14.  I cannot do my spell kits right away as I had planned. How long are they "good" for?  Do they expire?


I recommend that if at all possible you do your kits within one year after the date of purchase.  However, I believe that you can still use them even after that, though your results may be slightly weaker than if you used them within one year.


15.  Even though there are pronounciation guides in the spell kit instructions, I am still concerned that I am pronouncing the names wrong.  Will this have an adverse effect on my spell work?


No, as long as you are trying your best and are sincere, there is no adverse effect from this.  Many people all over the world speak these names with different accents and intonations -- your sincerity and the effort you make to pronounce the names as well as possible is the most important thing.


16.  I am concerned that I am doing something against my religion and against my particular Supreme Being.


Please remember that first of all, there is nothing "evil" in any of these kits.  At no time are we calling on so-called demons or the so-called "Devil."  Our Lois that you are calling on are somewhat compared to Catholic Saints - these are not demons of any kind despite what you may have seen in movies.  They are helpers.   You are free to practice your own religion at the same time that you are using these kits.  These kits are a particular type of self-help and focus magick. You can pray to God, Buddha, Jesus, whomever -- our Lois are not something to replace your particular religious beliefs with, unless you so desire. They are here to help anyone, whatever denomination.  Second, please try to rid yourself of this "guilt" -- it is detrimental to your spell work.  You aren't doing anything wrong UNLESS you are using a revenge type kit that you are not justified to use, and that should have already been covered before you even bought it.


17.  About carving candles and writing on seals:

a.  How exactly (how big, how deep, horizontally, vertically) should I carve words into the candles?


If your instructions are not specific, then it is very much a matter of choice.  I personally like to carve names up and down the full length of a candle so that part of the name is showing until the end of the spell.  Other people like to carve the names around in a circle on the candles several times up and down the candle.  Either way is acceptable.  How big the letters should be is up to you...but it should be readable. As to depth, they should be deep enough to read, however, going too deep can break the candle.


b.  I am doing Leave My Man/Woman Alone spell kit and I am not doing it on someone specific, how do I carve my candles/write on my seal?


It depends on what the problem is you are trying to work on.  If you are trying to lessen negative influences from past traumas, a bad break up, family and/or friends that are against you, etc.  The best phrase to use is "all negative influences."  Then in your meditation part of the spell, you can list out what you think these negative influences are - even writing them down during the spell time to better outline them and ask that these negative influences be taken away.  If you only suspect that the person you want to come to you is involved with someone else OR if they are involved with multiple partners OR you are just trying to prevent them from going out with anyone else while you are working your spells you can carve/write a phrase like "all lovers but _______" and fill your name in the blank.  It is also acceptable to carve/write "all negative influences" and "all lovers but__________" one phrase on each side of the candle (going up and down vertically on the candle).  The most important part being that when you do the meditation that you have a clear idea of what it is you want to "leave your man/woman alone" which is why it is often helpful to write down a list!


c.  What does "score and dress" the candles mean?


"Score" refers to the marks you will make on the candle as per your directions (the marks you make to designate how long the candles will burn.  "Dress" the candles refers to the oil that you put on the candles. Please see your directions for further information on how to do both the scoring and the dressing.


d.  If I don't know the person's full name that I am working on, can I just use their first name?


Yes, you can use a first name.  Also, you can use a "phrase" such as "all women (or men) but____________" and put your name in the blank. Or a phrase such as "my enemy" if it is a revenge kit and you don't know who the enemy exactly is.  And, you can also create a unique phrase for your kit.


18a.  I have already begun my spell work and have now decided that I do NOT want what I was originally asking for.  (Example:  You were asking that a lover return to you and you have now decided that you do NOT want them to return to you.)  What do I do?


You may be receiving guidance from your spell work that this relationship (or other goal that you may be working on) was not right for you. You should listen to this guidance.  However, you should finish the current spell you are working on.  You may change the "petition" part where you are asking for the lover to return to you (or whatever your petition is), to a "thank you" for the guidance and to ask for more guidance. OR, you may ask that you be sent whatever our Lois feel is the best for you, and leave the decision-making up to them!  But, you must finish the spell kit and leave your final offering, etc., even if you change your mind about what you want.


18b.  I am in the middle of or completed the spell kit Leave My Man or Leave My Woman Alone.  I  found out I am working or did work on the wrong person.  It was someone else (or additional persons) that I should have been working on. What do I do?


