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Are you determined to be negative?


Published: 11/15/2012 by admin

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Are you determined to be negative?

Hello everyone!
There seems to be a trend that I have noticed lately. This trend is not just among clients, but among other people that I see and deal with on a day-to-day basis. I don't know if this trend is due to the economy, winter blues, or what, but there seems to be a certain faction of people who are just determined to have a negative attitude no matter what!

Caseworkers have drawn my attention to this with some of their clients, but I had actually noticed it already. For some people, no matter how much we counsel them, they are determined to turn what we say into a something negative. For instance, if I tell a client in a reading that I don't see the HD calling them tomorrow, they will turn around and say, "I bet he will never call me." Or if the HD doesn't want to see them right now because the spells are being processed: "Oh he never wants to see me and I don't think he will ever come and see me again."

It is frustrating to try to counsel and help a person who can only see a negative outcome. Plus, somehow, they cannot seem to understand how only seeing a negative outcome will breed, of course, a negative outcome. If you constantly are talking about, expecting, and assuming that you will have a negative outcome, how can you have anything but that? You are not just shooting yourself in the foot, you just shot your foot OFF!

Look, I know it is hard to remain positive sometimes. We all have negative moments, sad thoughts, fears that things won't work out. However, when you allow all of that to become a lifestyle or an expectation, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. If you have spent time and money and effort on spell work, you are doing yourself an even bigger disservice. I had a client tell me one time that she didn't want to think of the possibility of a good outcome from her spell work becaues she didn't want to "get my hopes up and then be disappointed." Okay, I get that. But, what kind of energy did she put out there: "Well, this probably won't work, but I will try it anyway."

Is that how you are approaching your spell work? If so, I totally agree that you will probably get a negative result. That is a shame! So many of you have become steeped in such negativity and assurance that you will fail that we are left to sit an watch you plunge head long right into disasister. It is painful to watch.

I really want to encourage you to try to find a way to look towards things (at least a little bit of the time) in a positive manner. If you truly cannot find anything positive in your life or you are so depressed that you do not see a chance for any happiness in your life, then I encourage you to seek professional help. Here at Spellmaker, all we want is the best for you. We want you to succeed. We want you to have the fairy tale ending. Don't fight it! Let it happen!!!

You know, being negative is easy. We are almost bred to it! When you go into a bookstore, you don't see rows and rows of books on how to be negative. What you do see are rows and rows of books about positive thinking, having a winning attitude, etc. As humans we seem to need that kind of help and positive reinforcement!

I know it isn't easy to pull yourself out of a negative state of being, but trying is half the battle! Do some of you have tips for what you do when you feel negativity creeping into your life? We would love to hear them here!

Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Sam