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Happy Saint Patrick's Day.


Published: 11/15/2012 by admin

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Veve of DamballaGreetings, everyone!  As most Vodouisants already know, the great snake Lwa, Damballah, is syncretized with St. Patrick.  It is common to serve Damballah on this day.  It always makes me smile that Damballah is represented by St. Patrick as St. Patrick was credited for "driving the snakes out of Ireland."  Somehow it seems that Damballah got the last word on that!!

Of course, the syncretization came due to the fact that pictures of St. Patrick often contain pictures of snakes.  It is important to remember that most syncretizations of lwa with Catholic Saints were originated as a way to hide the practitioner's true intention to serve a particular lwa.  So while we also honor the Saint for his or her long time shielding of the lwa, it is truly the lwa we are serving with the usage of the Saint's image.

The great and powerful Damballah is simple to serve:  A white egg served on a small mound of white flour is the perfect offering for him.  White cormeal is also used, as are white liquor (especially anisette), rice, milk, etc. Always remember to include an offering of fresh water served in a clear glass. You can draw the veve above and put it on your altar or under your offering to Damballah.

Damballah is considered to be the father of the Universe, the father of creation and all knowledge, and the keeper of the skies.  His knowledge comes to his devotees as thoughts and whispers as he does not speak his knowledge aloud.

When you serve Damballah, ask him for power and knowledge to come to you.  Petition him to help bring peace and harmony into your life.  If you are feeling weak and negative, ask him for strength, cleansing, and removal of all negativity.  Of course, our Milk of Damballah White Bath is made according to the Haitian Vodou formula of the bath for Damballah and is consecrated on his point.  If your love life is in a shambles, ask Damballah to bring the strong peace and love that he shares with Ayida Ouedo (his partner) to your relationship.

A song for Damballah is often sung in Haiti:

Ki mele mwen, Dambala, ki mele mwen.
Ki mele mwen, Dambala, ki mele mwen.
Pa gen manman, pa gen papa.
Ki mele mwen, Dambala ki mele mwen.
This song is interpreted as, "I don't care (or "what care I"), Dambala, I don't care.  I have no mama.  I have no papa, I don't care."  This is often taken to mean that a person has no parents, but they have Damballah and so they don't care.  However, it's deeper meaning is to show that Damballah is the lwa of creation therefore having no "mama and papa" because he was always there to start with.   
Even if you don't know the tune of the song, you can still sing it for him when you do your offerings.  It is a good way to honor him and call him into your service.
So as you celebrate St. Paddy's day today, remember to leave a little offering for Damballah!  Have a great day and if you are going out today, please be safe.
Love, light, and peace,
Mambo Sam