See answer to 18A.  Here again, you are probably getting the correct information due to the spell work you are doing or have completed. That is great because it means you are tapping into the resources of the spell work and getting guidance.  If you have not completed the kit, you can add the new person(s) into the petitioning part of the spell. However, even if you do that, it would be wise to repeat a whole new spell kit on that person.


19.  Can I return unused spell kits?


Yes, you can exchange them for other kits or merchandise from the website.  You will have to pay a new shipping and handling fee, however.  I do not give refunds because you changed your mind about using the spell kits, but I am happy to exchange them for equal-value merchandise.  PLEASE NOTE:  If I receive the kits back and they are damaged,  I will return them to you as they came to me so that you can file a claim with whichever shipper you chose to use.  I will not give you credit for merchandise returned to me that is damaged in shipment.  Please pack the kits carefully for return!

If you return kits that have been opened, you will be charged a $5.00 repacking fee per kit opened.


20.  Sunglasses are mentioned in my kit, but it doesn't say what to do with them with the spell is over.


Leave them at the same place that the final offering was  left.


21.  I am doing the Leave My Man or Leave My Woman Alone spell and....

…. I don't know who or what exactly it is that I want to leave my man or woman alone. Who or what do I name in the spell?

…. What do I write on the candle and seal?

….Do I change other wording in the spell to reflect what I write on my candle and seal?

…. How do I do the Sands of Time?



Depending on the situation, you may want to use a phrase such as "all negative influences" if your situation is such that it is NOT a person you are trying to get rid of, but some negativity that was involved in the break-up. If it is a particular negativity like "his friends" you can use a blanket statement like "his friends" and then in the meditative and petitioning part of the spell, you can name the ones that you know. But on candles and the seal, just keep it brief and name the "group" factor (i.e."his friends" "her family" "his job" "past trauma" "all negative influences" "past negative influences" - are all good succint phrases that you can use for carving on candles and putting on seals).  Another usable phrase is "all lovers except_________" and put your name in the blank. Or you can use a phrase like "all women (or  men) but__________" and put your name in the blank.  When you don't have an exact name, you may use an all-encompassing phrase such as these OR feel free to create a phrase that fits your situation and you are comfortable with. Just remember to be more specific in the meditation and petitioning part of the spell.


When you are doing the spell on something rather than someone, or if you are using a more general phrase, such as "all women but__________" you can change the wording in the rest of the spell to better reflect your petition.


Sands of Time:  When you are doing the Sands of Time trying to get rid of something like "all negative influences"  or "all women but Jane" you can start the sand trail from the home, work, or representative place of the person you want to be FREE of the negative influences or other lovers. Just remember, you are not leading the person you love away, you are leading the negative influences away from them!  You are leading them away with a trail to be followed.   If the negative influence or lover is specific, you can start the Sand of Time trail from the appropriate place (i.e., if you know where the person lives who is causing you trouble in your relationship, start the trail from their home, work, or a representative place).  If the person lives with your lover, you can start the trail from their house, just remember, you are leading the person who is interfering in your relationsihp AWAY from your lover's house).

Also, see above #17 for more details.


22.  I am having dreams about the spell work; I am dreaming about the person I am doing the spell on; I hear things during my spell work; I see things during my spell work; I smell different smells in my house; my candle flames flicker at different heights and intensities; ashes burn in colors, etc., etc., etc...


When you do Voodoo spell work you are calling on certain entities to help you.  You are also putting forth a great deal of your own natural energy.  The mixture of your own natural energies and powers (and yes, we all have them!) and the natural energies and powers of our Lois is a powerful combination.  You may experience a variety of sensations, feelings, or happenings.  None of these are anything to be frightened of. Generally speaking, our Lois will NOT manifest themselves in any way if you do not want them to (because you are scared because you watched too many movies as a child!).  Our Lois are not here to scare you; they are here to help you. There is nothing harmful in these kits to you or anyone else. (If you are doing revenge kits, then you already have the information within the kit about doing revenge and what to expect.) When you have certain "manifestations" during the time you have the spell kits in your home and sometimes even afterwards, this is generally considered a good thing!  It is a sign that your request has been heard and there is someone there to help you.  And there are many manifestations that happen during spell work - seeing, hearing, smelling, anything that seems "unusual" is a manifestation of your work and is almost always a good sign that you have contacted the energies you need to contact to do good spell work.  You house is not "haunted" -- these are not some ghosts or malevolent spirits -- these are the entities (our Lois - Voodoo/Vodou Saints) that you have asked to come and help you.  They do often manifest themselves if they can.  On the other hand, if you feel "nothing" - that doesn't mean they aren't there to help you - it just means for one reason or another (such as if they think they will scare you to death) they aren't physically manifesting themselves. That is okay, too!


