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The Truth About Love Spells!


Published: 08/10/2012 by admin

Categories: Articles by Mambo Sam.

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The Truth About Love Spells - by Mambo Sam


Questions often arise (especially on the Internet!) about Love Spells.  The main thing people want to know is if casting a love spells is “manipulative magick.”   Are you doing something wrong when you cast a love spell?  Are you going to burn in “hell” for casting a love spell?  (We admit it, that question always makes us laugh!  Sorry….)

Please remember, however, that the thoughts and opinions offered herein are those of Samantha and Matthew Corfield - the ownership partners of The Voodoo Boutique® and SPELLMAKER.COM.   You will find lots of opinions (of course we are right!) on the Web, and, as always, you must do what you personally feel is right.

Some facts as we know them:

Love spells are neither controlling nor manipulative.

Love spells are effective.

Love spells can help a situation and bring peace to it.

Love spells need to be done properly and with the proper equipment.

Love spells are not jokes and should not be taken lightly.

Love spells can be completed successfully even if you have NO experience (that is why we crafted our love spell kits available on the website).

Love spells are a beautiful and fulfilling part of magick.

Love spells based on the principals of Vodou (voodoo) are the strongest, most effective love spells there are.

Love spells cannot harm you.

Love spells based on the principals of Vodou (voodoo) are NOT subject to the so-called "Law of Three." (This Law does not apply in the Vodou religion.)

Love spells are neither controlling nor manipulative: The truth about love spells is they are one of the most beautiful forms of magick there is! Despite all the stern and dire warnings that love spells are "manipulative and controlling" it just isn't true -- not if you do love spells RIGHT! Our love spells are designed to present a beautiful, everlasting love magick. Our love spells are about giving love and receiving it in like kind!

Love spells don't "make" someone love you: It is true that you cannot and should not try to "make" someone love you with love spells. (Despite some of the names of our products, such as love spells with names like "Make You Love Me" - these names are based on old New Orleans Voodoo tradition and the names are used as an attempt to preserve a tradition.) Many warnings about love spells have to do with "manipulating the natural order of things." However, if you are concerned about "manipulating" the natural order of things with love spells, then you need to stop wearing make up, working out at the gym, dressing nicely, bathing, flirting, showing off your muscles, learning to dance, calling up women, going to clubs and events where you might meet someone, and all things of a like nature because you might be "manipulating" the natural order of things! If love spells are "manipulative" - what is all this other stuff we do to try to get someone to notice and then love us??? Love spells seem mild in comparison!   Really, do you just sit at home and expect the world to come to you?  Love spells are proactive in getting something wonderful into your life.

Our love spells do NOT work to manipulate or control: Our love spells work on principals of harnassing the forces of nature to work for you. Unfortunately, movies, television, and grossly uniformed people have bastardized the concepts of Voodoo and other magick to the point that the general populace believes that they are going to be "hypnotizing" someone into loving them with love spells - that they will be their "love slaves", etc., etc. But, really it isn't true at all. One of the major premises of how our love spells work is that they enhances feelings that are already there and have been interfered with by other people or buried for other reasons. Another way our love spells work is allowing the person's mind to be filled with thoughts of you, allowing you a chance to let them see that YOU truly love them. Therefore, the love spells open up channels of feelings between the two of you. In this way, you are allowed to get your message across to someone in a way that is not blocked or biased by everyday life. These channels can be blocked by everyday occurrences, stress, outside negative influences, people interfering in your relationship, etc. Our love spells are designed to break through all these things and allow the truth to be seen, heard, and accepted.

Love spells are not "tricks": Our love spells don't "trick" the person into loving you, rather the love spells allow them to see the truth - that you have a true and honest love for them, and that is what they respond to. Our love spells depend on the main premise that you believe we all have a higher self, soul, or cosmic consciousness (whatever you like to call it!). With our love spells, you can contact that higher, perfect, and more reasonable self and get results that you cannot get through conventional means because our ears allow us to hear, but rarely to listen without bias. Furthermore, nothing in our love spells is harmful to anyone concerned. The proper kind of love spells allow your higher self to contact the higher self of the person you would like to have the relationship with. In this contact, one is able to let the other person see the truth, see the honest love you have for them. This contact is made through a series of magickal ingredients coupled with the proper ritual (which is included in the love spell kits), and with the help of Vodou loa (Loa=Vodou spirits most easily compared to Catholic Saints). The proper way to call on the loa and pertinent information about the loa is within the spell kits, as well. Through the use of these proper rituals and ingredients, you are given the ability to help things manifest naturally.

Love spells should never be used from a point of ego or sexual desire. Love spells should only be used when you have true love in your heart and want to GIVE that love willingly and freely and RECEIVE love only in return for your true love.  If you aren’t doing your love spells from a place of complete love and giving, then your spells really are not going to work for you - no matter how many different spells you use.  Yes, you want to receive the love from the person, but first you must totally give up your place of ego and succumb to your love for that person.  Otherwise, ain’t nothing happening, okay?

In service,

Sam and Matt