If you have pets or small children, they may see things that you don't see -- especially children.  Children are not afraid of what they see -- they may ask you, "Who was that pretty lady who was here last night?"  It is okay to tell them that she was an "angel" or some other simple explanation that a child might understand.  NEVER tell your child that they are "imagining" it -- they aren't -- and when you tell them that you shut down their natural abilities to see and experience things on a different plane. Rather, you should encourage the child to tell you if the "lady" (or man) said anything to them, did they like the lady, what was the lady wearing, etc.?  In this way, you encourage the child to be open to their own natural intuitions and abilities rather than squelching them down.


23.  My instructions don't say what to do with the nail I used to carve the candles.


Bury it with the other remains from the spell kit.


24.  How long will it be before I see results from my spell work?  What kind of results might I expect? How will I know if my spell is working?


Over the years, I have determined that there is no real clear cut way to know when each individual might see results from their spell casting.  There are just too many variables!  Each case is different and every individual is different.  So no matter how similar two cases might seem, there are extreme differences in people and how they respond to spell work! 


I have also seen many extremes - to people getting results before they even started their kits to those getting results up to one to even two  or more years later.  However, these are the extremes, but DO happen! Generally I find that most people begin to see results within 1-3 months.  However, that is general and depending on your case and upon whom you are working and why, results can come much faster or much slower.  In trying to gauge when you might see results, there are a couple of tricks that I find very helpful:  Ask yourself, what kind of person am I working on?  Are they super stubborn? Does it take forever for them to see your point of view on just a regular, daily basis?  This person will generally take longer to see results with.  However, on the good side of that – stubborn people often are my most successful cases because once they make up their mind and follow the spellwork, they don’t change their mind.  Definitely worth the wait.


Another question to ask yourself is, is the person I am working overanalytical, thinks things to death?  They, too, might take longer to respond to spell work.  But, as with the stubborn people, these people often give us the best results because they thought everything through!


One other thing to consider is whether or not your target has any kind of drug or alcohol problem.  These folks generally are somewhat slow to respond to spellwork because their Higher Selves (or souls, spirits) are often muted, deadened, or otherwise hard to reach.  With this kind of target, you might want to also consider doing some healing work to help them with their addictive problems. Healing very often helps the spellwork move along in these kinds of cases.


As far as what type of results you might expect:  Here again, this depends on what kind of spell work you did, etc.  Quite often  results may be taking place that you are not witness to.  For instance, if you were trying to break up a couple, it would be hard to know if they were fighting, etc., and on the verge of breaking up, if you don't have access to their private lives.  Quite often, clients have reported that they heard things that they felt they normally would not have heard, got news in unexpected ways, etc., etc., to let them know that something was happening.  You may hear from the person you are working on when you hadn't heard from them in a long time.  It may seem that they call "out of the blue."  Someone that you had broken up and are working on may seem more congenial, willing to talk, you run into them, you hear someone talking about them, their name keeps popping up,etc.  In looking for "results" sometimes the beginning results may be subtle, so be on the look out for signs!



25.  I have already completed one spell kit and have a gris-gris bag from that kit; can I carry and use that gris-gris bag while working on the next kit(s)?


Yes.  IF the gris-gris bags are being used for the same case, i.e., if you are doing Leave My Man Alone and Love Me Again (assuming you are working on the same situation!), then one or both of those gris-gris bags can be carried at anytime during all facets of the spell workings.


26.  The instruction book says to place the 2 candles on "either side of  L'assemblage".  Does that mean one candle on each side or both on the side of my choice?


One candle on each side of L'assemblage.


27.  I am confused about directions stating that I should place something "in front of" something else.  Which direction is "in front of?"


The "front" of whatever you are using for an altar to set up your spell on (table, box, floor, etc.) is the edge that is nearest to you. "In front of" is between YOU and the ITEM you are placing something "in front of."  In other words, the item that is "in front of" another item will be closer to you - between you and the item that you are placing it in front of.


28.  I did one spell kit from you that had me carve names on candles; the next spell kit does not ask that I carve names on candles.  Should I carve names on the candles anyway?


No.  If the directions do not ask you to carve names on the candles, there is no need to do so. If you already carved names on the candles, that is fine - it will not affect the spell work.


29.  I have to take my altar down each day and re-set it up the next day.  What do I do with the herbs and/or Sparkling Powers(tm) that I have sprinkled on the altar?


You have two options:

a.  Just sprinkle a little bit of whatever you are instructed to sprinkle on the altar so that there is enough to sprinkle a bit each of the nine days.  When you are done for the day, sweep that into a little bag for disposal at the end of the spell.  (Bury it or dispose of it as instructed in the spell kit.)

b.  Sprinkle as much as you want and then sweep it back into its ORIGINAL bag for reuse the next day. Follow the instructions for disposal at the end.


30.  Questions concerning foodstuffs needed for or that come with spell kits.

30a.  My spell calls for dried shrimp. Where can I get these?  Can I substitute something else?


Dried shrimp are best obtained at an Oriental food market or a gourmet food market.  Any dried fish or seafood is an acceptable substitute. Also fresh shrimp can be used.  Size, amount, consistency, is not important.


You can also obtain canned shrimp at almost any grocery store.  They are where the tuna is.  You can dry the shrimp yourself by cooking them in a slow oven (about 250 degrees) until the shrimp are dried (you have to keep checking them - but usually about 35-45 minutes is sufficient.


30b.  My spell calls for coconut candies. Where can I get these?  Can I substitute something else?


The candy does not have to be purely coconut.  It just has to have coconut in it.  Mounds Bars, Almond Joy bars are fine.  Brach's has a candy called Neopolitans that are coconut.  Any candy with coconut in it is fine.  The coconut can be mixed with chocolate or any other substance.  If you cannot find coconut candies of any type, you can use flaked canned coconut or fresh coconut pieces.  In a pinch, you can even use juice with coconut in it, left in a paper cup.


30c.  My cat/dog/child ate the fish that came with the Ultimate Revenge Kit.  What do I do?


The fish are easily obtained at an Oriental food market.


31.  What do I do with the cigarette used daily in my spell kit? (Or the ashes, filter, etc. from the cigarette?)


If you smoke the cigarette for a Loi, you can just dispose of the ashes, filter, etc. in the usual way of emptying an ashtray in a proper trash receptacle, making sure all fires are out.  If you do NOT smoke the cigarette for one of our Lois (you are NOT required to smoke it for them if you do not smoke!), then put the cigarette out with the next day's offerings.


32.  Mambo Sam and I are working together on a spell or Mambo Sam is working alone on my spell:

… How often do we keep in touch?

… Can I speak with her?


As you probably already know from the information received with your spell kit, I am unable to keep in touch either by email or phone on a daily basis concerning your spell work.  I wish I could, but I feel the time should be spent doing the spells, not talking about them! 


You will receive a post-casting notification after each spell – this is just a simple letter that tells you that  the spell work went normally and that it is finished.  If anything was abnormal about your spell, you would hear from me personally! 


Certain purchases come with a free reading with me, please check your order confirmation for that information.  Otherwise, you are always welcome to order a reading with me.


33.  I have started or completed my spell work.  It seems that things are not going well with my anticipated goal.  Is my spell "back-firing?"  Am I getting the opposite of what I asked for?


There are several possiblities:

With these spell kits, there is no such thing as a "back fire."  Really, there isn't any such thing as a back fire (except in the movies) unless you are doing some kind of magick that isn't correctly crafted - then things can go haywire.  However, with the my spell kits, you don't need to worry about that.  Often times people you are doing spell work on may seem to, at first, have a negative reaction.  That is because the spell work can make them face feelings they don't want to face, their true feelings that they have had buried, and they will react poorly.  You need to just keep on with your work to get to the truth of the matter.


One thing that these spell kits will almost always do is bring the truth to light - even if we don't like what the truth is!  You may find that a person is not right for you or that your goal was not what you really wanted.  You may also eventually find that our Lois knew exactly what they were doing for you when you realize that your life is even better than it would have been with your anticipated goal coming true.  It is very hard to second guess the reasons why things go your way or don't go your way in the beginning of spell work.  Again, you must just continue on to get to the truth of the matter.

The kits are designed to make your life better, to allow you to see the truth, to allow you to find out information you may not have known when you started, and a myriad of other things.  Although their purpose is as stated on the kit, they are much deeper than that and one should open one's self up to the experience.

These situations are not common, but do happen:

33a1.  I did Leave My Man or Leave My Woman Alone spell kit and the couple did not break up:


There are several considerations in these cases:  First, it may not be time for them to break up.  Sometimes people are together to learn a lesson from each other or some other purpose.  If they are meant to break up, the kit will certainly hasten that inevitable process.  Second, they may be fighting or negotiating a break up, but you may have no way of knowing that.  Third, one party may be "fighting" the break up even though they KNOW it is the right thing to do.  People often get very comfortable in relationships, even bad ones, and so they will fight the break up because they fear the unknown, or what people will think, etc.  Patience definitely helps in these situations and you should NOT try to force an ultimatum on the person if you have just finished spell work.  It should be given some time to work.


33a2.  I did the Leave My Man or Leave My Woman Alone spell kit and the couple DID break up, but now he/she is with someone else!  Now what??:


You may need to repeat the kit and do it on "all lovers except_________" and insert your name in the blank.  BUT, you should go ahead with whatever love spell kit you have chosen to do after LMMA or LMWA spell kit.  In many cases, the combination of the two kits will work just fine and you don't have to repeat the LMMA or LMWA spell kit.


33b.  I did a "love" type spell on my intended and it seems to not be working:


Many times people (for some reason, especially men) have a difficult time accepting the emotions that are in their heart.  They may fight it, or seem to suddenly draw away. This is usually that they are overwhelmed by the emotions that your spell work as brought up.  If they truly love you and they feel that, sometimes it frightens the heck out of them!  When that happens, they tend to draw back from you a little.  Don't try to push them, press them into a committment, or give ultimatums.  Let the spell work do the work for you.  9 times out of 10 they are just feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the rawness of emotion that spell work brings up. Once they settle down, things usually get better.  And, of course, as you already knew, not every spell works for every person.  There is always a small percentage for whom spells do not work for a variety of reasons.  To read more about this, please see the question and answer page at www.spellmaker.com/qanda.htm.


And, last, spell work will almost always cause the person you are working on to show their "true colors" - it may not always be pretty and may be that they are NOT the person you think they are.  If a person seems to show a personality "change" for the worse after you do love spell work on them, it is not that the spell had an adverse effect on them, it is that they are being forced to show you the "real" them -- even if this is hard to accept, it is better to find it out now than later!


33c.  Things were going great with my love while I was doing the spell work and then fell apart after the spell work was completed:


Here again, it may just need some time to settle in. I don't usually recommend that you do more spell work right away, but if you feel that things got better, but just need more push, you can request deluxe spell kits for your situation.  However, NO relationship should have to be constantly bolstered up by spell work - if you are doing that, then the relationship was never meant to be.  Spell work should be a tool for removing blockages and negativity from what would otherwise be a great relationship.  It is also a tool for repairing damage to a relationship or removing interferences in your relationship.   It is not, however,  meant to be a constant force in a relationship.


34.  I have questions about my Voodoo Doll kit.

34a.  Do I have to use the voodoo doll kit for nine days in a row?

No. The voodoo doll kit can be used "ad lib" -- whenever you can.  You can keep using it by replacing your candles and incense -- the herbs can be reused.


34b.  Do I have to do the voodoo doll kit at any particular time of the day?

No. You can use it anytime.


34c.  What does it mean to "baptize" the doll in someone's name?

Using the oil to make a cross (a cross like in church, not an "X") on the doll, say "I baptize thee John." (or whatever the person's name is).


34d.  Can I use the doll for longer than the 13 minute session?

Yes. 13 minutes should be the minimum that you use it, if at all possible.  If not possible, then just use it in 3, 9, or 11 minute sessions.


34e.  Can I purchase replacement kits from you for the voodoo doll?

Yes.  The replacement kit (candles, incense, and bottle of oil) are $8.95 plus $4.95 S/H.


34f.  Can my doll be used for more than one person? Or more than one purpose?



34g.  Do I have to keep the doll forever?

It is good to keep them as long as possible (if it is of the type that the instructions do not tell you to bury).  If you must dispose of it at some point - it should be buried or burned.


35.  Do I have to use any particular brand names when choosing candies, rum, cigarettes, cigars, etc.?


No.  Anything you buy with a good heart and true intent is good!


36.  How long should I wait before pursuing more spell work on my project? Are there stronger options to work with than the regular spell kits?


It depends on your situation.  For instance, if you are seeing no results after 27 days from completing ALL of your current spell work, but you still feel there is something there and it just needs more work, you can request one of our deluxe kits.  Deluxe kits are meant to build on your prior spell work and are only sold to those who have already completed regular spell work.  Your regular spell work is never "wasted" -- the deluxe kits build on the regular kits.  And although the regular spell kits are meant to relieve your situation, some things are understandably more difficult.  It is important for you to listen to your heart and make the decision if you should continue the work or let it go after doing the regular spell kits. If you ask for guidance from our Lois in this matter, you will almost always receive that guidance, as long as you open yourself up to it. Also, SEE BELOW for ways to enhance your spell work that is already completed.


37a.  Is there a way to enhance my ongoing work (make it stronger) or keep it going even though I have finished the spell kits?

37b.  I had results from my kits, but feel that I need MORE or STRONGER work to complete it.


If you feel that you would like to enhance your work or keep it going, even though you have finished your formal spell work there are some options for you:

1.  VOODOO DOLL KITS are great follow ups or adjuncts to spell work.  You do not have to be locked into the nine day schedule, they are much simpler than regular spell kits, and you can do them over and over until you feel satisfied that you have done all the work you would like to do.

2.  CANDLE MAGICK KITS are also helpful in enhancing or continuing work once the formal spell kits are done.  (You can read about the candle magick kits, and other products that might be useful to you, at www.spellmaker.com/witch/index.htm).  Here again, you don't have to be locked into a 9 day schedule and you can use the candle kit over and over until the special candle is gone (quite a few sessions, these are speciality candles).

3.  DELUXE CREOLE VOODOO; SPELL KITS for building  on completed regular spell work.  These kits are for difficult, complicated kits that might need extra work  and build on the work you have already done.

4.  Feel free to discuss your needs with your caseworker – they can always recommend what might be helpful for you.

38.  I am doing my spell work on someone in a different state, country, city, etc. Does the distance affect the spell?


Not usually.  Please see above for alternatives for steps such as spreading the Sands of Time.


39.  When does the "next day" start as far as spell work is concerned?  At 1 minute after midnight or when the sunrises?


At 1 minute after midnight.


40.  If I use alternatives within the spell work will this weaken my spell?


Technically, no, but it is important to try to follow the steps as close as possible to give yourself the maximum potential of having your spell work for you!


41.  I am doing revenge work (revenge doll, Ultimate Revenge kit, etc.) that I feel I am justified in doing.  How/when can I see results from this?


I think revenge work is sometimes the most frustrating to work on because sometimes the results are not readily apparent to you.  People tend to keep their problems under wraps and you may not see the situation that befalls them (especially if you are not in contact with them).  Also, if you have asked that someone be truly hurt or die with your spell work, if it is not the right time for that to happen, it will not happen.  Remember, even the lowest form of person in the world may have SOMETHING they are supposed to do.  They may be destined to be the person who pushes a little kid away from getting hit by a school bus - being in the right place at the right time. (An exaggerated example, but you get my drift.)  That doesn't mean that your revenge won't work - it will simply work when the time is right and when it is supposed to work.  Your spell work will help insure that they DO get punished in a timely fashion, however!


42.  I am working with the candle magick kits, not the regular spell kits, do I...

a.  Have to do them nine days in a row like regular spell kits?

 - No.  You can do them as often as you like or whenever you feel like it.


b.  Have to carve anything on them?

 - You can if you like.  You can use these candle magick kits pretty much to your liking beyond the basic instructions included with them.


c.  Have to use them one at a time?


 - No.  You can use more than one candle magick kit at a time.  However, it is suggested that you use them at different times of day or perhaps alternate days.


d.  Use them in conjunction with regular spell kits?

 - You can use them with any of our other products.

 Please remember, if you need any technical help - please write to techsupport@spellmaker.com or call us at 505-962-2525!